Summer Camp Pledge 2022

Last time I made any plan, it went completely off the rails anyways. Summer Camp to me is a beautiful mess full of exploration of themes and topics and article types that I do not normally write. That's not something I can plan for, because that kind of takes the joy out of the improvisation part of things.   I really struggled the previous year with most of my articles - and this year, for a change, I struggle with everything else in my life - so my biggest hope is to just get some articles done and be a bit more proud of them, then I tend to be these days.  

Creative Goal

I will most likely make a new story, because I am me and I (almost) always do that. I also want to try narrating articles instead of typing them out, so we will see how that'll go.  


Honestly, I just want to have some fun. Simple as that.  

Challenge Goal

Listen. I have participated in every single Summer Camp. No power in the universe can stop me from trying my best in this one. Diamond or Die!tm   I will go for all the prompts, probably just the bare minimum wordcount and probably no streams. Unless a miracle happens. And sometimes, they do :)  

Summer Camp Themes

I guess I was one of the very few who didn't like the prompt themes ^^; In my opinion, they reduce the chaos and make it less challenging. It leads to people stringing together the same articles like everyone else, whereas without the prompt themes, it was much more difficult to tie all your articles together. You really had to think outside of the box! But I am glad, that so many people enjoy Summer Camp in so many ways. It is natural for the challenges to evolve and grow alongside the community. Changes are inevitable, so I am in no way angry about this.   On the other hand, this year themes seem like the way Guillermo del Toro makes his movies xD Who wouldn't wanna make a story about something monstrous, having an expanding... member... and some dainty pesky human getting to discover that. Who'll be the dominating leader in the relationship? I guess that's gonna be the surprise. Anyways, this is probably as much ideas that my brain gave me for these themes, lol.  

  Am I really going to write a monster erotica? Probably not. But it's fun to think that I totally could :D  

Summer Camp Inspiration

  I really like the colour and the style of these pictures. They all nudge towards exploration. To follow the cat into the jungle, to go to the end of that lit path or to climb those magical sparkly stairs. Summer Camp writing to me is about exploring things to write about I haven't yet got the chance or idea to even consider writing about.  
  One video for every prompt theme! All of these are iconic for their own reasons and hopefully they will get me through all the different badge stages successfully.     A playlist full of hype summer vibes songs to help me write. Basically caffeine replacement! Feel free to follow me on spotify for more absolute weirdness.  

The Plan

The plan is to not have a plan because no plan can prepare me for what the next month is going to be. I know kinda everyone says their July will be crazy and I am right there with them. The things that are about to happen would have no problem making 30 articles on their own :D   Back to the point. There are a lot of things on my plate and the way I am dealing with them is set a timer for 10 mins only and try to do as much as possible. Most of the time, I end up working for longer, but sometimes I can't. Ten minutes doesn't seem like much but you can still get a lot of things done in that amount of time if you really try hard. I have a timer on as I write this actually! But most importantly - 10 mins doesn't seem intimidating. I can totally survive 10 mins of working.   Plan B is to finish up as many prompts as quickly as possible. So I will do the sprints first thing in the morning as I am sipping on my first tea of the day. Remember, guys, you can always edit later! I think I just want to get the pressure of finishing everything in time off of me as soon as possible. Too bad we don't get all the prompts at once xD   I guess that's the challenging part for me this year!   As far as for support I will turn to my friends on discord. One dear friend in particular, but if the time and braincells allows, I might hang out in the challenge discussion from time to time, so, see you there some time!   Accountability doesn't really work on me, my plans change all the time, so, stating my plans loud and clear only signals to the universe to ruin them. Nope, you won't get me this time you stupid void! Go grab a tea and go worldbuild yourself so you are less empty! Stop taking out your problems on humans!    
Good luck to everyone participating this year! *insert cheershark here* You can do whatever you set out to do!


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