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The Vault

Helle's Heaven, the Vault, is a rich realm where the dead who worship the Goddess of Greed and Envy may find themselves.  

Areas of the Vault

The Vault is, like all Heavens, a fairly expansive planet. Due to Helle's envy, it is said that the Vault is one of the largest Heavenly Realms, and therefore one of the largest planets in the galaxy.  

The Unbreakable Door

One who enters the Vault finds themselves before what is called the "Unbreakable Door." It is a vault door with 57 different locks. It is said that for one to solve even a single lock on the vault door takes the smartest of minds a thousand years.  
"The huddled masses, clumped in a pile of the great treasure of the immortal spirit, claw at the metal door, begging for entrance. Begging for forgiveness.   But the forgiveness they sought was unattainable. Life and freedom stood behind them, on the shores and by the rivers, but they imprisoned themselves by that door. It was no one's fault but their own."
— The Realms Above
There are many souls who are not allowed into the vault itself. Therefore, one will find hordes of souls clawing at the vault, trying to get into Helle's Heaven. However, what they are unaware of is that Helle only lets in those she truly believes deserve a place with her, and those not allowed in are already at their final resting place in Heaven: the Unbreakable Door itself.   Around the Unbreakable Door are the river banks, where rivers of gold flow with money on the shores that seem to be made of sand, but is in fact a powder made from multiple metals and alloys mixed together to create a diverse, metallic sandy beach. Even these beaches are considered a great paradise, and some are content here. However, others whose greed extends beyond this wish for the treasures found deeper within the Vault.

The Expendable Vault

The Expendable Vault is a vault where less important trinkets are kept. No souls are left here except for those who choose this is enough for them. Those that do not seek any mortal possessions other than personal memorabilia.  
Helle considers these souls, then, to be of less value. While they have greed, that greed does not extend to the levels of Heaven itself. It is still firmly rooted in the lands of mortals, and therefore will stay in the immortal mortality of the Expendable Vault.   An important thing to note of the Vault and its many layers is where the treasure comes from. For when a mortal dies and goes to the Vault, their most treasured belongings will go with them to the Vault, becoming Helle's. She claims to share these with those in her Heaven, but this can be explained by the quote beside this.
"The souls held within the Vault, in all of its various areas, are treasures in and of themselves. They belong to Helle just as much as their belongings do, and Helle treasures them above all else. After all, there is no greater force than the immortal soul."
— The Realms Above

The Warrior's Vault

In this vault, warrior souls are sent to stay. The greatest soldiers from the Draconian Villages who end up in the Vault go here.
"Gazing upon the soldiers made of metal, one can see the face of every great warrior who has walked Totania.   It shows both the excess of metal Helle has, and the fact that she values valor enough to reward it even with no worship in return."
— The Realms Above
Alongside their treasured possessions of battle like armor and weapons, this vault is special for an ever growing army that is found within it. Not just of souls, but of metal.   An army of metal statues lines the Warrior's Vault in formation. Each one is carved in the metal of the weapon used by the warrior, and each one is carved to look like a great warrior from Totania. This is not limited solely to those that worship Helle either. Instead, it is a chronicle of all fighters who have walked the planet. Each one carved with care, with the individual features to make sure their honor stands out.
Helle by Jarhed


The Dragon Goddess of Greed, Helle is the Goddess of Greed, Envy, Improvement, Draconians, and Metallic Dragons. It is said that all mortal greed is a manifestation of Helle's desire, and that all treasures will one day end up in her grasp. It is said that all Envy is from those who cannot live up to Helle herself, and so find themselves envious instead of those around them.   Others insist that these are normal emotions, not brought about by a Goddess, but capitalized on by one. That those who feel these are exploited for Helle's own gain. Whatever it is, there are few who could ever call themselves as greedy or as envious as the Dragon Goddess.   Those whose greed, envy, or worship of Helle is strong will find themselves at her side in the end, as long as they are not a Grand Wizard, as those that hold that title are cursed to go to Hell after death.   Helle is said to have major sway in Hell and, aside from Grand Wizards, any other followers of her can be brought to the Vault to be with her if they so please.

Invidian Angels

Invidian Angels are the Angels of Helle who guard the treasures and souls of the Vault. They are the particularly envious individuals, those who continued on a path of self-improvement to become better than others to the point that they truly gained the position as a higher being.   Some may also be greedy, those that sought high positions out of greed rather than envy.   Helle promotes her followers who fit into one of these two categories into potential angels, and through self-improvement in the name of greed or envy, they can truly earn their place as Invidian Angels.   Many see Invidian Angels as the peak of beauty only rivaled by the angels of Mayowa. They are meant to cause envy in those that sea them and be seen as an ideal to live up to, and this is often what they are seen as. Due to this, many Invidian Angels do visit Totania on occasion to show off their beauty.

