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Syzaraelaus Sandson

Syzaraelaus Sandson of Sstavrokia (a.k.a. Syz)

Although technically the youngest member of the Clearwater Company he has worked with Calican the longest and the most consistently, with many now considering it odd to see one without the other when either is on a job.   In Twinfalls especially he is equally as renown for his calm, peaceful and kind manner, especially towards children, as he is his great strength, surprising speed/agility and willingness to stand up for those unable to help themselves.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Spines of varying size and length across his body, most notably the arms, head and back.

Mental characteristics


Has been an adventurer and mercenary since he became an adult.

Morality & Philosophy

Syz's general philosophy (beyond his Wayist beliefs) mostly amounts to helping those who cannot help themselves (especially children). Fittingly, most of the money that he does not invest into his equipment and his rather meagre living expenses he tends to put into worthy causes in and around Twinfalls, making him a rather popular figure and local hero.

Personality Characteristics


To prove himself a worthy mate and to protect those who cannot protect themselves.


Family Ties

Syz' father (X) is the long-time Xish ambassador to Sstavrokia, a position he already held when Syz was conceived. He has several other (human) children, all younger than Syz, although Syz doesn't get to see them very often. Like many Errants, he doesn't really have much to do with his birthplace, mother or his clutch-siblings (Errant or otherwise), although he has visited it a handful of times. With that said, his mother (x, the youngest Matriarch of Sstavrokia) is openly proud of how much of a name he has made for himself in such a short time.

Religious Views



Like most Saurtara, Syz speaks in the third person and rarely contracts or shorten names (whether people, organisatios or even settlements). For the former, its from a rather common belief among Saurtara that use of the first person is unseemingly egotistical (only Matriarchs do so in most colonies) and for the latter, it's out of a similarly common belief that doing so is disrespectful. In both cases Syz doesn't expect others to do likewise and doesn't take having his own name shortened as insulting (in most cases, at least).

Errant, Desert
Year of Birth
2451 AI 27 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Although technically a full-blooded Saurtara (due to the oddity that is saurtara genetics) Syz is actually the son of a human male and a saurtara Matriarch
Current Residence
The Lonely Orphan
Biological Sex
None, though he does have a collection of yellow-ish spines along the back of his head that somewhat resemble 'hair'.
Skin Tone
Dirty yellow/light brown
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Syzaraelaus will give you one warning and one warning only: leave this place and never come back or he will make you leave and never want to come back."
Aligned Organization
Clearwater Company
Character Prototype
Surger (Brute)

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