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Space Goats

Written by Rowean

Space goats are an unusual breed of goat, with multiple sets of horns and eyes. Commonly kept and bred by Gnomes, they seem to be especially suited to the Void, because they are able to eat almost anything.  


It is said that space goats that are regularly fed the meat of sapient species become unnaturally intelligent and mean. It is also said that space goats that eat metal on a regular basis have tougher horns that do more damage and are harder to damage. Stories have it that space goats tamed themselves and came from a asteroid so long ago that there is no known date for this.   Space goats and giant guinea pigs are bad luck to have on the same ship or in the same village or town. It is said that the two are deadly enemies and have destroyed villages and ships when in proximity. Gnomes always are super careful to keep them well clear of each other disaster has always happened if they are in proximity(not always as a result of the two animals physically conflicting). There are a number of cautionary tales on the topic.   Black and white space goats are legendary creatures, No one alive has ever seen one. Legend has it the first space goats were a solo pair -- one white, one black -- and that all other space goats are descended from them.   The white ones have a metallic sheen to their coats that make them look silver. They are supposed to be particularly good-tempered and are very difficult to train to war. Stories claim that the milk from one is supposed to be particularly good for the sick and injured and aid in healing.   The black ones are said to have a iridescent oily look to them. They are supposed to have a violent disposition and take well to war mount training. Stories claim that they are partial to meat more then other things and can be difficult to handle. Legends have it that milk from one can make poisons more deadly when mixed with them.

Basic Information


Space goats have two distinct features: four eyes, which give them wider peripheral vision than most mammals, and four horns. They display a literal rainbow of hair colours in the species, but their eyes are always a bright scarlet red.   One set of horns curves up and back. These are used by their gnomish riders for steering and sometimes have metal caps with handles to facilitate this. The front ones are razor sharp and sometimes given metal reinforcement like horn caps of sharpness for battle purposes. Baby space goats are exceptionally cute. Does generally only get about 3 feet high where bucks can get as large as four.   Space goats are very densely muscled and have strong bones for their size, so they are frequently heavier then one might expect them to be. They can leap extraordinary distances, both horizontally and vertically, and have superb balancing abilities. They have been known to climb what appear to be sheer walls. Like regular goats, they have cloven hooves that need regular trimming if they are not traversing rough and rocky surfaces.

Biological Traits

Space goats have litters of up to four babies at once and a udder like a cow.   Their horns never stop growing. The longer the horns, the older the space goat. No one as of yet has encountered one that has died of natural causes.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Space goats are calorie efficient and as a result, exhibit high amounts of energy. They seldom walk, and often dance or run everywhere. Space goats are also omnivorous. They have cast iron stomachs and are able to eat practically everything. Some claim that what they have been eating affects the flavor of their milk and meat.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Space goats are domesticated by the Gnome s for a variety of reasons, including meat, hides, and milk. They are raised as riding or draft animals for pulling carts and plowing fields. Gnomish cultures also take advantage of their seemingly limitless energy for the powering of Gnomish devices, from mills to paddlewheelers.   Space goat manure not very fertile, because they squeeze every last bit of nutrients out of what they eat. However it is popular as a additive to wattle and daub mixtures for construction due to its high fiber content.   Buck space goats are popular war mounts favored by Gnomish cavalry, and have been used in space boarding actions for their strength and agility. It is said some nefarious sorts keep them to dispose of the bodies of their enemies too.   Ships that carry them on board are known to have less rat problems than others. It is believed that any rats that stray into the goat pens are eaten by the goats.   Occasionally as a form of warfare gnomes have been known to drop large herds of space goats in the vicinity of their enemies' settlements, where they proceed to eat everything, and menace the local population should they try to eliminate them. They can be very dangerous as they will fight together as a herd and are extremely smart.
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Scientific Name
Capra Aegagrus Astra
Geographic Distribution


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