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Organ Snapier

A small mammal with a napoleon complex that will hide inside animal carcasses as a trap to prey on any nearby large scavengers looking for an 'easy meal'.


The Organ Snapier is a rodent-like quadruped with silver fur, and a pale face and tail.   Its soot-colored limbs are equipped with serrated claws used for burrowing inside chest cavities and sawing through thin bone.   Its long rigged yet hairless tail is the same size as the Snapier's body length (1'2" -1'4") and is prehensile, allowing for full control and mobility. Their hind legs are fairly powerful compared to their body size and are used for closing the gap between any prey. Additionally, they can also grab objects with their frontal limbs similar to that of a raccoon to assist with burrowing and scavenging.   Their elongated snout accompanied by their hard-headed skull allows for protection when excavating inside carcasses and also prevents any head trauma when attacking prey.  


Their most distinctive trait compared to other anomalous beasts is their malicious tactic of hiding inside carcasses of deceased animals.   They instinctively use their serrated claws to dig inside the corpse and carve out a section within to act as a hiding spot. When carved to their liking, the Organ Snapier then stuffs themselves into the opening, masking themselves with blood and guts in an attempt to camouflage themselves as an organ (even using their rigged tail as an imitation of an intestine) The Snapier will then nest and stay motionless within the corpse, which can last between four to sixteen hours, while they wait patiently for prey to approach.   When prey approaches, usually scavenging animals and beasts vastly larger than the Organ Snapier, it will use its powerful hind legs and springy tail to propel itself at the animal, usually at their face. Its serrated and painful claws allow the Snapier to hook itself into its victim, maiming them through deep cuts and bacteria-ridden bites. Most prey will be blinded and left vulnerable, allowing the Organ Snapier to freely attack and kill off the defenseless animal.   The Organ Snapier's behavior and nature are most commonly very vicious and courageous, showing striking parallels with that of honeybadgers. They rarely evade encounters and will be stubborn enough to hold their own against a full-grown grizzly.  


The Organ Snapier is a very solitary creature but will find a mate during their mating seasons in Autumn.   Males will often invade female territories and attempt to woo them with their bloodied coat, which is a badge of validation for their survivability and strength. The more vibrant and viscous the bloodied fur is, the higher chance the male Snapier will gain the female's approval for intimacy.   The mother will give birth to a litter of roughly one to eight pups. Around this time the male will then go back to its isolated lifestyle again, while the mother will care for the pups until they mature, in which she will also leave their litter to return back to her lonesome hunts.  


Often found in colder climates, The Organ Snapier tends to enjoy forest expanses that are home to large herbivores and predators. High treetops allow Snapiers to create nests in tall branches, climbing with their versatile claws. Majority of the Organ Snapier population resides in the northwest regions of the US.  
  • Missouri River Country, Montana
  • Southeast Montana, Montana
  • Missouri Plateau, North Dakota
  • Blackhills and Badlands, South Dakota
  • Missouri River, South Dakota

Hunting an Organ Snapier

Though vicious and stubborn, the Organ Snapier's biggest weakness is both their patience and pride.   Whenever approaching any carcass found in the wild, shoot directly into any exposed opening to neutralize or even spook the Snapier before it takes advantage.   Their small stature allows small-caliber bullets to be fairly effective, but will still require a few well-placed shots to their vitals for a safe and easy confirmed kill.   If an Organ Snapier ever has a grasp on you, attempt to subdue it as soon as possible before it can do any severe damage to your face, torso or any other vital areas. Squeezing them by the neck with full force will lower blood circulation to their brain and will lightly loosen their grip on you. Further asphyxiation will kill the creature as well.
"Springing at you like a steel snare, with the tenacity of a grizzly in heat, this fucking thing is the only reason I hesitate to say I enjoy this job."
- John Gilmore, Local South Dakota Trapper (Blackhills Region) 1889
2A Vermin
(Potential to be reassigned as a 3A APEX: CURRENTLY PENDING)
1'3" (40cm~)
30lb (14kg~)
Dietary Needs
Carnivorous. Red Meats and Fats
Napoleon's Cat, Belly Bears, Face Huggers


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