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Ruzina Forest

North of Ansular, separating Echodia from Clueland lies one of the largest forests in the known world. There is little settlement within the forest itself and as such is one of the most dangerous areas in all of the territories of former Tennaxian controlled nations.     -Death of a King   In 9EC King Lynch I of Echodia was killed during a hunting accident. Both the king and all his entourage were killed by what is believed to be Tennaxian assassins. There was much outrage over this but due to the lack of evidence at the time nothing happened besides a warning from King Lynch II to Tennax. All that remained of King Lynch I and his men is a spiked pole with a warning... Echodia, you shall fall, this is but the first... Despite this warning nothing is believed to have occurred thus far as the result of this specific murder and many believe that this was just a warning to scare the people into chaos.


The great river of Galapagi flows through the Ruzina, it spreads all across the forest giving much water to the animals and plants of this massive forest.
Alternative Name(s)
Great North Forest (To Echodia)
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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