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Traveller Genesys

January 5th, 2162

Created by

A setting for the future of Humanity.

Earth is no longer the only home we have. In the years since mankind launched itself from their home gravity well on the back of a barely controlled explosion, we've spread out to other parts of our solar system. Mars, Io, Venus; cities on each one sustained by the resources on each planetoid and the endless amount of trade in the system.

By 2048, the amount of infrastructure being moved to the new colonies exceeded 100 Megatonnes of material. The time and cost involved slowed development but plans were laid and construction of the largest spaceport on Earth began. A towering structure rising above the surrounding cityscape the Carlos Augusto Teixeira de Moura Space Travel Facility is a 2 km tall pedestal for launches taking payloads above the densest part of the atmosphere cutting fuel costs in half.
To complement the incredible engineering of the CATdM, physicists had successfully upscaled the ability to form an Alcubierre bubble in vacuum. The first unmanned mission followed by a manned mission between Earth and Mars took less than 3 seconds.

The ability to travel faster than light and launch large payloads at low cost led to an accelerated build-up of space facilities. Foundries at Vesta and Ceres in the belt, shipyards at Mars, test facilities on Io and Ganymede, colony simulations on Titan.
The Sol system was rapidly converted from a barely stable group of colonies dependent upon a central homeworld to a solar system dead set on colonizing any star they could reach out and touch.

Now, 50 years after the first generation ship arrived at Proxima Centauri, humanity has access to three new systems with a fourth expected to be ready in just a few years.