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Katerina Jade

A hooker with a heart of gold

Katerina Jade (a.k.a. Kat) (she/her)

Content Warning: Mention of Prostitution
  Katerina Jade is the owner of The Plucky Jade, an unusual ship that is known for providing, as they say, "every pleasure known in space." She is a resourceful and multi-talented woman, who looks after her staff with an almost maternal love, and who is very popular in any port she chooses to call in due to her generosity, especially to the poor.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kat is in excellent health, and good physical shape

Body Features

Kat is curvy, and dresses to enhance those features. Her hair is long and curly, and she pins it out of her way, but tries to leave part of it down so that it flows. Her skin has a light golden tinge. She sways her hips when she walks.

Facial Features

Kat has sharp features that might give her a severe appearance, were it not for her generous mouth and full lips. She smiles easily, and the smile is infectious.

Identifying Characteristics

Kat has a sailor's celestial compass tattoo over her heart, and a heart tattooed on her ankle

Physical quirks

Kat is constantly fidgeting with her hair to keep it out of her face.

Apparel & Accessories

Loose, low-cut silk blouse, tight pants, sash, knives, pistol, fine gowns, tavern dresses, bustier, poison ring, boot knife, high boots, high-heeled boots

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Katerina sold herself into slavery as a "starfarer's companion" as a very young woman so that she could get off of the storm-tossed rock she was born on. She had a head for numbers, and in addition to her savings, she was able to pick up some extra money here and there from doing books for her ship, and for other less-than-above-board clients -- along with her considerable gambling winnings. While no one can prove that she cheats, her odds are considerably better than average.   Eventually she bought out her contract, and continued to work as a Purser (and, often, a prostitute as well) in an attempt to accrue enough savings to establish herself. And of course, she also continued to gamble.   She won The Plucky Jade in a card game from dwarven astronomer brothers Aurin and Thorvari Rubyfinder. She immediately converted it into a flying cathouse, and hired "companions" from a variety of genders and species, and taught them to provide a quality experience, as well as turn a trick.   The Plucky Jade continues to make a good living in her travels. In ports where their sort of trade is not welcome, the staff continues to provide joy, in the form of children's parties. While their clients tend to the very well-to-do, they use their considerable profits to help the poor anywhere they go, from financing orphanages, to paying the fines of debtors, to simply providing food to the hungry.

Intellectual Characteristics

Clever, shrewd, savvy, manipulative, friendly

Morality & Philosophy

Kat believes that laws mostly exist to protect the powerful. While she will try to go along to get along where possible, she will not hesitate to do things below-board when she feels it's necessary. She would rather manipulate someone into giving her what she wants and thinking it was their idea, than to confront them directly. She is not the most apt combatant, but she is not an amateur either.

Personality Characteristics


To make money for herself, and to help those who are poor and struggling

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Kat has a talent for gambling and seems to be blessed with extraordinary luck. People who betray her seem to find the Fates turned against them.

Likes & Dislikes

Rich food, fine fabrics, smooth skin, cream and strawberries, quality perfumes, make-up, dancing

Vices & Personality flaws

Kat tries to avoid addictions, knowing she has an addictive personality, but she perhaps likes gambling a little too much. She becomes enraged when disrespected, and may serve a cold dish of revenge in the future. She will also hunt anyone who harms the people under her care to the ends of space.

Personality Quirks

An infectious, radiant laugh


Kat is always primped and perfumed, and keeps herself as clean as conditions allow. Even "disarray" is carefully calculated (like a "carelessly tossed strand of hair," or "slightly rumpled bedclothes.")


Religious Views

Kat is about as far from religious as a person can get. She is, however, superstitious, and she wears a gold cross as a "compass charm," to avoid getting lost.

Social Aptitude

Extremely charismatic and flirtatious. Friendly and generous. Can retreat into a maternal protectiveness, especially when "her people" or children are concerned.


Uses her hands when she talks in languid, exaggerated gestures. May touch people frequently in casual, flirty or affectionate ways, if they seem open to it.


Nothing Kat says is careless. She has the hint of a lower-class accent, which she has worked very hard to correct.

Wealth & Financial state

Kat's work and savvy has stood her in good stead. She has amassed a considerable hoard of wealth, despite her altruism. She used to keep it all stored in a chest beneath her bed, and she does still keep about 5000*N there in jewels and coins, just in case, along with a few minor magical items, mostly wonderous items. However, most of her savings are banked with the Avalonian Navy. There are three secret hoards like the chest under her bed scattered in various chests buried on obscure rocks.
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Chaotic Good
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Biological Sex
Kat is about as pansexual as the term can mean. She is attracted to people of most humanoid starfaring species and of any gender.
Gender Identity
Kat is cisgender female
Light blue
Mahogany red (possibly dyed)
Skin Tone
5'6" / 1.67 m
135 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Thanks, sugar."
Known Languages
Celtic, Elfin, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Goblin, Gnomish, Anduran
The Plucky Jade
Vehicle | Apr 23, 2021

The Plucky Jade is a starfaring cathouse. The crew travels from system to system and port to port, offering a variety of entertainments.


Katerina Jade appears in:

Airts and Anchors
Plot | May 14, 2021

A Pathfinder 1e one-shot adventure for unaligned characters in the Toy Soldier Saga universe

Cover image: Space Ship by Linnaea Mallette
Character Portrait image: Katerina Jade by DeeDee


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Oof. This one suffers a bit from header-itis. I assume this is a work in progress? Because it could use some consolidation in headers, to make it less of an onslaught of headers.   I like the character, however. She feels like a stereotypical hooker-mom who is badass, but with several interesting quirks and twists. A typical red-herring of a character trope. I like it ^^

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I love the sound of her, and I love that her backstory isn't all like 'woe is me' but that she's much more of a self-made woman. The amount of languages she knows is impressive, too! :D

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