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The Grandmother's Secret Warning

What do you do when you speak a prophecy that no one wants to hear?

As seen in To Know Your Enemy

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  It is little known among the public of the Fomorian Empire that one of the duties of the Grandmother of the Sisterhood of the Den Mother is to serve as an oracle. She seeks visions and speaks prophecy each month at the Dark of the Moon, and her attendants and the senior Priestesses record these visions as best as they are able. Since they lack the crystal recording arcanology of the Elves, this is usually accomplished by written descriptions, with the Priestesses comparing notes on their version of events after the vision is given.   This is, however, known to the Balorian Clan Leaders. Some regularly seek the Grandmother's wisdom, while others have little regard for the Priestesses and their prophecies.   When Bres Bloodaxe became the Zabû'Kaârr (High Chief) of the Empire, he broke with tradition, and did not specifically request that the Grandmother seek a vision to guide his reign. This was likely due to the long-running tensions between the Bloodaxe clan and the Sisterhood, and political analysts believe this choice was a conscious effort to attack the Sisterhood's power base among the other Clan Leaders.   Fearing the power of House Bloodaxe, or being concerned with offending the House's honour, none of the other Clan Chiefs came to the Grandmother either, to ask her what she had foreseen.   Except One
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  But the Grandmother sought a vision anyway, and the vision was dire. However, she was hardly in a position to say anything about it. Not only was the long-awaited announcement of war with the elves extremely popular, but High Chief Bloodaxe had essentially defanged her by choosing not to consult her. Anything negative she said about his reign would be interpreted as sour grapes.   So instead, the Grandmother began laying in provisions for the end of the war, waiting for opportunities to speak quietly to people who would not be swayed by the political situation among the high clans of the Balorians. She spoke in confidence to the Priestesses of the Clans as the war waged on and opportunities emerged. The first group she spoke to, however, was the Sparkling Sky Cartel.   The Sparkling Sky Cartel worked with the Sisterhood to acquire and ship victuals and supplies to the worlds that the Grandmother said would remain out of elven hands. This operation took place in secret, over many years, and was not without its costs. Ultimately, however, the Fomorians did not fare as poorly as they might have otherwise, thanks to these efforts to prepare for the worst.   Forever after, this series of prophecies was known as the Grandmother's Secret Warning.


There were three visions over the years that led the Grandmother to her conclusion that Bres Bloodaxe's reign would end in disaster, the war would be lost, and hope would only come through an unexpected source. Here are the relevant visions, as recorded by the Sisterhood:  

Vernal Equinox, Year 348 from the Founding

11 Rose Moon, 5039 Avalonian Calendar
On the Ascension of Bres Bloodaxe
"Our new High Chief captures three tiger cubs. The cubs are kept in a cage... they are forced to carry things back and forth in the cage. But he is starving the tiger cubs... they get thinner and thinner, their skin hangs off of them... It is an awful sight!... They grow up. They have escaped the cage! Two of them look behind them and growl as they run... Now one has come back. He is not so thin anymore... his body ripples with muscle. He dons the skin of a goat, and pretends to graze. He waits. The High Chief knows there is trouble, but he can't see the tiger in the goat skin... Hak! The tiger rips the High Chief's face off! The High Chief falls! The tiger tears his belly open, and leaves him to die on an offal pile."

Vernal Equinox, Year 350 from the Founding

3 Rose Moon, 5040 Avalonian Calendar
On the Declaration of the Second Interstellar War (IW2)
"I see blood, death, and fire... suffering and glory... There is fighting, fighting for years... Back and forth, back and forth, through the wormholes, through the Void... Two shining moons wane. A tiny black hole crashes into one moon, and it is torn to pieces! The pieces fall upon the other moon and blast it to ruin! All is lost... But wait. WAIT. The ruins of both worlds come together. They shift and melt and change... the new world cools. It is part one moon, and part the other... at last, there is peace, and the new world is lush and green and alive. All is well... but at what cost, what cost... (weeping)"

1st of Sixth-Month, Year 361 from the Founding

25 Harvest Moon, 5052 Avalonian Calendar
On the Question of Whether Elatha Should Be Evacuated
"Our world is a barren ruin... it is cratered and smoking, and those who remain live under famine and whips... Weeds poke their way out of the ruins, and blood spreads around their roots... Thousands of ships take to the stars. An orc cuts the scar on his hand with a silver knife, the scar of the na'kórr... Across the stars, his na'kórr hears his call... He comes! His face is shrouded in shadow, but he comes... The one who calls takes up the High Chief's Spear... the one who answers takes up the Iron Axe... They kill the ones who wield the whips. They liberate our world."
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Date of First Recording
1st of First-Month, Year 348 from the Founding



Tiger Growling by TeeFarm

The Grandmother's First Vision: The Tigers


Colliding Worlds by Geralt

The Grandmother's Second Vision: Colliding Worlds

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Clan Bloodfist

The Grandmother's Third Vision: The Blood Brothers

Cover image: The Grandmother's Vision by Julius H
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