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Sugar, Cane

Cane sugar is a popular sweetener and preservative among spacefarers. It grows well in tropical climes, with an average annual temperature of at least 75 F (24 C), with lots of sunshine and water, as it requires plenty of both. It grows year round though it is best harvested in cooler temperatures, and does not store for any great length of time. The sugar type is Sucrose. A fully grown stalk grows to as high as 15 feet (5m) and can be 2 inches (5cm) in diameter and has 1 hp per inch of thickness.


Sugar is of incredible importance to ALL races. It is the fuel we run on and powers our very thought processes. Without sugar, our brains die instantly.
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Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Sugar is a grass and thus fairly common in the tropics, it keeps for a very long time and is, itself, a preservative, and thus can be found as an export in most sentient's cities.
1 lb / 500g
6x6x2in / 15x15x5cm
Base Price
2 cp
Sugar Cane is harvested with scythes or machetes.


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