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Empire of Grunrras

Grunrras was a Fomorian empire in the Solstice System. It consisted of several Fomorian client-states throughout the system, and with a few colonies and client states in the Isa System and the Simian System. It was ruled by the Clan Bloodfist for hundreds of years, but was completely broken up and scattered at the end of the First Interstellar War (IW1), under the terms of Treaty of Solstice.  

Client states of Grunrras:

Flag Nation Species System

Fangsteinn Troll Isa

Gabvchignbvé Orc Simia

Horneldr-sek Troll Solstice

Kakostribos Minotaur Simia

Kanem Human Isa

Krastyo Goblin Solstice

Tagh Gragh Ogre Solstice

Takaland Giant Simia

Uru’ul Ogre (Oni) Solstice

Zlatan Goblin Solstice
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Geopolitical, Kingdom

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