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Nothing says self indulgence like creating a whole darn space for trash writing. Short stories, fanfiction, flash fiction, weird things I don't know where to put. Nothing is off-limits, no subject or style is safe from my spastic brain and its desire to twist the fabric of reality. You have been warned. This world is not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Trigger Warnings, and Content Warnings will be posted at the beginning of every work, no exceptions. Sub-categories will be listed as NSFW, and will be flagged as such. Most of the trash here is recommended to 18+ audiences, but some general tabs will contain work that is suitable for all audiences.

Be careful ye who wander here, for no one is safe. If you want to find safety join me on Discord.

Don't reproduce works here without permission. The Writing Prompts section is fair game, use those, make your own stuff and share that!