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Trickster's Afterlife


Made by Thicc Shrek, with assistance from Dr Jimothy.


Violence, including human sacrifice of children. Horny is rare but you'll find a little bit of it, or a lot of you read anything to do with Lussa. Extreme injustice and unfairness is common, including in-world racism, classism etc.

Okay warning done lol.

The World

Immortality. Infertility. Ethereality. Agelessness. These are things you probably associate with any kind of afterlife that isn't probably gonna result in you hatching out a snail egg because you're too much of a dickhead to be allowed another go at being human.

Toss them out a window. We've got an Afterlife, named the Trickster's Afterlife because of just how weird it is for an Afterlife, where the only thing different about you is that any injuries and ailments you have are gone when you arrive.

You can still age. You can still die again - nobody truly knowing or being able to agree on what comes after included. You can even have kids, who will age normally and can have kids of their own, assuming a lack of the things that stop you from having kids in our world.

You still mutate, so combine that with the above for evolution. Why yes, animals do go here too, what else do you think could've evolved into that giant hedgehog that's trying to eat you? Oh, also there's magic, which is why the hedgehog is able to be taller than a skyscraper without collapsing under its own weight, and why the electricity and fuels you'd need for advanced weapons to kill it with won't work properly.

No, you don't get to have magic powers, that's for things with special adaptations for it and your ancestors evolved in a world without magic, so please take your "but I'm the one that got isekaid after hit by truck I'm supposed to have cool powers" while a Krysa threatens you into carrying their stuff for them with a crystal blade they literally grew from their asscheek. Maybe your descendants here will have magic thanks to the genetic contributions of ancestors who aren't you or due to mutations that let them deviate from the genetic failure that is you.

So, we've more or less got a horrifically dark but surreal fantasy world, where fun fact the way the magic functions makes the people and animals with it often seem like they'd fit right into sci-fi settings like how most of Lamara's magic families deserve representation among the X-Men, which doubles as an afterlife for everything that's ever died, but isn't so much an afterlife as life extension in another world, also fun fact that life extension has a 70% chance of lasting less than a minute due to you appearing inside the stomach of a giant underground monster, and I'm sure it won't get chaotic at all.

The Story

Sarah Bailey, aged 18 and not only Bri'ish but ginger too (I'm not gonna call her human as I know many would consider this offensive), is shot in the back of the head while sat on a park bench on halloween night in a graveyard. Damn that's a lot of red herrings.

She appears in the Afterlife, very luckily not appearing inside the stomach of a Stomach Beast, and after some good old Bear Grills in Magic WorldTM and other fuckery including a cheeky bit of desecration of corpses, identity theft and faking of a disability she's gotten herself into the known world's most xenophobic, richest, genocidal, largest, racist, technologically advanced, eugenicist and powerful nation, Lamara.

Problems: Everyone thinks she's a slave soldier and the sole surviving member of a military unit that got wiped out, suffering from amnesia due to a head injury. Slave, soldier. Also, she doesn't yet know any of the languages of this world, so knowing even the slightest bit about what's going on requires brilliant on-the-spot detective work.

No special guide or powers, only grindset, big brain, and blindly walking right into the known world's most powerful country's succession crisis.