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The Seven Sisters (Yan Aðila)

The seven sisters are goddesses, each within their own discipline. It is common to pray and give offerings to each of them, depending on which blessing you need, or to show gratitude for a positive outcome.   The seven sisters rule equally, and none have power over the other. They each have their own powers, persinality and disciples, and have spirits that help them on their mission.


Reyá is the goddess of love, fertility, sexuality and life. She is the most beautiful of the goddesses and more beautiful than any other living creature.   Reyá is the goddess of love and life. She has the most beauty of all gods and living creatures, and has the power to give life and love.   She teaches fairness and equality, and that all living creatures should be treated with respect and honor. She proclaims love, life and beauty, above all, and values those who pursue great love and lust.   She is depicted as a beautiful, naked woman, sometimes pregnant, and with hair made of gold. Her skin glistens like the stars, her eyes the colour of green fields of grass and her lips as red as the sunset.   Reyá treasures both love and lust, and see them as the same. Marriage is a sacred rite that binds two bodies, two hearts and two souls. A couple is therefore encouraged to please each other, be it with gifts, food, conversation or any other act of pleasure.   She is the goddess of fertility, and grants babies as a gift of lust. It is she who waters and nourishes the seeds of the man in the earth of the woman, and reaps the baby when it has fully blossomed.   She is also the goddess of spring, bringing life and blossom after the winter. She fills the air with warmth and love, and the earth with growing seeds.


Lyós is the goddess of the sun, moons, stars, fire and healing. She brings fury and rage, but also good health and passion. She brings the light to the world and health to the people. She teaches the art of healing, and gives hope to those who deserve it.   She rides her wyvern , Wirm, every day across the sky, and sails her boat, Belyár, across the sky every night. Her fire red hair shines like sun rays, which is what you see when you look at the sun. When she sails across at night, she braids her hair in two braids and they are not as bright as the sun because her hair is behind the sails of Belyár. The stars are the reflection of Lyós' hair in the Sea of the Sky.   Lyós is also the goddess of healing, and it is she who blesses people with good health or curses them with disease. She is a healer, and grants her powers to other healers. The healers therefore pays regular homage to her. It is therefore important to burn your tools to gain Lyós' blessing before using them on patients.   Lyós is the goddess of vengeance, rage and fury. Many warriors pays homage to her before battle so that they may gain strength to ignore the pain inflicted on them, and strike down the enemy with an untameable fury.


Skoggi is the goddess of shadows, safety and shelter. She brings darkness and death to the world, but also protection and safety from danger. She teaches the unseen gestures of good and evil, lies of truths and truths of lies, and that you can use questionable means without going into the darkness.   She is seldom depicted, but then as a pale woman with shadows for hair. Her eyes are golden yellow, and it is said that if you ever see two glowing eyes in the dark forest, it is her who is watching over you.   She gives shelter and protection and an the expression "The light reveals you to the enemy" is meant both literally and that she protect you in the shadows. It is therefore common to pay homage to her to protect your house, by having a small token hidden somewhere in it.   She is often praised as the goddess of travel, because she gives shelter to travellers in need and protects them on their journey. Travellers often pay homage to her when going on longer journeys.   She is the master of darkness, and can therefore be deceitful and mischievous. She is known to trick other gods and creatures to lure them into a trap, but only to the ones who have wronged her.  


The goddess of winter, weather and the sea is called Nyorá. She is the ruler of the Sea of the Earth and the Sea of the Sky.   She has a lower body of a fish and an upper body of a woman. Her hair green as sea weed and her eyes blue as the ocean. She wields a spear called Gyillá, which she uses to control the seas.   The Sea of the Sky is the blue sea above the world. It is where the cloud drifts and the rain comes from. When it is winter Nyorá freezes the Sea of the Sky and flakes of it falls onto the earth. It is known that the sky freezes because Engrályós, the sea lights, can be seen, which is a green dancing light showing up in the winter nights.   She brings winter every year, the winter is a result of the peoples' actions. If the winter is long and hard, it is because they have angered the gods, while a mild and short winter is deserved if people have been good.   People often bathe and clean themselves as a ritual. This is so that Nyorá can wash away burdens and sins, which is important before you ask for the goddesses' blessing. This is why people bathe before every holiday, and why the healers wash their tools and hands before asking for blessing from Lyós.


The goddess of war is Skyold. She is also the goddess of justice and honor. She teaches the art of warfare, and gives victory to the one who deserves it. She weighs all opportunities equally and has a strategic plans for all outcomes of the world.   She has a golden hair covered by a iron helmet, and she wears a round shield bigger then herself. In war she rides her warhorse Gánge, which is black with eight legs and is the fastest horse in existence.   She brings strength to those who pray to her before a battle, and awards them with treasures and gold to those who were victorious. She values tactics and strategies, and warlords become great if they outsmart their enemies.   She is the goddess of justice, and has a scroll to keep track of all your wrongdoings. If you do not act with valor and honesty she will bring bad luck and curses. She has a plan for every outcome of every action, and arranges it so that your punishment is suitable.   Though many punishments may seem undeserved, but these are done to spark the strength within. For instance if a son is lost at childbirth it is to strengthen the family.   Honor is something she values most, so it is important to gain it and never lose it. It is not honourable to be greedy, and taking what you do not deserve. Skyold will find a fitting punishment to those who have lost their honor, but she is also forgiving to those who makes amends.


Vár is the goddess of knowledge, secrets, mysteries, song, dance and trade. She is the wisest if the sisters and know all that has happened in the world and writes it down in her Scroll of History called Órskinna.   She has long white hair, and one eye. It is said that she could see the past with one eye and the future with the other, but the future was so grim that she tore out the eye.   Her knowledge is vast, she sits on top of her spire Lovatinn where she records what happens in the world. It is important to remember what has happened in the past because "history has a tendency to repeat itself".   She loves song and dance and often gifts people with such talents. She also gifts some of them with inspiration to a song or dance, which has a deep meaning and moves the soul of people. Though there has been many of these over the ages, many has been lost by time.   Vár values a good trade, and to share both items, experiences and knowledge with each other. It is therefore very common to give food to the old and wise in exchange for their wisdom.


Eyne is the goddess of earth, nature, hunting and farming. She brings the autumn and the harvest, and proclaims to respect the wild and not try to tame it.   Eyne has wild, brown hair and eyes with the colour of hazel. Her skin is made of bark and she is clothed by leaves and fur. She has a staff made of a large tree called Piletheren, which is the father of all the trees in the world.   She is the mother of all animals, and the guardian of the wild. She sometimes whispers wisdom to the animals, and send them to guide people who are lost, both in their life and in the wild.   Hunting is a gift she has given people. She sacrifices her own kin so that people can survive, so it best to pay homage to her before you hunt and to praise her if the hunt went well, or else the wild can become a hostile place.   She is also the goddess of farming. She gifted the people with livestock and knowledge of harvest. Though it is Reyá that plants the seeds, Nyorá that brings the rain and Lyós that brings the sun, it is Eyne that nourishes the plants and reaps the harvest. It is therefore important to praise her for the good harvest that will last through the winter.
Religious, Pantheon

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