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Orlayas Ojeux

Orlayas Oldruuk Ojeux (a.k.a. The Magician)

Orlayas Ojeux, also known as the Magician, is a Dragonborn scholar from Tamd, known best for being the intern of Salasar Feaphed and defacto instructor of the Weave Initiative. Many records claim his IQ to be one of the highest known IQs of all people to ever live on Totania.  


Orlayas Ojeux was born in the year 526 in the Dragonborn Village of Tamd to Lernas and Klernos Ojeux, two alchemists and scholars of no renown. They were both considered failures in terms of alchemy, and as scholars they learned nothing of note that was not known before. When their son was born, it is said that Klernos said a prayer for her boy:
"Lady Tiamat, I pray to you for little Orlayas. I pray you bless him with knowledge enough that he never has a limit to what he can learn. Let the name Orlayas Ojeux be one the world never forgets. Let my boy succeed where I... where we could not."
— Klernos Ojeux
Orlayas was four when it happened. An accident at the Ojeux labrary (a combination of a lab and library that Lernas and Klernos had built for convenience). While Lernas, Orlayas's father, was creating an explosion potion, it went off, killing him instantly. Klernos was trapped beneath rubble as the fire raged, and she told Orlayas to run.   Orlayas refused, trying to use his water magic to put out the flames. All it did instead was soak the books, the knowledge Klernos was trying to safeguard for her son. He was unable to stop the flames from overtaking her, but he was saved from the fire by Ilxar Nimphonker, the Chief Successor.
Ilxar told Orlayas he was safe now, and that he should not stay near the flames, but Orlayas refused. Up until that point, he thought he only had water magic, which he used to help in his parents alchemical work. But as he stood before the flames of his old home and labrary,
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Orlayas made the flames die down, then grow again. They parted to his will, and he entered his home again, gathering any remnants of the books and scrolls from his parents that he could.   He swore, in the remains of his family labrary that he would not let this happen again. Anyone who was close to him... he would protect them, no matter what.   In the accident, the young Orlayas lost his hair. It all burned off, and it never did grow back. In its place, strange tendrils grew, believed to be side-effects of one of his parents potions.  

Magic Tricks

Orlayas would go on to be known for magic tricks around Tamd. Many would call him a magician, but in truth he used his magic tricks just to get money. After all, he had nowhere to go, living on the streets, trapped in Tamd. He hadn't even completed his Tamdian Bloodbinding Ritual, and without money he couldn't even afford supplies to make his own unique poison, which he would need for the ritual.   That is not to say he never made his own potions. In fact, when he would do his magic tricks, he would often be gifted potion supplies rather than money from passersby, as Tamdians were more likely to be carrying potion supplies.   With this, Orlayas did not make his own poison for the ritual. Instead, he tried to innovate and make new things, new potions. He would also, in his free time, study books to learn more.
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
He would go to any library he could and study up. Learning history, languages, and cultures that would otherwise have been so foreign to him.  


Orlayas would meet Higar Vixik, a young boy who was adopted by Ilxar after his parents died. Orlayas wondered why he was not adopted like Higar when Ilxar saved him, but the answer was simple: Ilxar was scared of Orlayas's power, and dismissive of his intellect.
  Orlayas tried to befriend Higar, but the young Vixik was not interested. Vixik was also in pursuit of knowledge, trying to surpass Ilxar, and therefore he ignored Orlayas's attempts at friendship. This led Orlayas down a similar path to Higar, a self-destructive path of knowledge.   There was another Tamdian child around his age who hated Orlayas. His name was Veambind Feldastel. Veambind would often try to stop Orlayas's magic shows and shoo crowds away. He was a bully, but Orlayas saw through him. Veambind was born with a Weave Stain where he was vulnerable to his own magic. Orlayas saw that Veambind was projecting his insecurities onto Orlayas, seeing how Orlayas could use every type of magic while Veambind couldn't even use his own singular affinity. Veambind, too, was alone. And he would not listen to any attempts at friendship from Orlayas.   But there was one man who saw Orlayas. One who knew what it was like to be alone with nothing but knowledge, seeing himself in Orlayas and wanting to help Orlayas down a better path. This was the 64th Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed.
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed

Taken In

Salasar Feaphed had enough money to take in the eight year old Orlayas in when they met in 534. He bought a home for Orlayas in Tamd and would sneak in to help him out when he had the time. He also funded equipment and books for Orlayas, rebuilding the Ojeux Labrary from the ground up.   Salasar would even give lessons to Orlayas about all sorts of things. Little did the young Ojeux know that Salasar was teaching him things from the Eternal Files, preparing Orlayas to one day become his successor.   This mattered little to Orlayas at the time. He was just happy to finally not be alone. He did not care for the same thing Higar Vixik cared about. Higar was worried about living up to the man who adopted him, but Orlayas knew he never could live up to Salasar. That didn't matter to him, though. Salasar was there, so Orlayas would never have to live up to him. That was Orlayas's view at least. Salasar was like a God. Orlayas had learned from a young age that a mortal could never be like a God.  

