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Peak of the World

The Peak of the World, called Svern Treski by those who live around it, is the tallest mountain in the world, located in the Bay of Wonders between the Draconian settlements Zephys and Bortan.  

Climbing the Mountain

Anyone who tries to climb the Peak of the World would find it to be a difficult task for many reasons. At the foot of the mountain is a cave which once housed the Golden Dragon Lord Kath the Eternal. Now, it is a tourist trap that is not lethal to a person, but instead to their wallet, as it is filled with souvenirs and nothing else.   This means the only real way to scale the mountain is to climb it from the exterior. However, this means in truth there are three ways to get to the top:
Helle by Jarhed
  • By hand, with or without safety harnesses and protection to prevent injury or death.
  • With the aid of magic to make the journey smoother, like Earth Magic to create an easier way to the top.
  • Flying to the top.
The second method is not suggested because those who claim ownership of the mountain will punish those that damage it and ask for help with repairs, smoothing the mountain back to the way it was.  

Over the Top

Climbing to the top with any of these methods is still dangerous due to the sheer amount of people who attempt it. The mountain is not necessarily wide enough to support so many tourists, and therefore clumps of them can be stuck in places as they are surrounded by other, selfish tourists who have no regard for the lives of their fellow tourists.   Getting to the top of it, however, is an incredible feat, as it is the tallest natural point in the world. Staring across the Bay of Wonders, one can see the Magic College, a Draconian university to study arcane arts, floating across from it at around the same height. However, while the Magic College only allows Mages into its doors, the draw of the Peak of the World is that it democratizes standing at the very top of the world.  

Ownership Claims

Both Zephys and Bortan claim ownership of the Peak of the World. While Zephys is run by the Grand Wizard, who should have command over even Bortan, it is the job of the Village Chief of Bortan to disobey the Grand Wizard when they make bad decisions. Therefore, most Chiefs of Bortan will say that the Grand Wizard claiming ownership of the Peak of the World is a bad decision and try to take it for themselves.   At the moment, however, it is controlled by none of them. Instead, it is a joint ownership by the Draconian Villages of Ealla and Yirthum, the Bard and Enchanting Villages. Ealla does most of the marketing, their specialty as Bards, while Yirthum deals with the money, since they are one of the traditionally richer villages due to their Elven ties.   Despite any wars that are fought over the Peak of the World, it always ends up back in the hands of these two Villages, as they are the least aggressive sides in most wars and, therefore, the side the Grand Wizard is more likely to side with.
Hadur by Jarhed

Creation Myth

It is said that when Moradin, God of Creation and the Dwarves, made Totania, he made a land very sacred to himself. This where the Dwarves would eventually live. A land covered in mountains and mountainous terrain.   However, Tiamat was jealous of Moradin's mountains. She wanted a mountain of her own, however, she did not desire to create it herself. So she manipulated Kath the Eternal, the Golden Dragon Lord and most powerful mortal creature, into shaping a mountain for her with the assisstance through magic.   Tiamat would be scolded once more for her generous actions, but Kath would step in to protect the mountain, saying it should stand. Moradin has, since, sought to take down the Peak of the World, as it stands as an insult to his creation and his honor.  

Svern Treski

It is unclear where the name Svern Treski comes from. Many say it was a name gifted to it by the Tiamat herself when she created the mountain . They say, then, that it has no meaning, as it was nonsense meant to annoy Moradin.   Due to there being no successful attempt at translating it, this is the explanation most scholars stick with, though some try and fail to solve the mystery of Svern Treski.

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