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This world is a setting for stories spanning millennia, from the days of the Iasid Imperative to the modern times of steam-powered flight. Bear with me, I have very little time to work on it. I am slowly transferring info from the existing stories into their new home here. And... just because I don't know what the hell else to do with the ancient history stuff, I'm going to link the backstory here. It's just a collection of scenes, not complete, and certainly not all shiny and polished with the heavy-duty edit cloth, so please be kind. 

The Fall of Ias


The Past

Long ago, the Iasid Imperative dominated the known world for hundreds of years. The long history of the Imperative included triumphs and disasters, glittering riches and destruction, wisdom and follies beyond belief. But all things must come to an end. Although much of the modern world suspects the Iasid were nothing but myth or at best exaggerated legends, they were real. And if one is dedicated enough to the search, one might discover firsthand accounts of the Fall of the Iasid Imperative...  

The Present

The modern world of Tre'vornay is in something of a golden age, although much of the geopolitical landscape is dominated by religious conflict. Those damned Freeholders, always preaching peace, yet pounding opposition into submission with their Unity Peacekeepers, all the while exhorting their followers to blind obedience. The soldiers of Iskander's Watch thumped the Freeholders into submission long ago, though, allowing much of the continent of Eurelos the opportunity to relax their guards and enjoy trade with each other.  

The Future

Although much of the existing Tre'vornay lore focuses on the present and the past, do keep in mind that I know what is coming in the future. And this is one of my worlds, so guess what? Yep, that's right. You must've read my stories before. It's gonna be a wild ride...

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