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Hrurk-Thronr was a large troll/ogre nation from Nardak. They were one of the Quadrangle (the most significant powers) in The Solstice Pact . The last of the Quadrangle to join the Pact, they entered into the First Interstellar War (IW1) a couple of years into the conflict, mostly because Avalonian forces began to harass their ships when they offered safe harbour to the other Fomorian powers.   Hrurk-Thronr was once two independent nations that warred constantly against one another. In a novel attempt to end the conflict in order to take on the giantish tribes that harried them both, the Zabû'Kĕgh (High Chief) of Hrurk and the Erco'Za (Peace Leader) of Thronr agreed to share power and unite their peoples. However, the two nations never truly united, and mostly remained ethnically and culturally separated.   The Nardak System was left relatively intact after the First Interstellar War, and Fomorian forces fled there in light of their disastrous defeat. Hrurk-Thronr was later conquered by the Balorians and recruited into the Fomorian Empire. Thus they were also belligerents in the Second Interstellar War (IW2), this time as a lesser power involved in the conflict.  
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Brawn and Brains

Founding Date
21 Corn Moon, 4401 AC
5th of Second-Month, Year -297 Before the Founding
Geopolitical, Stratocracy
Hrurkan and Thronir

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