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Tarran, Pureblood

The so-called purebloods are tarrans who can trace their ancestry back through many generations of tarrans, giving them a reputation for xenophobia especially towards their 'parent' races. This stems in particular from their early history and treatment of tarrans by both of their parent races. To this day, pureblood tarran communities actively discourage saurtara and human visitors and the more tyrannical areas have outright forbidden them from entering.

In part as a result of this, many purebloods turn towards crystal dragon cults to spite their saurtara ancestors, resulting in psionics being relatively common among them.

Most purebloods have scales along their scalp (which may or may not have hair and/or horns), shoulders, spine, tail and along the back of their hands, travelling up the arms to join their shoulders and along the front of their legs, including the top of their feat. Their tails are also noticeably muscled and dexterous, allowing them to use it in some respects as a prehensile limb.

Ancestral Hatred: Pureblood tarrans gain a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against Humanoids of the saurtara and human subtype, but unlike with most forms of Hatred, this does not apply to hybrid races, whom the purebloods view with at worst pity for their shared ancestry. This racial trait replaces Sensitive Nose.
Prehensile Tail: Although a pureblood tarran's tail is not strong enough to wield a weapon, they can stow or retrieve light objects as a swift action, choosing to either pass it to an empty hand or swapping it with another held item which it can then carry itself, so long as the item in question is not heavier than a light load. This racial trait replaces Multitalented.
Scent: Pureblood tarrans gain the Scent universal special rule. This racial trait replaces the extra will save that tarrans get from Strong Willed.

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