Researcher's Disease

Observation Log of KLO Mimi Lakes: Hoens' Lament

Toilmonth the 3rd, Year 50 of the Century of the Nymphs, 26th Cycle
  Hoen is the Dryad assistant of Reagan Wunder, a famous Forest Elf researcher. She is also known as Reagan's stalker - it just depends in what viewpoint you have, regarless of whether you are in the 'Reagan Reseach Fanatics' group or the 'Reagan X Hoen Fan Club' group. Speaking of researchers, there is a condition known as 'Researchers Disease' where one is so consumed by their research that they neglect not only their family and friends, but themselves too. This is why is it important to have an assistant, or be a part of a large group of researchers (such as the Knowledge Liaison Officers) as the others can prevent you from dying from self-neglect. Hoen is adament that Reagan has this, and is mad at him for 'going off on one of his stints without her'.

The Condition

Researcher's Disease is a condition that is not started biologically, but does end up affecting the patient biologically. The condition appears when one's desire for research outweighs one's survival instincts. Research may come in the form of the discovery of something new (such as a previously unnoticed mushroom class), study of a particular topic (such as combing through all of Reagan and Hoen's records and all recording about them) or other kinds of investigations to increase one's knowledge.
  The condition is more often found in those who prectice research outside of a group, company or accountability partner. For Reagan, many would assume that Hoen was his accountability partner, but she was 'his friend' (Hoen stated with gnashed teeth, looking down the pathway to their hut).
  Researcher's disease culminates in a few stages. At first, one has to find the desire for research. For those like Taegrin and Reagan, this comes early, even before thinking of their future. Second is that they delve into the practice of research, generally without other hobbies, career or interest, though it can start as a simple hobby (or similar) that then overtakes the other areas. Third is that the research takes precedence over other areas of life, such as relationships and eating meals. By this stage we know they crazy if they're not even able to eat, ack. Fourth stage is the complete irrelevance of the rest of the world. If they do not get help by this stage, it can be fatal.
  It is important to note that although they may be consumed by the practice of research, one does not have to be simply in a lab or office, or isolated hut. They may still appear as if they are interacting with the world, by running off to various areas and towns, however, this may simply be where there research leads them. Thus, someone with this disease may end up in scary places they can not back out of. Hoen assumes that this may be the case for Reagan, as his last research topic was to do with a particular Beast-kin tradition, that has recently surged in importance in Solkry (a small Beast-kin town to the west of the Plains).


Hoen seems pretty mad at Reagan, but not because he left. It's more along the lines of either he left without her, or that he hasn't come bck in years. She had a decent nap, apparently, over a decade long now. However, the tree roots she grew in her sleep contacted some of Reagan's experiments and grew a poison garden. She was happy to have a tea party on top of Reagans hut (which is now a poison bush covered hut), just to spite his reluctance to return. She has all faith he will return. Though she is a bit worried, I think. She keeps looking down that pathway.
  Anyways, the tea party was awesome. We had cookies (I had some from Almeta Bearach and some I made myself, as well as some Hoen found in the hut), tea (the leaves of her home grown poison bush tasted great with blueberries) and some fruit. I reanacted some of the experiences I had, like battling the sea monster king to win the spear artifact, becoming the super necessary taste testing queen for the Underground Technology Fairy and slaving under the orders of Demon Taegrin. Then she told me stories of dying flowers different colours and making them dance, or fighting with the Dark Elf Royal family over magic moss supplies, or building an invisible castle in the canopy so they can spy on the body dumpers.
  I also brought some spice, and we used some of Reagan's old equipment to make a flower soup. We mixed our favourite recipes and some other things as well. We also made some teas. It was pretty funny, particularly when we ended up with purple tongues and orange spots for an hour. The magic bugs that tried it didn't continue living though.
  On another note, I think Taegrin needs to do something on order to not continue going down the path to Researcher's Disease.
Just because you only think of eating doesn't mean everyone else does.
Here, have an orange.
I don't have Researcher's Disease.
Do you want me to keep it that way?
What, are you going to stay partenered with me? Under the orders of Demon Taegrin?
I was thinking of constantly shoving food in your face.
Just do your job. Like anyone could order you to do anything.

Supervisor Feedback

Just having a reflection is fine, however, it should be more about the condition, or Reagan specifically, or your worries of Taegrin, rather than a tea party with Hoen. Please include that separately next time.
You could have explored more into each stage of the disease (making each stage a subsection in your report). Also adding in how to recognise each stage as well as how to get someone out of each stage. And the prevention of having someone furthering to th next stage, this is imortant infrmation to note, particularly if you suspect your colleague of having (or having the disposition more susceptible to) the condition.
Would you like some of the tea we made? We made a lot.
No, no I don't think you should give them to anyone. Their effects sound terrifying. ... I hope you didn't offer any to KLO-toon?
The blueberry one wasn't meant to have Spice in it. The delusions finished after 10 minutes anyways.
  Council Notes
Hoen's ability to grow her roots while sleeping is scary as usual. Her having Reagan really helps her curb her growth. Perhaps, keep Mimi as a 'friend of Hoen' to keep her interested in being awake and not accidentally taking over half the Great Forest one day.
Although their stories might sound alarming, Nymphs are known to spin stories to suit their mood and tastes.
Send the Search and Rescue team to visit Solkry.


Author's Notes

The images of Mimi, Taegrin and the Supervisor's faces were created using Artbreeder.

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