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Scales of Love

Scales of Love is a franchise of Animal Shelters that began around Draconian territory in the village of Dembar, but with a larger location in the capital city, Zephys. The Zephys location, as the central location, is the focus of this article.  

The Shelter

Scales of Love was an endeavor that Sorith Kokira Tilrak started after three years of living in the Beastmaster village of Dembar. Its main goal is to gather animals in a safe place and give them love so that they may find a safe home, either with Sorith or with new owners.
Sorith Tilrak by DragonboiNalrik


Scales of Love is named off of the love Sorith wishes to show to all animals. While she has fewer scaley creatures than she does furry ones, that doesn't change the namesake.   After all, she is a Draconian, and thus the scales in the name are her scales.   Sorith intends to foster love for animals, and thus she moved the main location to Zephys, keeping the initial location in Dembar. Dembar already had a love for animals, but hopefully with her help, Zephys could love them too.  


rior to moving, Sorith Kokira Tilrak was a Bortanni warrior. However, she did not want to participate in the war that was brewing, wanting to be peaceful.   After taming her first three animals (Snuggles the Cat, Portal the Welf, and Dusty the Mole) she started up a shelter to bring together more and find them a nice home.   The Dembar location was surrounded by Beastmasters, as Dembar's specialization is in Beastmastery, and the village is located in a place where one can find many animals. The difficult was not in finding animals, but instead getting them to Dembar safely without taming all of them. Sorith could give them love and a place to belong, and she could give some of them a home forever with her, but the shelter was also for others. If all the animals were hers, there would be none for anyone else.   Still, the animals did need to be tamed. She couldn't have wild animals running around when children came in to get their first pets, or elders came for a companion. She domesticated them, but kept a slight distance.
Scales of Love by Jarhed

Animals at the Shelter

There are many animals at the shelter, particularly the one in Zephys. Below is a list of all known animals at Scales of Love, Zephys. Names crossed out are dead or have been adopted by others.
  • Snuggles- Cat
  • Portal- Welf
  • Dusty- Mole
  • Tally- Falcon
  • Spots- Leopard
  • Lox- Fox
  • Porkchop- Bendir Lizard
  • Spidey- Spider Monkey
  • Rova- Red Panda
There are more animals here, but these are the ones Sorith brings around most to other places.   Founding Date
Animal Shelter
Sorith Tilrak
Sorith gathered more and more animals, and eventually found that many Beastmasters around Dembar were willing to help out and give loving homes to the animals. In particular, Sorith grew friendly with Imkek Suzys, a Beastmaster who specialized in small animals like her partner pet, a squirrel named Nuts.
Imkek Suzys by Jarhed
  When Sorith married 69th Grand Wizard Ardar Tilrak and moved to Zephys, she left the Dembar location to Imkek and founded a new location where she was now living. Now, the two run the locations, and Imkek even suggests they try to expand further.  



Scales of Love's Zephys location is a large warehouse in Lower Zephys by the port. Here, the shelter can receive animals that come into the city by ship, but can also receive animals that come by land.   The building itself is made of wood, shaped like a standard dog house. It even has the name "Scales of Love" painted on it with a little paw where the O is in the word "Love."   The path leading into Scales of Love is a dirt path to make the animals from the wild feel more at home.  


Within the shelter, one can find many different habitats for the various animals. Underwater areas for fish and aquatic animals, places for dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, horses, and then other specialty areas for stranger, more exotic creatures that one is less likely to find around the more common regions of Draconian territory. This also includes magical creatures like Welfs, Onkers, and Bendir Lizards.   Also inside is an office where one goes to sign paperwork. It is decorated with motivational posters that have paintings of animals on them, such as one of an Onker that says "Keep your flame burning" or one of a baby Dragon that says "When your wings are ready, don't be afraid to fly." There is a rug at the center of the room that is in the shape of a paw, and the desk has scratches from Sorith's cat, Snuggles that stays in there.   This also means that Snuggles has a little bed inside of the room, as he is the pet that is always inside. Sorith's other main pets are sometimes within, sometimes in other rooms, or sometimes in her home with her husband. However, if she is at Scales of Love, Snuggles is there too.

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