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The Stone Men (Lithodai)

"Last week took the main path through Highpass on my way to bring food and tea to the Seers. I took a rest in that big clearing in the last quarter of the trail, and there was nothing there. I just went through yesterday, and it wasn't a clearing no more. The stone folk set u a henge that takes up the whole damn thing, and right in the middle of it is one of the biggest death statues I've ever seen. He was a big one - antlers like a stag almost as wide as it was tall! It was triumphant and terrifying in it's death pose, must have been big shot down there in the caves. This doesn't bode well at all. They haven never been this far south, and they are staking a claim. We need to send word to the Magistrate. "   -Hana Shai, boar hunter

Basic Information


Bony protrusions made of calcium deposits cover body, size and coverage increase with age Physical prowess and size (?) increases with age for several hundred years until a final morph where organ failure begins and gradually progress while calcium secretion increases dramatically. Upon death, calcium continues to be secreted and deposits harden the body into a solid mass that adheres to stone.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

The stone men largely eschew technology.

Common Dress Code

The Lithodai do not wear much clothing, as the gradual accumulation of calcium formations servers as protection from the elements. They do wear thick leather armor over their loins and softer organs that are subject to their natural protection.

300 years
Average Height
8 feet
Average Weight
300 lbs

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