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Chapter 4 - The Key to Death


As the party of adventurers went away from Hag's Cliff, they finally came to the city of Boadella, where a storm was met. The tower at the top of the city's cliff struck The Capricorn with lightning, which caused the party to leave as Captain Bonebreaker started to try and douse the fires. As they arrived at Boadella, they realized the city was guarded by skeleton guards.   They quickly came to the former captain of the guard, a dwarf named Redur Boulderdash, who told them of the tyranny of Lord Gontro. The party used the resources of a local dwarven potion seller, named Thundu, to get invisibility potions to sneak into the tower. The group was spotted in the tower once their invisibility potions ran out, where they subsequently dealt with the skeletal minions of Lord Gontro.   As they got to the top of the tower, they were confronted by the Necromancer and his minions, a pair of Helmed Horrors. The Horrors proceeded to protect their master in a battle against the adventurers, while the necromancer used his dark powers to raise more undead minions and cast powerful spells to poison them. The adventurers stayed vigilant, and through clever planning, they slew the Necromancer and liberated the village from his oppression. The storm that once was over the village was now cleared.   In the end, 90% of the gold and silver they found in the tower was given back to the people of Boadella, allowing the city to get back on it's feet. However, they kept the mysterious Skeleton Key for themselves.


Moral Quandaries

  • Alexandroth questioned Brynn on her refusal to kill the Goblin King, and noted how he could still be off harming other people because of their innate evil. Brynn proceeded to object and felt it was not her place to determine the value of other people's lives.
  • Dovahkiin came into hot water with Elana as he stated he was "indifferent" to giving the stolen money back to the people of Boadella. She questioned his devotion to his oath to Bahamut, warning him about the wrath of the gods.



Byrnn Inkheart

This tiefling assassin finds herself as a strange outlier to the band of mercenaries, holding quandaries to killing her enemies. As of late, she has begun to get drawn to the compassionate ideals of Cardia. She revealed to Alexandroth that she was was raised by thieves, which is what caused her to chose her life of killing in the past.


Elana continues to be some of the heart of this party. She has been keeping the party together and has proven to be a capable warrior. She has been a moral compass and has proceeded to be one of the most compassionate yet morally strong of the group.

Alexandroth Habsburg

Alexandroth revealed to Brynn his past, of nearly being burned at the stake for his parent's heresy. He revealed it was Morganine that saved his life and told of the treachery of a paladin who betrayed him. Thus, his trust issues became prominent.


Dovahkiin challenged his own oath by feeling indifferent to the people suffering at Boadella. Though he eventually decided to be compassionate, his nature was revealed to the party.


This halfling has been taking to collecting random things he finds on the quest to find the Treasure of Ages. Nicknacks, thumb tacks, and clothes are growing into his collection. In reality, he's just wanting to add some cool modifications to his gun!


Redur Boulderdash

Redur was the former captain of the gaurd at Boadella until he was overthrown by Lord Gontro. A paladin of Boldur, he used the party to help liberate the mining town by offering them assistance with buying invisibility potions.


An elderly dwarf who was losing his sight, he ran an Emporium of banned magic goods for anyone to buy. It was him that the party bought their invisibility and healing potions from.


Lord Gontro was the tyrannical necromancer the party had to face to liberate this large village. Though he amassed a small army of skeletons, they ultimately defeated this monstrous man. His soul was taken by Cardia and dragged to the Nine Hells, where he would be in eternal torment forever. From him the party collected the Skeleton Key.



Boadella appeared to be a city constantly suffering from storms and other evil events. Much of the plant life was destroyed and it's inhabitants had begun to starve to death. The main castle, a tower belonging to the dead Lord Boadella, rested and looked upon the rest of the city.


A mysterious rug...

As the party infiltrated the first floor of the castle, they were met by skeleton guards and a mysterious rug. The rug came alive and started to try and suffocate Dovahkiin. After defeating the skeletons, the party carefully freed the dragonborn paladin.

The Power of Lord Gontro

Lord Gontro raised himself two Helmed Horrors and other magical creatures in order to protect himself from the adventurers who sought to kill him. His efforts included using stinking cloud, vampiric touch, and other spells to stop the party from killing him. Alas, his efforts proved to be vain and he was slain by Elana using her powers of Guiding Bolt.

Lord Gontro
The evil Lord Gontro, as he appeared to the party members before his ultimate demise.
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