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Na'Hiith, or "Bloodhaven," is a large Orc tribal nation on the world of Caer'Thun. They were the only non-spacefaring culture to enter into The Solstice Pact. Their impetus to enter the First Interstellar War was increased pressure by the local elves of Caer'Thun, who are an advanced spacefaring culture. The activities of the Caer'Thunian elven armed forces, especially the forces of Sol'Tohvassneris, extended to limiting Na'Hiith's nautical trade and travel -- the lifeblood of their island nation -- and a few rogue officers taking pot-shots at them from above.   Weary of harassment, Bloodhaven declared war on Sol'Tohvassneris , and then trouble began in earnest. The Caer'Thunian elves assumed that Na'Hiith was in alliance with the enemy combatants, and began to treat them that way.   The enterprising and innovative orcs contrived to ambush a small flotilla of Avalonian ships, which they boarded and captured. Figuring out how to fly their prizes was how they first encountered the spacefaring Fomorian forces fighting the Avalonians in their system.   The crafty Zabû'Kaârr (Great Chief) of the Bloodhavens, Faroth Bloodhaven, quickly saw the potential, and entered into negotiations with the Draconian orcs of Zjòrrmnóstà who had pressed the Avalonians in their system. He offered safe harbour, personal weapons, victuals, and the use of his shipyards to the members of The Solstice Pact, and the use of his ground, naval, and marine forces against the Caer'Thunian elves -- along with the opportunity to study the Avalonian ships they had acquired -- in return for a place at their War Council.   The Bloodhavens were initially regarded by members of the Pact as primitive dirtsiders, but they soon proved themselves to be valuable members of the Pact when their shipyards quickly adapted to starfaring ships, and even came up with unique innovations in armouring and weaponry that improved the Pact's warfighting capabilities.   Na'Hiith came out of the war in a relatively good position. Not being accustomed to starfaring, and only possessing a few starfaring ships anyway, the terms of the treaty didn't hit them as hard. Bloodhaven went back to its traditional ways, and for the most part, the elves of Caer'Thun learned to leave them alone.  
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ᚺᚨᚱᚨᚲ ᚹᚨ ᚾᚨ'ᚲᛟᛨᛁᚲ Harak Wa Na'kórrik "Honour and Fraternity"

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