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O Captain! My Captain!

Dorri Sonaday (a.k.a. Fishing Queen)

Dorri Sonaday, the famous Mermaid Captain, sails the north seas, bringing in large catches of fish for the fish trade at North City. She is famous for how well she captains the Human's vessels.
  • Any whales who may ant to disrupt their sea vessel, she calls upon the waves to destroy the whale. And then take its usable parts as spoils and food for the trip.
  • She always finds fish, really good quality fish at that. Any crew member is sure to be able to feed their family well for a time as she brings in a large proportion of $/trade to the seaport in North City.
  • She's also good at selling their catch. (Note: intimidating)
  • She dresses well.
  • She's good at reading the weather. If they ever do get caught in a storm, she can navigate well and keep the ship afloat/upright.
  • She even brings in business with Mermaids.
  • She has a pet turtle that she sometimes takes on her adventures.
However, she doesn't actually 'own' her own ship. She takes them as she fancies, getting rid of the Captain one way or another. This is what she is most famous for. As she does the fishing job well, others just let her do it. She only has an issue with the Captain anyways. Plus, she has ocean magic.   Various ways of her getting rid of the Captain and taking his ship/crew for a job are as follows:  
  • Drugging the Captain the night before the ship was to leave and stealing his ship/crew when they were due to head out.
  • Winning the ship and crew in a gambling match.
  • Seducing the Captain to 'let her have a go at captaincy'.
  • Killing the Captain.
  • Dragging the Captain off of their vessel whilst in the middle of the ocean. Some have survived, some have not.
  • Locking the Captain in a cabin.
  Her personality is somewhat straightforward. She loves the sea and fishing in the sea. She loves the large and extraordinary. She will fight with Beast-kin on the shore and sea creatures in the ocean. The number of vessels she has brought major catches in is her pride. There is talk that she has a secret rival, but there has been no definitive answer from Dorri - she normally laughs off the question with her boisterous laughter.   Although she drinks, she doesn't often get past tipsy to drunk (likely due to the requests of the seaport authorities). Before such requests, she had one drunken time where she had an exaggerated tantrum of the childish variety. She got on top of a table and violently whined about not being able to see the Locklong at Teram (as she was born after one Teram and will die before the next). Many people got drenched. Some got slapped with octopus tentacles.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Mermaid magic of the ocean.
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