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Church of Seyr

Public Agenda

To promote the worship of Seyr and encourage others to embrace the virtues of honesty, charity, and bravery


The worship of Seyr didn't always have an organised church. Early in the first age it was little more than a belief in goodness and light. When people began seeking answers as to what goodness is some of those who best understood the ideal began to hear a voice whispering advice. They were told of an emblem that represented the power of the light. Those who listened and crafted such emblems found they could hear more. Some turned away in fear but those who listed learned of Seyr and became his priests.   Many of the early priests had little to no contact with each other, and each priest preached what was within his understanding and most appropriate to his flock. While the overall message and deity were the same, the specifics could vary. As communities got larger and travel became more common these variations became more common, leading to some heated disagreements between the faithful.   After two villages almost declared war on each other, the priests agreed to get together and decide on a common set of teachings. This doctrine would be written down and taught to prospective priests. It was not the doctrine known today. Good for the sake of goodness is hard to sell when everyday is a fight for survival. Instead this early doctrine focused on the practical benefits of helping others and standing up to evil. The doctrine was created by the 5 considered wisest amongst the assembled priests.   Initially the new teachings were well received by priests of Seyr, but they also created a problem. When the formal teachings didn't align to an individual's understanding, how could they question or challenge them? Divine inspiration can be misinterpreted, and doubt crept into the minds of some of the faithful. When the authors of the teachings learned of this problem they gathered again and decided to create a support network where each of them would offer time to their neighbouring priests to explain why they had written the teachings in their current form. The offer was gratefully received. However, as some of the other priests got used to asking about the written teachings they also began asking about other matters. Before long they were deferring to the original authors as though they were in some way better priests. This was reinforced by the fact that the authors were more powerful than many other priests of the time.   Recognising the power and responsibility that was being given to them, the authors decided to create a council that would meet every lunar cycle. This would allow them to consolidate their views and provide a structure for when they left this world. This structure was tested just 3 months later when Koit of Caburn was killed in a goblin raid. Though the council was new, the idea had been well received by most of the other priests and there was no shortage of willing candidates.   The council also provided opportunities in the nascent church's relations with the Church of Heironeous. Although not directly opposed, both faiths were competing for converts which had led to bad feelings between the two groups. The new council meant that the leaders of the church of Heironeous (who had had a strict hierarchy from the beginning) could finally negotiate with a group rather than each priest individually.   As the years went by and more priests reported to the council they found it necessary to add further levels to their hierarchy, but it was not until the invasion by Darg the Unrepentant that the need for a single leader became apparent. Darg had more than just mortal creatures at his command, and the force hastily assembled to hold them off desperately needed clerical support. The commander of the priests of Heironeous wasted no time in deploying his clerics, but the council bickered over the best course of action. Though the priests of Seyr eventually joined and helped win the fight, the people remembered who had been saving them from the forces of darkness from the start. As a result many of Seyr's choose to change their allegiance to Heironeous.   When the invasion had been thrown back the council returned to its bickering, this time over who was to blame. During one of their endless arguments, the doors to the council chamber burst open and in strode Felix of Olmoor, one of the heroes of the recent conflict. He carried a 6ft long staff topped with a golden sunburst, tapping it in the ground as he walked. With each tap the sunburst blazed with light. Behind him came the priests of the level below the council. They threw down the old council and created the position of Heart of the church to be the undisputed leader. The new system wasn't enough to stop the mass defection of more than half of Seyr's worshippers, but the church at least had direction.   This direction was desperately needed when a great evil broke into this world, devastating the land now known as Caresnas. The various faiths put aside their differences to defeat it, and this time the church of Seyr was at the fore. When the evil was defeated it was sealed away, as slaying it would only return it to its vile home. However, the seal would need to be protected and regularly reinforced with holy magic. The various faiths debated which of them should take on this great responsibility, with the final choice being between Seyr, Tarin, and Drak. The piety and wisdom of Sharyn Firehair convinced the others that the duty should be given to the church of Seyr.   Sharyn ordered that a temple be built over the seal, so that the rites and celebrations would help to reinforce the seal. She also moved the upper echelons of the church to the site starting a new settlement. What she called this town is lost to the ages, as after her death it was formally renamed to what most had called it anyway, Sharyn's Town.   In the following years the church became popular amongst villagers, but didn't make much of an impression on the townsfolk and Lords. This changed when Hethan Misen and Rezgrah Caresnas agreed a plan to help turn back an Orc host.

Tenets of Faith

Have the courage to stand up to evil. Be gernerous with your time and efforts. Help others in need, but do not let others take advantage of you. Seek a peaceful lsolution but do not concede to evil. Be merciful to the repentant.


Seyr is primarily worshiped by humans, especially those in more stable agricultural communities.  Priests conduct ceremonies to honour Pelor at dawn, midday, and at sunset.  Only the most devout lay worshippers attend all of these ceremonies, with most just attending the evening service.  In towns it is not uncommon for many worshippers to only attend a service on Enday.   Between these services worshippers are encouraged to show their devotion to Seyr by following his tenets and working to make the world a better place.

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