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The Lonely Orphan

A famous inn, tavern and orphanage in the slums of Twinfalls that caters to adventurers and mercenaries. It's owned and run by the former adventurers Mama Mia and her husband Kraihaatha ae Efaylauf fan Sundher, more commonly known as Crow.

Purpose / Function

To provide food, drink and beds to the many adventurers and mercenaries travelling through or based in Twinfalls while providing for orphans of adventurers and mercenaries.


Mamma Mia, Crow and their various children, grandchildren and adopted children.


The Lonely Orphan has ended up canabalising several nearby buildings over the decades to grow to its current size. The outermost corner is the 'original' Lonely Orphan, with the uppermost floor being the orphanage, the first floor for clients, the ground floor the tavern and the basement for storage.   Now this corner serves as the public face of the Lonely Orphan and completely caters to their clients, with the top two floors being rooms, the ground floor being the public tavern and the basement having been converted into several private drinking rooms for people to meet up and discuss more sensitive affairs.   Behind/to the side of this (depending on which side you look at), the next two buldings have been converted and combined into the new orphanage, complete with kitchens, laundry room and a small garden outside where they grow some food and have some chickens.

Mamma Mia

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