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Rafiq Lokani

Rafiq Lokani (a.k.a. Raf)

After Syz, Rafiq has worked with Calican for the longest of the others in the Clearwater Compnay, although unlike Syz the maulan does so almost entirely for the lucrative contracts and spoils he gains as a result, sending much of it home to his many siblings, donating some to the nearest shrine or temple to Treo'shi, and spending the rest on equipment to make more money.   Pragmatic, cynical and self-centred, Rafiq considers himself the group's 'voice of reason', especially in contrast to their more idealistic members, while many of the others consider him to simply be greedy and selfish, albeit still a valuable ally to have in a tight spot.

Physical Description

Body Features

Predominantly grey fur with black 'tabby' markings.

Identifying Characteristics

Has piercings in one nostil and one ear, typically either a pair of studs (when working) or with a chain connecting the two (when not).

Mental characteristics


Adventurer, mercenary, thief and swindler.

Personality Characteristics


To provide for his (rather large) family as the eldest sibling (and with no living parents or grandparents to help).


Religious Views

Treo'shi (ever since he died as a young teen and was offered a chance to return to life by the Great Guide). Despite first impressions, Rafiq is incredibly devout and takes his faith very seriously, almost to an obsessive level, and the involvement of the Church of Treo'shi is one of the few ways to ever get Rafiq to do something without him insisting on being paid.

Wealth & Financial state

In spite of his mercurial and money-hungry ways, Raf is notoriously short on money most of the time and isn't really one to blow money on frivolous pursuits (although some might dub his many donations to Treo'shi rather frivolous).

Chaotic Neutral
Maulan, Mountain
Year of Birth
2450 AI 28 Years old
Somewhere in the Greatridge desert.
Current Residence
Unknown (he doesn't make a habit of letting people know where he lives and moves often).
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Quotes & Catchphrases
"What, zhis? I found it."
Aligned Organization
Clearwater Company
Other Affiliations
Character Prototype
Rogue (Cat Burgler/Sniper)

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