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Galactic Currency

The set currency of the The Interplanetary Peace Alliance is a system of coins produced in four types of metal, each with increasing worth. The coins are referred to by their primary material: either copper, silver, gold, or platinum.


Coins have been used all over the galaxy for thousands of years as a type of currency. Every planet and organization created its own currency and its own coins. When the Polaris Alliance first came to power, its leaders were the first to realize that they needed one type of money to unite all their planets. Studying all the planets in their alliance, they found which metals were prized most and set about creating a standard system using nearly unmarked coins made of different metals.   As long as the Polaris Alliance was in control, most of the galaxy used its currency. Even planets that did not belong to the alliance used the coins. When Polaris was destroyed and the IPA took over, the new galactic power continued to use the currency. The former Polaris Alliance members that refused to join the IPA changed their currency, allowing the IPA to claim the system of coppers, silvers, and golds as its own.   Over the years, the galactic currency has become a part of everyday life. With additional advancements in technology, the system has even been transferred to digital means. Wealthy citizens carry cards that withdraw digital silvers, golds, and platinums from their bank accounts so that they can pay easily. These cards also let the wealthy access their money from anywhere in the galaxy.

Materials & Components

Galactic currency is composed primarily of four different metals, which give it worth. Other metals like iron and nickel are used to strengthen and add weight to them. The materials are copper, silver, gold, and platinum. Copper coins have high levels of bronze added to them, and gold coins have steel added to prevent them from failing.
"Have any physical money on you?"
"Several silver. And one or two gold and copper."
— A couple discussing money
Item type
Currency & Deeds
Creation Date
Around 1000 BPC


Galactic currency increases in worth with each metal. Coppers have the lowest worth, equating to about 10 percent of a silver. Silvers are the most common type of currency. Prices and worth are usually listed in silver. Gold is next, and one gold is worth 100 silvers. Platinum is the rarest currency and the most expensive. Platinums are worth 500 gold.

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Cover image: IPA crest by Lilliana Casper


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