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Traveler's Cove

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Welcome to a wonderful Island off the Coast. Traveler's Cove has been a travelers oasis for centuries. Many cultures from around the globe and of all alignments find neutrality when Visiting the island. Tower of Hope serves as the islands Magical Beacon, The Village of Osi houses the holy men of the Island who are dedicated in their guest to bless The River of Eden.   An ancient Ruin sits at the west side of the island, overlooking the beach. It seems a dark force has started to spread from this region. Our adventurers start their journey inside the Inn of Traveler's Cove. Their quest start is determined by how the players interact with the surrounding. They will find that the island has seen more dark forces over the coming days, and their Temple of Hope is not so Hopeful. PC must find the ancient artefaect hidden on the island and cleans it of its dark properties in hopes of restoring peace to the Island.   Exploration Points of the island are as followed: -Traveler's Cove (1) -Traveler's Dock -Ancient Ruins (2) -Village of Osi (3) -River of Eden (4) -Tower Of Hope (5)

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