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Wyverns (Wirmen)

A rumbling click came from deep in the throat of the creature. It exchanged looks with the other wyvern, waiting for acceptance. The other wyvern gave a short screech and looked at Ellon. He didn't understand what they agreed to, but it would seem Ellon was safe – at least for now.
  Wyverns are one of the two major species in the world, the other one being Humans. There are wyvern cities and towns across all five worlds, but their homeworld is Wirmór.  


  Wyverns have four limbs, two wings and two feet, a head and a tail. The two front limbs have wings attached to them, and have a span of 6-8 meters. They also have three small claws. The back limbs are shaped like haunches, ending in four digits; with two pairs opposite of each other, the two front pair being bigger. The back limbs are used for fine manouvering and handling of tools. The wyvern walks on all four legs.   The wyvern has a long neck, which gives the head freedom to look around. They can even to some degree look back when flying. The head is elongated and looks similar to that of a lizard. It has a wide jaw and sharp teeth and can tear and eat a large animal using only claws and teeth.   Wyverns are covered in feathers. The feathers come in a wide variety of colors and you can to some degree determine the origin of the wyvern based on colors and patterns. Most wyverns have a large head crest made of feathers, and they often correlates the vitality and strength of the wyvern. In wyvern culture it's therefore also very common to dress with head gear to either display or hide ones crest.  



Wing Clipping

  Some wyverns performs wing clipping where they volunteerly remove their wings. They do this because in some professions the wings are in the way. Tailoring, smithing, and other artisan professions that require fine motor skills are some of the professions where wyverns perform wing clipping.   Wing clipping has a lot of disadvantages, where losing the ability to fly removes the ability to travel, and to many degrees manouvering through a city. Wyverns usually live high up on mountain cliffs and hunt or gather food down on the ground. Wing clipping is therefore rarely done in smaller towns or villages, since wyverns would need the wings for their everyday activities. In larger cities, some facilitation are in place, which makes it possible to live without wings.   Wing clipping is honored as the ultimate sacrifice, the sacrifice of freedom for mastery of a craft. Many leaps in technology have been developed by wing-clipped wyverns, and this is both an opportunity and an expectation.  


  Wyvern cities are located high on the many cliffs of the mountains of Wirmór . The city structures are either carved into tunnels on the cliff faces, or built on top of the cliff.   Most of the structures have a platform built outside of it for easy landing and take-off.   The interior is also often very spacious and with the opportunity to walk on the ceiling. This to make navigation easier and to make room for the wings while moving around.  


Wyverns are very often very lightly dressed, since heavy garments is taxing to fly in. The most common shape of clothing is a poncho-like garment with a very long frony and back, which is tied together at the waist by a belt.   Since wyverns have are apex predators, they have extremely good eyesight for movement. It's therefore common for wyverns to a accessorize with things that move. Earrings, tassels and braids are a few of the examples of accessories wyverns like to wear.
60 years
Average Height
2-3 meters

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