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Welfs are wolf-like creatures that reside in the Elven Forest. They are seemingly canines, however this is a trick the Welfs use to lull people into a false sense of security.  


Welfs have black fur that is tipped in blue. The blue of their fur glows, often revealing a Welf's location in the dark. Their eyes, the same hue, have the same glowing property to help them decipher their way in the pitch black of night.   Its paws can feel the ground beneath it and can spring the Welf into the air if it so desires.  

The Mouth

They have a mouth at the front of their face, where most canines would. It has sharp teeth that can tear through even the trees around them, and a small dog-like tongue. The only problem with this mouth is the simple fact that it is not real.   Rather, it is not the primary mouth of the Welf.   The true, main mouth of a Welf is the strange saddle on its back. It has this to trick people into riding atop it. Those that do will find these to be lips, which open up to a new mouth that begins to swallow them. It has teeth as sharp as a newly smithed blade and a tongue that can elongate great distances, which it wraps its prey in as it eats them.  


Welfs have an innate ability, similar to the Stemine that it shares its habitat with, to teleport. Many say the Stemine and the Welf, both made by Selene, were made to be of one similar family, simply making a Welf the animal version of a Stemine and a Stemine the flower of a Welf. There is no clear evidence for this, and it is pure speculation.   Welfs can teleport seemingly anywhere they are aware of. This means somewhere they have seen before, been to before, or can see now.   This is a defense mechanism. Whenever they are in danger, they will teleport either far away form danger or into a more advantageous position to deal with the danger. This makes it nearly impossible to attack a Welf, as it will teleport away before it can be hit.
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The Elven Forest

At the center of the continent of Elone, one can find the Elven Forest, a thick wood that few can navigate.   It is a magical forest that seems to grow its trees back on its own, filled with droves of unique flora and fauna found only in its limits, such as the Welf or the Stemine.   It is also populated, of course, by Elves. The Gilded City of Camor sits towards the north of the forest. Welfs sometimes roam outside of this forest, but most remain in its confines.


Welfs are predators who exclusively eat meat. They hunt creatures in the Elven Forest, particularly known to eat birds that land on their backs or in nearby trees. Monkeys that climb in the trees are also prone to be meals of the Welfs.   Their preferred prey, however, are people. They pretend to be tamed creatures and approach people. Those foolish enough to ride atop a Welf are generally met with the worst fate imaginable, as their supposed pet opens its mouth and tears them apart with its fierce teeth. It loves the taste, seemingly being satiated by mortal meat for days after its meal.  

The Moon

Welfs howl at the moon every night. Scholars believe it is because they long for their creator, the Goddess of the Moon Selene. Others say it is some primal feeling they share, a desire to be somewhere beyond where they are in the Elven Forest. The final reasoning given is due to Selene's other domain as the Goddess of Love. Some say that Welfs are inherently hopeless romantics who long for the love of other Welfs, but their solitary nature and teleporting defense mechanisms often leave them alone.

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