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TSS Geisel


  The TSS Geisel is one of over 100 ships built by the Earth’s international space coalition in order to find an alternative planet to live on. It houses around 1000 people onboard who carry out the various functions on the ship. It left the earth in the year 2246 on its search for a new planet. Its appearance resembles that of a popular culture UFO from the early 2000s, having a terrarium for farming in the large dome at the top and the rest of the ship housed below in various levels. Its current captain is Philip Obama.  


  This world includes the TSS Geisel, and the TSS Curiosity, two ships that left Earth as part of the H.O.P.E program. The main sequence focus is placed on the TSS Geisel and its population as they encounter the TSS Curiosity drifting through space.  


  In the past 200 years the Earth has taken a turn for the worst. Because of the climate change issues beginning in the early 2000s, the earth has become near a wasteland. The temperature of the planet has grown significantly enough the antarctic hasn’t fully frozen in the past 50 years, leading to the extinction of many of the animals who lived there. Food is considerably harder to farm and is in much lower supply. Garbage has build up but in a last resort effort, is being gone through for recycling in order to get resources back. Scientists have declared that the planet will be completely dead and unable to sustain the human race within the next hundred years.   The International Space Coalition, created by all remaining countries, began working on Project HOPE (Home Other (than) Planet Earth) which would send out over 100 search ships to known and unknown locations in the galaxy looking for an Earth alternative. These ships were sent over the course of 5 years as they were created. Each ship was equipped with resources and a crew for its exploration.   The TSS Geisel left Earth in the year of 2246. After two years of searching, the ship has begun to run low on resources. The TSS Geisel eventually spots another ship and in an attempt to obtain more resources from the other ship, inadvertently travels through a wormhole in space. After traveling through the wormhole, they find the ship they were traveling towards. Once they reach the ship, they realize something is wrong…   All attempts to communicate with the ship and Earth are now failing. As they become closer to the ship, they notice it looks partially destroyed and vacant. The engineers on the TSS Geisel manage to hack into the other ship’s computer system and access their general logs. The last recorded log was over seven-hundred years ago from the current date, and still over 100 years later than the TSS Geisel’s current time. The log simply stated, “My battery is low and it’s getting dark.”   Those on the TSS Geisel became instantly consumed with fear and panic. The year was now 3000 and they have missed the past seven-hundred years. Chaos begins to set in as the crew has to figure out their next move.