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Bennie's Blacksmithery

Built up from the ground 40 years ago, Bennie’s Black-Smithery was a mere anvil known to be owned by Benilia Iron. She made little business as travellers would dismiss the young Dwarf that knew her way with steel, purely because she had so little and was a woman. So, the woman who could out fight and out smith any man who stepped into the city, spent 3 years of her life crafting a sword unlike any other. She gathered materials so rare to the world and crafted a sword that could kill with a mere poke. It was beautiful. Upon completion of this renowned weapon, Benilia demanded word with the king. She knelt before him and handed him the sword, requesting one thing: Respect. From then, the king requested she make every weapon that belonged to those in his blood line. He provided her the funds to build her smith and store. She gave the building, the deceiving name to make anyone expect a man before they walk in. They would not care for her sex after they lay their eyes on the unbreakable weapons and flawless armours. She became known as the greatest blacksmith in the four quadrants.

Purpose / Function

Stock: Only made by Bennie

  • Great Swords (Common)
  • Maces (Common)
  • Daggers (Common but expensive due to fine detail and appearance)
  • Great Axes, battle Axes and hand Axes (Commons)
  • Hammers and Light Hammers, War Hammers (Common)
  • Sickles (Common)
  • Spears (Common but expensive due to fine detail and appearance)
  • Crossbows, Long Bows, and short bows (Less Common)
  • Scimitar (Less Common)
  • Rapier (Less Common but more expensive due to detail and appearance)
  • Steel Armours (Common)
  • Shields (Common)
  • Armour of Pelor (Rare- One of a kind)
  • Shield of the Dragon (Rare- One of a Kind)
  • Iron’s sword (Rare- One of a kind)
  • Other

Founding Date
13,958 DL
Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location
Falcon Claw
Benilia Iron

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