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Turmil is a rather small world surrounded by the mist, cliffs run down into nothingness over the edge of the world. Four major nations have their capitals against these cliffs. Ergarn Empire, the Rivan Republic, the Democratic state of Argo, and the Nationalist Republic of Fiirtha. The world is in a technological revolution, each nation has developed it's own version of airship, each connected by a vast railroad system connecting the major cities. In the center of this world surrounded by cliffs is the World Tree, created by the main God of the world known as the All Father, four gods spawned from him to represent the extremes of alignment, Good: Gora, Evil Evaith, Law: Larra, and Chaos: Chort. The world tree is protected by a large clan of Tortle (race) druids who live beneath it's massive roots. 1000 years ago there was a blight upon the land, servants of Chort erupted from the vast caverns beneath the World tree and slowly spread destruction across the world, until the warriors of light defeated the blight after reuniting the 4 nations into one major force. Their story is mere legend and is considered a fairy tail, but some believe the blight may return. Almost everyone in the world uses some type of magic, enhancing life in various ways. Though many people possess simple magics those who wield powerful magic are few and far between, the last grand wizard, Harbold the Illusionist, died hundreds of years ago and the wizard academy in Argo has yet to produce another heir to his title. We start your story in the new year's festival, ending the year of the bear and bringing about the year of the turtle. You are citizens of the Ergarn Empire in their greatest days, the crystals in the great ravine have been utilized to power their airships, trains, and new machinery new to the world, clockwork machines take the place of guards in the capital of Erga and inventors are considered the most influential people in the world. The emperor, Vargas DeFogarn is preparing his new year's speech, the crowds are gathering in the festival and the people are ready to bring in the new year. However the days have been growing shorter, some say an omen of terrible things to come by the elders of the world tree.