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Outpost Bessie

The Secondary outpost for workers and researchers hired by The Klementine Company. Set up inside The Yellowstone Plane, Wyoming and is the central hub for expeditions.  


The outpost was first established in 1869 by the Klemetine Company, a research team studying strange phenomena in the Midwest. Wanting to investigate and research the mythical vast space of the Yellowstone Plane, workers and researchers built small infrastructures and campsites at the grand entrance inside the plane. Within the following years, defenses and stronger infrastructure are built to ensure a more secure settlement for employees under the company.  


Outpost Bessie is the second out of three sister outposts in Yellowstone County run by the Klementine Company, in between both Outpost Abigail and Outpost Cadence.   The plane's entrance is comprised of a large 1.4km/4600ft tunnel, Outpost Bessie is located at the end of the tunnel, entering into an oil lamp-lit campsite with timber walls boxing the site. The outpost is comprised of three sections: The Log Walls, The Brick Walls, and the Canvas Walls.  

-Log Walls

A large perimeter wall made of wooden planks and logs. The wall includes two watchtowers in between the three gates that lead to the barren plane.   These gates are the main exit out of the outpost facing North, North-East, and North-West. These gates are made of multiple layers of planks and work on a hinge mechanism to swing open for caravans and expeditions to set out, locking themselves using a structural deadbolt locking mechanism comprised of a thick piece of a wooden plank.  

-Brick Walls

Large red brick buildings are on the outer limits within the walls. These structures are largely for residential housing for workers and researchers, giving them shelter and warm clothes per room. The majority of the residential housing holds 8 rooms, with a total of 6 housing apartments being built.   An infirmary is established that can house up to ten patients and is stocked with various remedies and utensils to treat almost all injuries or illnesses. Accompanying the infirmary is a medical team including two doctors and 5 nurses.   A forge is also located within this section, being shared by blacksmiths, gunsmiths, and leatherworkers. Though versatile, the space is quite cramped with three professions working all at once within.   An outhouse is also located, shared by all, and is cleaned every week to reduce any hygiene-related illnesses within the outpost  

-Canvas Walls

Comprised of small to large tents, each labeled on what its purpose is. The largest tent looks similar to a carnival tent and is used by scientists and researchers from the Klementine company to experiment and test new findings within the plane, holding samples and records of any exciting discoveries found.   Other smaller tents hold various supplies that can be separated into building supplies, an armory, food, tools, and a makeshift church.   There is also a kitchen tent that cooks up meals for the whole outpost with picnic benches in front of the tent for all employees to sit and enjoy a meal.  


Along with the wooden structured wall that reaches 8ft high, there are two watchtowers that overlook both the outer perimeter and the inside of the outpost. Stationed in each tower are two guards armed with hunting rifles.   The gates are locked with a deadbolt mechanism that is resistant to any brute force.   Inside the outpost, the majority of all workers are equipped with sidearms if ever needed for defense both inside and out of the outpost.   Lastly, the outpost also has a contingency plan if ever needed for extreme measures, in which the cave tunnel entrance is blown up with dynamite charges to prevent anyone or anything from escaping the plane if the circumstance ever comes.
"Home to the believers who want to explore the qeustions we ask ourselves at night."
- Mr Montgomery Isaacs, Found of Kingfisher Limited 1869
Founding Date
June 1869
Alternative Name(s)
Fort Bessie, Outpost B, The Mouth
Outpost / Base
Owning Organization

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