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Brijild Uprising - pretty brutal

Can't believed I almost died the Hulox Uprising for the "bloody coup, rebellion or uprising" instead of this.

The Brijilds - The Fire Family are one of the magic families of Lamara, but were new enough at this point that they had a clear leader and less than 1,000 members.

Anyway this leader found out the Monarch was in violation of a Holy Blood Contract and when threatening to reveal this to get lower taxes didn't work more brutal methods known as revealing it and starting an uprising were employed instead.

Course of the War:

Monarch gets very slowly wrecked but is backed by the Head of Faith, meaning tonnes of people fight for them because the equivalent of the Pope said so.

Still whooped.

Runs away to an island.

The island gets blockaded from all sides and rained with arrows and rocks from siege weapons on the ships for several days straight. Next, a team was sent in to kill the Monarch and they brought back her head and severed arm.

Vassals and Brijilds cheer but kinda didn't sort out which Krysa would be taking over from the Monarch.

Civil war continues over this issue.

Brijilds burn so many villages and crop fields, each Brjiild being able to burn down several every night plus they have regular fire archers on horseback burning shit too, that it combined with other stresses of the civil war cause the deaths of 30% of the country's population.

The side the Brijilds are on, speaking of which the Brijild numbers are reduced to 307 during this war, lose to the other side which has rallied behind Lissa, a Chosen of Hufnir who actually took control of the faction from within as in not a puppet.

Brijilds are so thoroughly hated, even by their own side, for that whole village burning thing - also certain executions of enemies by fire - that nobody even opposes them being stripped of all titles and enslaved. Their descendants continue to suffer for this.

The Conflict


Monarch: "More taxes time!"

Most vassals, including the Brijilds:

Anfila, semi-official leader of the Brijilds: "Wait hey Monarch I found a little something something you're violating a Holy Blood Contract."

Monarch: "... shit."

Anfila: "Take our taxes, right, and lower them."

Monarch: "No."

Anfila: "Hey vassals and other Brijilds check it out the Monarch is violating a Holy Blood Contract, which provides us a legitimate reason to depose and replace them with some other Krysa - Crystal Magic Family, at the same time as raising our taxes and doing other stuff we don't like. You know what that means?"

Most vassals and Brijilds:


Pretty much all of Lamara turned into a warzone for 38 years.


The Brijilds, who lost to the third faction that formed over which Krysa should take the throne, are all forced to sign Holy Blood Contracts giving up their landed titles and enslaving themselves and their descendants to the Monarchy.

Monarch Lissa is crowned Monarch of Lamara and begins rewarding members of the third faction and punishing members of the initial uprising.


Total shift of balance of power regarding which vassals were powerful and powerless.

Monarchs after this are significantly more powerful. In the royal territory, more meritocratic and insulated systems of the royal military, administration and so on are all set up, although this is merely a shift from "literally impossible to get the high-paying job if you're not noble" to "the only commoner who is getting this job is an absolute gigachad genius."

Brijilds still enslaved to this day.

Historical Significance


The biggest aspect is the whole Brijilds enslaved thing. It's kind of a big deal.

In Literature

Brijilds: "Please don't mention the village burning thing."

Writers: "We're so mentioning the village burning thing."

Technological Advancement

Some new technologies got to be used and tested for the first time in this war, and some degree of clarity to how more advanced technology brings victory was shown, but it was very much swords, bows and crossbows.
Battlefield Type
Start Date
147 years before Sarah's arrival
Ending Date
109 years before Sarah's arrival
Conflict Result
Third faction victory (once it became clear the Monarch would lose the vassals began infighting over which Krysa would be the new puppet, leading to the rise of Monarch Lissa)

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About a third of the vassals backing them, the Head of Faith backing them and their own personal armies and wealth.


It's beautiful. They're so numerous.


Maintain the current ruler and allow for a smooth abdication to the ruler's child.
Initial Uprising Faction

Led by


Roughly 2 thirds of vassals.

When it changed to fighting a splinter group, this turned to half of vassals.


Wow. That's pretty big.


Remove the Monarch. Once they started fighting the splinter faction their chosen puppet was Janal, who was pretty spineless and nice and easy to threaten into giving good Holy Blood Contracts.
Splinter Rebellion

Led by


Half of vassals, Head of Faith's support and most remnants of those who'd served the Monarch.


This is ridiculous no wonder these casualties collectively add up to 30% of the country's population.


Install Lissa to the throne. Lissa was far from a puppet and was a legitimate leader of this splinter group even before it actually split off from the original rebellion led by the Brijilds.


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