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Lord (Echodia)

The Lord is the ruler of one of the 10 different Lordships that make up the Kingdom of Echodia. They are one of the highest ranks in Echodian society, and the highest rank of nobility in the Kingdom. Each of the ten Lordships has its own family from which the Lord is chosen, usually in a hereditary manner - although the King has been known to get involved and choose someone else. The Lords family name takes after the Lordships name, for example Atkins Raybienshire (or Atkins of Raybienshire) is the Lord of the Lordship of Raybienshire.   The Lordships act almost like independent Kingdoms within Echodia, although they all owe loyalty to the King, who himself rules the Lordship of Greater Ansularia. The most powerful Lords are the rulers of the most powerful Lordships, namely Fasadae and Raybienshire.   The Lord's role is to control his own Lordship, while enforcing Echodian law. They are also oath-bound to send troops to the King at his command, while the Lords own subjects give their troops to him. The King also expects a portion of the Lordship's tax for use in the royal treasury.


Control of one of the 10 Lordships of Echodia.


With the beginning of the Kingdom in 0EC, King Lynch realised that the large territory of Echodia would be too large to be effectively governed by any one man. Therefore he decided to split the nation into many different parts, the very first Lordships. He would then appoint some of his most powerful and most helpful allies to the position of Lord and made them each swear an oath of loyalty to both his family in the Palace of Grafold. A practice still continued to this day, although it is now done at the Palace of Ansular.   The Lords and their families would each rule their Lordships for many years with only a few changes, which include splitting the Lordship of Lepeldeo into the Lordships of Raybienshire and Carleon, and the creation of the Lordship of Midlandia between the Lordship of Grafold and Othaelos. There were several other minor changes, but these were the primary ones.   In 514, the Lord of Fasadae at the time, Odar I, attacked the Echodian capital of Ansular. During the battle the King was killed along with the entirety of the King's Guard. This would cause the beginning of the Echodian Civil War, the most deadly conflict in Echodian history.   Many of the Lordships whom had ill feeling towards one another turned against each other, eventually forming under the Lynch and Fasadaeian families respectively. The Civil War would change the balance of power in the Kingdom for many years to come. Gerkarton for instance, began the civil war as one of the most powerful Lordships, comparable to Raybienshire and Fasadae in raw power, however due to the massive battles and frequent raids in the Lordship, as well as an incompetent leadership the Lordship would fall from its high tower. Now it is one of the weakest Lordships, if not the weakest.

Notable Holders

  • Greshan III - Current Lord of Greater Ansularia
  • Lord Atkins Raybienshire - Current Lord of Raybienshire
  • Lord Erhard Fasadae - Current Lord of Fasadae
  • Guerino Achread - Current Lord of Achread
  • Ingo Carleon - Current Lord of Carleon
  • Elmer Churacor - Current Lord of Churacor
  • Bernard Gerkarton - Current Lord of Gerkarton
  • Lando Grafold - Current Lord of Grafold
  • Sigismund Midlandia - Current Lord of Midlandia
  • Aristeo Othaelos - Current Lord of Othaelos
  • Bernard Turnien - Current Lord of Turnien
Nobility, Hereditary
The Treaty of Echodian Sovereignty
Form of Address
My Lord
Source of Authority
The King
Length of Term
Current Holders
Past Holders
Reports directly to

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