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Áststeinn was a large giantish spacefaring kingdom on Isa, ruled by a long line of raider-kings. They got involved in The Solstice Pact, not necessarily out of any real sense of Fomorian loyalty, but because the restrictions imposed upon their travel (and raiding) by increasingly militant elves of the Avalonian Imperial Navy resulted in what was effectively a blockade in all but name. Driven to financial hardship and the threat of civil war by the activities of the elves, Thorfir Irongull, King and Hersir, was empowered by the Council of Jarls to throw their combined might behind the Fomorian powers to try to break up the Avalonian Forces.   While individually formidable, the raider ships lacked organization and numbers. They were devastated early in the war by a dedicated onslaught from the Avalonian Imperial Navy. Before the war's end, most of their starfaring fleet had been destroyed. In the Treaty of Solstice, those who remained on Isa had their ships broken up, and their spindizzies confiscated.   A handful of ships and their crews escaped with their ships to make new homes on Nardak, and were eventually absorbed into the Fomorian Empire.  
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