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Yáðin is one of The Five Worlds and is known as "The world of Islands". This is because it mainly consists of many small islands scattered throughout the whole world.   Though Yáðin is mostly ocean, it is still will populated. The world has a vast network of harbors that connect the cities and villages together and most people travel by sea. Yáðin is therefore also known for their ship building industry and naval power.  

Governmental Structure

Most of Yaðin is controlled by Ordin Empire, but the empire lack representation in most of the islands. Instead, the empire has elected yárls that rule over specific region. Each farmstead has the authority to govern and are tasked to uphold the law. There's also no standing army except in the major cities where the yárls live, making most villages and farmsteads mostly autonomous.   The yárls have oversight over all the people in the region, but because of the difficult terrain and large areas, they therefore elect stórbóndi, or lord farmers, to manage the farms. The lord farmers are the legal owners of these farm regions, and are given the authority to manage the are, collect taxes and uphold the peace. Many lord farmers also own other farms that are far away from their main farm, either because they've inherited or bought it. It's common to elect deputies to manage these farms, and in the most remote locations, there's deputies of deputies of deputies, where the management responsibility is given to whomever is willing for whatever fraction of earnings that are left.   Every farm is obligated to to ready to be combat ready within three days if given the order by the empire. They also don't have any official police, and therefore use forms of vigilantism to uphold the law and order in the area. Most forms of crime is dealt with at the farm, both prosecution, detention and execution. Depending on the crime, the trial will be either held by an official judge from a nearby area, or by the lord farmers themselves. Several regions within Yaðin is a degree of rogue state, where only a fraction of the management is reported to yárls and higher above. Some yárls have even detached themselves from the empire and consider themselves independent.
Dimensional plane
Inhabiting Species

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