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Treaty of Peace Between Echodia & Asray (684)

As wars end, so too must the negotiations begin. As this war, one of the bloodiest up to this point in time, was negotiated ferociously between the two leaders of the opposing nations. At points it got so bad, that many believed a new war would soon break out yet again between the two. And as so many had already learnt, war was not good if they wished to live and prosper.   When the Echodian 5th army occupied Fandrei Castle and thus also opened the way to an advance on the Asrayian capital after months of siege, many Asrayian armies railed to retake the castle. The following resulted in a massive battle with thousands of soldiers dying for just a small almost insignificant (if not for the road linking the capital and the castle) location. With this act, finally after long years of struggle the people of both nations began demanding peace. So less then a month after this terrible battle, the first talks of true peace began in the capital of Karnel in the halls of the king himself.   The talks went back and forth for days before anyone could even come to an even remote understanding of what was going on. However, luckily for these men, the mediator of these talks, Duke Charles turned out to be incredible at his job. With his supervision, the negotiations were all but finished by the end of the week. What Duke Charles had done was something incredible, negotiated a peace that would last longer than every other treaty signed by these two powers up to the current day, a truly astounding feat.


The purpose of this document was simple, the ending of a massive war that engulfed these nations like a rising enferno. In the end most agree that it was a success as a war like what had just happened wouldn't be matched for centuries to come, a feat that is now celebrated by historians all over.

Historical Details


Before the Treaty
3 dozen years prior to this treaty a massive war began between two of the greatest rivals this world had ever seen, the Kingdom of Echodia & the Archduchy of Asray. As most rivals seem to be, these two sides were as equal as could be. Armies would fight one another and no ground would be gained despite the losses of thousands of soldiers. The only thing that truly seemed to give any side any advantage was the conquering of castles and the largest of cities. The only problem with this tactic is that as they used valuable armies and equipment to besiege a single castle of a nation that has dozens, that nations own armies could go on the offensive, which would allow for countless losses of the defending side. But as those losses continued to mount, the people of these nations that fought as well as those in other nations that were affected like Karnel, a vital side in the coming negotiations. The people were ready to rise up to stop this war, so many had already lost sons, husbands and other family members to the greed of the nobility and for a purpose they saw no gain from. This was why all these nations began their treaty that would end this war and stop this unfortunate suffering.  
After the Treaty
The news of this treaty sparked celebration across cities across Echodia and Asray, men returned home to women who though they may be widows and celebrated. However, as is the case with so many celebrations, many didn't participate. This was to be expected those who hadn't celebrated were those who lost someone or in some cases everyone they held dear. There was nothing to be done now, but at least the nobility thought, they had stopped so many others from the same fate.

Public Reaction

Across all of these nations the public reaction was more that of relieved then happy or joyful. For the war that had just engulfed these nations had almost destroyed the peoples spirit and they were just glad it was over.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
Ratification Date
Signatories (Organizations)

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Author's Notes

This was created as part of the World Ember event in 2019

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