4500 Galactic Revolution

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Conventional spaceships are expensive and overrated death traps incapable of moving effectively with massive supplies of Gold, Steel, technology and humans.   Thus the birth of Trucks.   These tucks are an incredibly simple and durable solution to an advanced problem.   They carry enough loads to sustain entire continents at a time. The world has changed and humanity has expanded to numbers and cultures previously never imagined.   But as valuable as Trucks are. The true gems of the galaxy are the people who live and die by running these trucks.   The Truckers.   They're not the best of the best. Most of them aren't even that wise.   What they are, are the most grizzly, hands on and jaded bastards in the galaxy.   You may die. Yes. You will sweat. You will bleed. And you will feel fear and horror.   But as you lay bored in your chair, travelling faster than the speed of light. Remember this. Your load carries enough resources to save the lives of quite literally billions of people, entire planets. Loads of technology large enough to lift cavemen to modern day with a single trip. Entire wars fueled. You are a god as you just sit there.   Under appreciated but not under paid.   Put on your trucking Gear and join the world.