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This army of metal soldier statues is called the "Terror Dragon Army." Many consider it the greatest of honors for a warrior to be represented here as one of Helle's treasures, while others fear that there are reasons beyond honor as to why she built it. It is also an honor to have ones soul go here, but again it terrifies many people to think of why Helle treasures warriors. Still, anyone trying to sneak into the Vault will likely not make it past this area.  
Ilrish Escys by Jarhed
This is the first area of the Vault to have one of Helle's major angels guarding it. Her angel, Ilrish Escys, is her greatest warrior. She values honor and often runs training drills or mock battles for the souls within this vault. Intruders who face off against Ilrish Escys are unlikely to make it out of the battle alive.  

The Secret Vault

It is said that somewhere deep within the Military Vault, there is a hidden elevator that can lower someone down into a secret area. In this area, with no other entrances, are the secrets that the souls of the Vault took to the grave. Secret recipes, political or military secrets, even personal secrets like hidden affairs are written down in this vault. There are no souls here, but there is another angel. Their name and look, however, is another secret that no one knows.  

The Knox Vault

The Knox Vault is what many think of when they hear of the Vault. It is filled with gold and the greatest of all treasures ever known. Anything of great value, like metal, gems, and other precious materials are brought into the Knox Vault.   Of course, it should be noted that all of these precious natural resources and other precious items brought into the Vault are not taken from Totania. They are moreso the souls of these things, as they are the souls and not the bodies of the people who died to go there. Therefore, they are copies, not the original items themselves.  
Neardrin Valrann by Jarhed
The Knox Vault is said to be the greatest place for those whose greed knows no bounds. When greed is at its highest in mortals, this is where their spirit would go if they followed Helle. To a place where all treasure is stored. It is said that only then, when in the Knox Vault, can greed finally be sated.   The Knox Vault is guarded and watched over by another high ranking angel of Helle: Neardrin Valrann. Neardrin is said to have once been a mortal who amassed a great wealth, but was slain by greedy neighbors who divvied up her money and possessions after death. Still, she brought with her this wealth into the Knox Vault, and her greed ultimately landed her the position as its guard.   Neardrin Valrann apparently even has a Dragon to help her guard the Knox Vault, and she will keep track of every single treasure. If even a single piece is moved too far away, she will find who took it and ensure they know that they must bring it back. If they disobey, they may end up thrown outside of the Unbreakable Vault.  

The Heavenly Vault

Many do not believe there is actually a vault beyond the Knox Vault. One that is more protected, more sacred, than the Knox Vault or any other vault within Helle's Heaven. However, there is one more. One with the greatest treasure Helle could possibly have: herself and those who devote themselves solely to her. Her Head Priests, Archpriests, and Champions reside in this vault with Helle herself.
This is a place not of Greed, but of Envy, the secondary domain of Helle. This is where the most envious of all people, whose envy grew to the point that they preached it, stay.   The floor, then, is mirrors so that this envy may be quelled, that they may view themselves and see their glory. So that they may see that no one is greater than those who have made it to the Heavenly Vault.   It is its own town, where the souls may live in peace. All resources, food, shelter, etc are provided by Helle herself, and at the very center of town is her throne. An elaborate throne as described in the quote on the right.   If one who is not a Priest or Champion of Helle makes it here after death, it is due to extraneous circumstances that led to Helle wanting them there. She does seek out some souls to live alongside her. If one were to infiltrate here and attempt to do anything, the Head Priests or Champions would fairly quickly deal with them before they made any trouble.   After all, this is their Heaven, and for anyone else to experience it is enough for their envy and greed to kick into high gear. After all, the most envious of people are quite protective of what is theirs, especially when greed is mixed in.
"Helle's Throne is the most grand decoration I have ever had the privilege to lay my eyes on. Gold and marble accents with Dragons on either side. At the bottom, the Dragons kneel to her, but as it goes up, the Dragons carved into the throne begin to stand, then taking off, as if they are holding the very throne up.   The ground is made of mirrors which stare up at the residents. When they wish to do so, the residents can turn the mirrors into screens to watch the realms below. But aside from then, they can stand to Envy not others, but themselves for reaching the greatest of all the Heavens. The Heavenly Vault of Lady Helle."
— The Realms Above

Cultural Impact

The Vault was toured for the book known as "The Realms Above" written by a female Halfling named Trav Lor. Helle let Trav in for the tour on a simple condition: Trav Lor was only allowed to bring a book and a quill pen. When Trav left after writing of her journey, she was to leave the quill pen in the Heavenly Vault to stay as one of Helle's greatest treasures. The pen that wrote of her glory.   Trav Lor, then, helped to bring the ideas of the Vault to pop culture in Totania. One particular phrase that stuck is that a location that is well guarded is said to be "Like the Knox Vault." Another popular idea that stuck is the Secret Vault, wich Trav did not confirm the existence of. Many joke of what could really be in there, be it the secret recipe for their grandmother's food or the location of a meme-like object like the Bag of Infinite Beans.   Aside from jokes and phrases, the imagery of vaults filled with gold like the Knox Vault or the Terror Dragon Army lying in wait for some great threat as a symbol of the honor of the days gone by have evoked many to bring them into other pieces of media made on Totania. There are even some who try, in vain, to replicate these kinds of things.

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