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Tarran, Draconic

Tarrans who take after their Matriarch ancestors, whether through design or through chance. They boast superior senses and thicker scales than other tarrans as well as having an innateif limited ability to change their shape.

Darkvision: Draconic tarrans gain darkvision out to 60ft. This racial trait replaces the additional will save that they gain from Strong Willed.
Scaled: Draconic tarrans gain a +1 racial bonus to their natural armour. This racial trait replaces Multitalented.
Shapeshifter: Draconic tarrans can assume the appearance of a single form of a single humanoid race of their size as a supernatural ability. The form is static and cannot be changed each time they take this form. They gain a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to appear as the member of the race/sex whose appearance they assume. Changing their shape in this fashion is a standard action which they can perform at will. This trait otherwise functions as alter self, save that they do not adjust their ability scores. This racial trait replaces Dragonscourge.

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