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Toy Soldier Saga Series

A fantasy space opera series of forthcoming novels, and published & forthcoming short fiction

The Toy Soldier Saga is a series of short fiction and novels set in the Toy Soldier Saga fantasy space opera universe, written by Diane Morrison and edited by James Field. Three short fiction pieces in the Saga have been previously published. Additional short fiction, plus a planned five novels in the series, are coming soon.

Short Fiction

  The Toy Soldier Saga includes the following short stories, novelettes, and novellas:
  • Survivor (Short Story): first published 2015, reprinted 2017 & 2018, performed on the Blue Funk Podcast 2020
  • Eye of the Storm (Novelette): first published 2017
  • Homefront (Novella): first published 2018
  • The Queen's Dirk (Novelette): first published 2019 *WorldAnvil Exclusive!
  • As Only a Soldier Can (Short Story): first published 2020 *WorldAnvil Exclusive!
  • Pirate Princess Thief Assassin (Short Story): release TBA


  The Toy Soldier Saga is scheduled to include the following novels:
  • A Few Good Elves: release scheduled for 2020
  • To Know Your Enemy: release TBA
  • Brothers in Arms: release TBA
  • Sable's Privateers: release TBA
  • The Mandate of Avalon (working title): release TBA

Reading Order

Publication Order

The Toy Soldier Saga was published in the following order. Please note that there may be spoilers if you do decide to read them in this order:
  1. Survivor - contains spoilers for A Few Good Elves
  2. Eye of the Storm - contains spoilers for Brothers in Arms
  3. Homefront - contains spoilers for A Few Good Elves, Brothers in Arms, Sable's Privateers
  4. The Queen's Dirk - contains minor spoilers for A Few Good Elves
  5. As Only a Soldier Can - contains spoilers for A Few Good Elves, To Know Your Enemy, Brothers in Arms

Chronological Order

A chronological reading of the Toy Soldier Saga may be more rewarding if you dislike spoilers. The author recommends the following, with cross-references pointed out in case you would like a completely chronological reading:  
  1. The Queen's Dirk - Takes place at the beginning of Part 2 in A Few Good Elves. Minor spoilers, but nothing that would wreck the plot. I think of it more like an appetizer!
  2. A Few Good Elves
  3. Survivor - Takes place at the end of Part 1 of To Know Your Enemy.
  4. To Know Your Enemy
  5. Eye of the Storm - Takes place at the end of the first chapter of Brothers in Arms.
  6. Brothers in Arms
  7. Homefront - Begins between Part 2 and Part 3 of A Few Good Elves; ends at the end of Brothers in Arms. But unless you've already done a full read-through, you won't want to read this until now because ~spoilers!~
  8. Pirate Princess Thief Assassin - Takes place sort of in the middle of Brothers in Arms, but you won't want to read it until now unless you desperately need a break in the tension.
  9. Sable's Privateers
  10. As Only a Soldier Can - Takes place near the end of Sable's Privateers.
  11. The Mandate of Avalon
  I hope you enjoy the reading!  
--Diane Morrison

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Machinima Book Trailers

When the Toy Soldier Saga was still a fan-fiction project, Diane Morrison made some machinima book trailers to help her get a sense of the progression of the series. See Toy Soldier Saga Book Trailers or the individual articles for each of the main novels.  

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"Shaundar Sunfall is in a foreign place pretending to be someone he is not. Yet as he gets closer to his "pretend" wife he realizes he has feelings for a woman he is not supposed to care for. This was an interesting story and I wasn't sure exactly what was going on at the beginning and I almost felt as though it belonged within a greater story. I liked the chemistry between the two and I am curious to see what happens with Shaundar's mission."
— Rebecca A.
"Eye of the Storm by Diane Morrison stood out for me. I liked the elf/orc dynamic."
— TL Clark, author
"Amongst my favorites were the story by Diane Morrison (man oh man, I wished that were a full-length novel -- I'd buy it without hesitation!)"
— Amazon Customer


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