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Sainter is a Korvian figure famous around the world for his gift giving and relation to the holidays of Avos and Thanksgiving.  

The Mythical Origin

Sainter was alive long before Korvian Abilities existed, but it was said that Sainter had one named Let it Snow. While no concrete stories of how this was possible exist, there is a great myth told on Avos about Sainter:   It is said that Sainter comes from a future that never came to pass. He was born in the Korvian City in an unknown year and despite growing fast as all Korvians do, he kept a childlike wonder that no other held.   Sainter believed that there were many things to be happy about. He was happy to spend time with those around him. He was happy to receive gifts, happy to prosper each day he was able to live. Upon seeing the way that no one carried joy in their hearts, he determined that something needed to be changed. If there was no joy, then Sainter did not want to live in that world.   Sainter, the story says, chartered a boat around the world to the Uncharted Desert, where he found a Secci Gnome who wielded Time Magic.   Sainter approached the Gnome not with an offer. Instead, Sainter knocked on the Gnome's door with a wrapped present. Inside of it was a watermelon, a fruit that didn't grow in the desert. It was gigantic, large enough to feed an entire family of Gnomes since some watermelon are even bigger than a Gnome.   Sainter smiled and said to the Time Mage:
1503 AE 1450 AE 53 years old
Place of Death

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"In a world without joy, a watermelon may be rare. But when we have the chance to prosper, when we take a moment to recognize the joy in our lives... then a feast like this can be more than a surprise. It can be an expectation. It can be a celebration!"
— Sainter
  The Time Mage, filled with wonder at the prospect of watermelons being a regular food they could eat, agreed to help Sainter. He used his Time Magic to send Sainter back in time.  


There are many things that are debated in the story. Some say the Time Mage was not a Gnome, and that this was only added into the story because Sainter later went to help the Gnomes. Others say that it had to be a Gnome, because why else would he help the Gnomes? Scholars debate whether saying it was a Gnome detracts from why he eventually helps the Gnomes, or adds a sweet touch to the myth.   Others question exactly what started him on the path. Did someone inspire him to do this, or was it his own idea? The story as told is sweet, but seems to be missing something.  


This is when the known facts about Sainter come into the story. Some things here are still debated, as history back in the -1500s and -1400s was not as well kept, but there are some things that are known.   From all historical records, the Korvians came to being with the Avians around -1555. Thus, it makes sense that Sainter arrived to the Korvians in -1503, when an Orcish invasion threatened to destroy the joint Korvian-Avian settlement, which was fairly small.  

The Saintly Face

The Orcs surrounded the settlement. They had been at war for a time, and many Korvians and Avians had died at the hands of the Orcish army.   Sainter flew in atop a sleigh, pulled by six camels, as he used his Korvian Ability to freeze the Orcs. This was the first record of any Korvian Ability, as they did not come into this timeline for another nearly one thousand years. This ability was named "Let it Snow" as it froze the Orcs, and Sainter flew down to his people saying:
"Ho-ho-ho! There's no need to fear... take this time to look at what you have. You have much to be thankful for. Take this time to rest and celebrate it! Give thanks to all and spread cheer 'round the world!"
— Sainter
  The Korvians were not prospering at this time, but Sainter hoped that his arrival would lead to a prosperous time. He hoped that the Avians, who in his timeline grew to detest the Korvians, would respect them because of Sainter. After all, Avians had wings while Korvians didn't, but if Sainter was able to fly and unite them, then all would be well.  


This may not have happened, but it did lead to a new celebration. A holiday called Thanksgiving, where the Korvians take a moment each year in their short lives to look at what they have and be thankful for it. To Korvians, a year is an eternity, so it gives them perspective.
Nifi Bada by Jarhed
  Initially, this holiday was meant to celebrate simply the prosperity they could have and being thankful for a moment of rest. However, it grew when the war ended to be about everything that they are thankful for. Sainter was happy either way, as his goal to spread cheer was successful with the Korvians and Avians, even if not in the exact way he intended.   Sainter then began to fly around the world to spread more cheer. Not all were accepting of him, but there was one group who welcomed him with open arms: the Gnomes.  


Gnomish Grand Duchess Nifi Bada had led the Gnomes to the Uncharted Desert, but they were suffering. When Sainter came, he promised prosperity.   Sainter taught them how to grow crops in the sand. The first thing he taught them to grow was watermelon, which could be eaten for a feast. Then, he taught them to grow the Apple Cacti, a way to grow apples in the desert without a tree. Onions and other such crops were also grown.   Sainter also gave the Gnomes weapons and taught them to hunt in the desert to bring food to the table.   Most of all, Sainter noticed the Gnomes struggled with the heat. So he made it snow, to cool them down and bring them more into the idea of the season. Then, he gave them the final gift, wrapped for them to open later. They asked how they could repay him, but Sainter simply said:
"Repay me? No, that's not what you should do. You grow, you prosper. And when you are prosperous enough that you can give back, do not give to me. I will not be here. I will be in the hearts of each of you. So share that prosperity among each other. Give gifts of prosperity to your friends, your family, your neighbors and your strangers. Give gifts on this day of Avos!"
— Sainter
  Sainter then left in a carriage pulled by six camels, while some say a seventh named Piper the Muscled Camel guarded him. From then on, people would dress as Sainter for the holiday to give out gifts to their home or the party they were at.  


It is said that Sainter visited Lebalos every Avos that he could. However, 20 years after the first Avos, in -1450, Sainter was giving out gifts. As he handed a wrapped present to a young Gnome, he clutched his chest. Sainter collapsed in the sand, and no matter who tried to help, he could not stand. Finally, enough Gnomes managed to pick him up and get him in his sleigh, riding off into the desert where the children could not see. The Gnomes did not want the last image the children had of Sainter to be of his lifeless body, so instead they let it be of him riding off into the distance, uttering a final

Sainter, Saunta, Santa

Sainter's name was Sainter, as he was a Korvian and a Saint. He is listed as a Saint in multiple religions. Morrigan, the Korvian Goddess of Death, calls him a Saint, but so does the Draconian God of Justice, Phrixus and the Gnomish Goddess of Prophecy, Sia.   However, his name changes when you go to different locations. The Gnomes have, overtime, come to know him by the name of "Saunta" rather than Sainter. This came particularly from the Detser Gnomes further in the desert, who heard his name and believed it to be a Gnomish word of similar meaning.   Overtime, this spread to the Humans when they arrived on Totania. They heard the name "Saunta" as "Santa." Overtime, many Humans began to call him Santa. While Korvian culture is one that has no care for names, many Korvians are often angry to hear the butchering of their Saint's name at the hand of the Humans.   It does get worse, as some Humans even tell stories of Sainter, or Santa, and his fierce talons ripping apart his foes, giving him the name "Santa Claws" or even "Santa Claus" depending on who you ask.   Conversely, many Lizardfolk mistakenly revere Sainter as St. Err, a Saint that blesses those that make mistakes and helps them to grow from them. Due to the nature of Lizardfolk culture, St. Err is a very popular figure, which comes also from the close relationship between the Lizardfolk and Korvians nations.

Cover image: by GregMontani
Character Portrait image: Sainter by Jarhed


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