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***Please remember to travel safe, you never need to reveal your personal location, or travel plans on the internet. If you are suggesting an attraction near you, in your country, city, or close to your residence never feel like you have to reveal that information.***

Making Travel Easier

Erin Novodvorsky - The Geek Travel Agent
Creating travel magic

Erin was personable and enthusiastic about my hobbies, fandoms, and cultural interests. She provided information about up-coming events and travel trips to places like Korea for a K-Pop themed tour, and next year's New York Comic Con. When I travel abroad I will be calling her to help me organize my trip.

— RandoScorpio, Ottawa Comic Con, 2022
Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I went to my local comic con and found a resource. I didn't think it belonged with my other list, so here is info on travel. I'll also put up writer retreat information I find.

If You Have Suggestions

If you have suggestions please leave them in the comments section, I love to travel and there are so many destinations I may not have considered. If there's an attraction near you, that you've visited in the past, or seen and think would be cool please pop it in the comments too. I might get a world map eventually and do up a destination guide.


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