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The muskox is a prized beast of burden in Ordin, and is frequently used for transportation and farm work.   The muskox gets it's name from it's characteristic musky smell of the male ox, which they exude during mating season. This musky odor also works as a mild monster repellent

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Male muskoxes can grow up to 2 meters high0

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The muskox has a lot of uses and byproducts. 
  • The female muskox produces milk which is used to make cheeses, sour cream or other dairy products.
  • Fat from the fur is used for its Musk odor. It is used as a cheap and mild monster repellent.
  • The horns are used to make musical horns, drinking horns, other tools and decorations.
  • The fur is used for isolation and cloth.
Average Height
Adult males range from 1.5-2 meters (4'11"-6'7") Adult females range from 1.2-1.6 meters (3'11"-5'3")
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The fur ranges from brown to grey and black. On occasion it could be white. Most of the fur has a wide variation of speckles and stripes.

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