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Nir Tivarenul

The Nir Tivarenul are the only sentient species native to Stelsa. Known as Natives by the settlers, the Nir Tivarenul have magical abilities connected to their planet.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

The main physical differences between Nir Tivarenul and humans are height and magic. Nir Tivarenul are slightly taller than the average human, with men growing from 6'0" to 6'8" and women from 5'5" to 6'3". They are also thinner, stronger, and faster.   As near humans, the Nir Tivarenul have the same basic facial structure and features, enough that one look would suggest they were human. Upon closer inspection, however, one would find that their noses, jawlines, and teeth are sharper, their eyes are shaped differently, and their pupils slit like a cat's instead of shrinking.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The Nir Tivarenul name their children after trees, flowers, plants, animals, and weather conditions that occurred or were seen around the time of the child's birth. Some parents wait until their child's planet-gifted power manifests and name them after that. Others name their child one thing at birth and change their name later in life. Name changes are important to Nir Tivarenul culture, as names are seen to indicate one's inclinations in life and a change would show that their magical and emotional affiliations had changed.

Common Etiquette Rules

After their less-than-friendly encounters with off-worlders, the Nir Tivarenul have become guarded and cautious around those they do not know. Generally, non-Nir Tivarenul visitors are met with hostility, especially with the agreement they formed with the settlers. When other Nir Tivarenul visit, the hosts are gracious and welcoming, providing food, shelter, and assistance to their guests. The same hospitality has been extended to certain off-worlders who impress the Nir Tivarenul, particularly the former senator Jerczar Asuga.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

To the stars above we sing our songs, and from the heavens light is given. The maidens of the stars have smiled on and saved us.
— Rite of Starlight
The Nir Tivarenul have many traditions that they practice together. Most have to do with the moons, sun, and stars, as well as a festival in the summer to celebrate rain. Many of the traditions are based on certain events that must happen, and some years may pass without a few celebrations.


The Nir Tivarenul were officially discovered around 10 APC when the first wave of Interplanetary Peace Alliance settlers arrived. Hostilities were quick to form between the settlers and the Nir Tivarenul, who the settlers called Natives. A few small groups of settlers made friendlier alliances with the Nir Tivarenul and were able to learn more about their history.   The Nir Tivarenul have lived on Stelsa for as long as their species has existed. Most of the individual villages rarely make contact with each other aside from a yearly meeting of each tribe's leaders. Surprisingly, only minor conflicts emerged during the entire time the Nir Tivarenul lived on Stelsa. There are very few details of each tribe's history and even fewer on the species as a whole, mostly because the Nir Tivarenul keep no written histories and pass down their legends via oral tradition. However, all of them accept the legends of Eternals as truth, claiming that the Celestials have been involved with major events that occurred on their planet.   When people from off-world landed on Stelsa and began settling there, the Nir Tivarenul were suspicious. When the settlers indicated they would not leave, the Nir Tivarenul started attacking their towns. This started a conflict that lasted until more waves of settlers arrived and beat back the Nir Tivarenul. With their stronger weapons, the settlers forced the Nir Tivarenul to give up much of their territory and stay out of the settlers' way.   Eventually, an agreement between the settlers and the Nir Tivarenul was reached. According to this agreement, each group would stay out of the others' areas. Any who disobeyed were to be given one chance to return before they could be imprisoned or killed. For the settlers, refusing to leave meant immediate death, and for the Nir Tivarenul, it meant servitude.

Common Myths and Legends

The Nir Tivarenul are an ancient species, one that strongly believes in the existence of Eternals and Celestials. Many tribes still tell stories about the Celestial War and other old legends. Love stories between Celestials are popular, as well as stories with moral lessons. Of course, the Nir Tivarenul have their own legends about their planet and existence. One of these is the "Legend of Moonsung", the only account of the event that started and ended the destruction of Stelsa's sun.
by Lilliana Casper
Also Known As
Natives, Stelsians
90-120 Standard Galactic Years
Average Height
5'5" to 6'8"
Geographic Distribution

Peace Talks

In 468 APC, a group of diplomats and senators from various peaceful planets were sent to Stelsa to help strengthen the agreement between the settlers and the Nir Tivarenul. The hope was the senators would convince the Nir Tivarenul no harm would come to them, and the settlers still had good intentions even after many years.   Among this group of mediators was Senator Jerczar Asuga, the thirty-one-year-old head of the Asuga line. Jerczar was a kind man with two children and an extensive history in diplomacy. Trained by his parents and their friends from a young age, the senator had risen to his station rapidly with a slew of trade successes. Jerczar was smart and wise, but humble. He could also be oblivious to many things, his mind always focusing on some sort of project.   Jerczar was not the leader of the group, but he was one of the most important members. The leader was Lord Valencio Parci from Haspanic. Valencio was a good leader, and it was he who made the decisions on how to approach the Nir Tivarenul for the peace talks. Once the group made contact with the Nir Tivarenul, they were greeted with suspicion and hostility. Jerczar Asuga was then the man who drove the peace talks, offering gifts freely and showing respect to the people he observed as leaders.   Impressed by the diplomats' respect, the Nir Tivarenul allowed the group to enter their village, where they held a feast and discussed matters. Jerczar was able to find a language the Nir Tivarenul understood: the ancient language of the Celestials. Acting as translator, Jerczar was able to help Valencio speak to the Nir Tivarenul and propose new terms of an agreement that would keep the settlers from building on their territory.   The meeting was a success. Both the Nir Tivarenul and the settlers agreed to the terms of the new agreement, and everyone in the peace group was hailed a hero. The Nir Tivarenul especially considered Jerczar a great man and invited him to return anytime. Jerczar only returned once, but he told stories to his children and grandchildren for many years after.

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