Magic College

In 544, Salasar Feaphed recommended Orlayas Ojeux for the Magic College. Orlayas, then, was one of three recommended students to get into the Class of 548, alongside Bartharn Nurdesh and Bupo Sickfoot. Orlayas was not necessarily happy about this, as he preferred to make it in on his own merit. He worried that the reason Salasar recommended him was because Salasar did not believe he could get in otherwise.
Bartharn Nurdesh by Jarhed
  Immediately, Orlayas found himself in competetion with Bartharn and Kamil, a Dwarf and an Elf in his class, each of which vying to be top of the class in terms of academics. Those two in specific found Orlayas being favored by the Grand Wizard to be unfair, leading often to Kamil telling Orlayas he was worthless due to being a recommended student, and that Kamil himself made it in through his own merits.   Orlayas dedicated his first year, then, to academic pursuits. He spent most of it locked away in his dorm room studying. Attempting to discover more, to fulfill what his mother wished of him. His roommate, however, was quite accommodating to this. After all, his roommate was the Kenku known as Rider.
Rider by Jarhed
  Rider was fine with Orlayas studying. He said that it made Rider look cooler when his roommate was a bit of a nerd, but he said at some points they needed to hang out and just chill out. Orlayas was, again, just happy to not be alone. When he was with Rider, hanging out, or when he went to Salasar's office or the Clolith Library to study.  

Trouble Arrives

Orlayas Ojeux was not one of the students to take an unsanctioned trip to Udai, however he was busy in a different way. He returned home to his dorm at one point to find that all of his books had been stolen. Even Rider was unsure where the books had gone, but he and Orlayas went searching.

Class of 548

Orlayas Ojeux graduated as the valedictorian, both academically and combatively in the Class of 548. While many lament lost potential in his class, it is worth noting Orlayas himself and some other major figures in his class.  

Active Members

Aside from Orlayas Ojeux himself, there were five other graduates of the Class of 548.
  • Bartharn Nurdesh- A Dwarven Blacksmith from Feldweg and son of a former Dwarven General and Thane, Hjoldar, Bartharn was adopted by Otikul Nurdesh and followed Dembar with unwavering loyalty.
  • Bupo Sickfoot- Son of a Goblin matriarch, Bupo was considered the least impressive of the 548 graduates, with no major achievements.
  • Itask Nurdesh- A Lizardfolk man who lost his arms in a clash with an Orc, Itask was also adopted by Otikul Nurdesh and swore loyalty to Dembar.
  • Kamil Gilrel- Son of the Elven Noble Jorwirn Gilrel, Kamil always tried to leave behind the horrible legacy of his father while protecting his sister Kaiyana.
  • Rebun Colad- A former Human soldier, Rebun would swear off of fighting but would be appointed as Court Wizard of Nerodil by Timar Forestarm.

Inactive Members

548 lost a large amount of their students to death or simply those students quitting and dropping out at one point or another. Therefore, this will be a split list of drop-outs and dead.  


These are the three students who, while surviving to graduation, had dropped out of the Magic College prior to graduation.
  • Kindle- The Fire Genasi daughter of Adai the Honored, and a user of Phoenix Magic.
  • Kaiyana Gilrel- Sister of Kamil Gilrel and daughter of noble Jorwirn Gilrel, Kaiyana is an advocate for freedom of all people.
  • Veravi Gridz- A go-with-the-flow Human, Veravi cares little for anything. She went missing during her third year.

Dead Students

There were eight students of the Class of 548 that died by graduation, which is half of the class that was there initially.
  • Cofle Riverriver- The Human Prediction Mage, Cofle was raised by the World Court. She was killed in the Chief Crisis by Coldrid Saxan.
  • Jemres Davorath- A Triton Bard, Jemres fought on the side of Ealla in the Chief Crisis and died at the hands of Vodron Susk.
  • Krumgrum- A Dwarven vagrant who was killed in the Battle for Southern Elone by Shatlita Gunn.
  • Kurtegar Bravebane- A minotaur who fought alongside Jemres with Ealla, but was killed by the Gilrel siblings, his classmates Kaiyana and Kamil.
  • Pirum Kotate- A Human Pirate whose name has become synonymous with a criminal organization in the Elven capital of Camor, where he died.
  • Rider- A Kenku known for being cool, he sacrificed himself in Yirthum for the Bortan army and Nalrik Tilrak.
  • Veambind Feldastel- A Red Dragonborn who was burned by a man he tried to help, Murphy Law, due to the Head Priest of the Church of Erathis, Ram Rodraz.
  • Wilben Dodri- A Gnome who was known best for falling off of Upper Zephys to his death.


There are two professors that teach the Class of 548, helping them in any situation they can while also educating the students.
These teachers are:
  • Otikul Nurdesh- The Magic History Professor of the Class of 548, the Dragonborn Otikul founded two villages, Ilder and Dembar, and was Chief of both. He is a history buff, prominent nobleman, and is known for antagonizing people.
  • Morrik- The Magic Theory Professor, the Dwarf Morrik never attended the Magic College, but was denied a teaching position at Ironforge University, so he settled for the Magic College. He is known to complain about wanting to return to Ironforge.
Current Location
Year of Birth
526 ME 24 Years old
Parents (Adopting)

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Orlayas was able to solve it with enough ease after learning a new skill called divination, where he was able to vaguely see the future. Through this, he believed he would gain all the knowledge he needed. Not just of the past, but of the future as well.   He found out that it was Pirum Kotate, a pirate in the class, who was hired by Bartharn to take the books. Bartharn was willing to do whatever necessary to keep Orlayas from surpassing him in academic rank.
Orlayas dealt with Bartharn while Rider dueled and then befriended Pirum. By the end of the year in their placement duels, Orlayas was paired against Kamil, where he was victorious for the first time, placing 3rd in the class.  
Vodron Susk by Jarhed
It was here that Orlayas cemented his true magic style. While he was an Ace, using all affinities, he found he was not as good mixing and matching them. He was not a powerful ace like Salasar Feaphed, after all. So instead, he created Modes for each magical affinity, where he could switch between them at will to help give himself more power. To put himself on a level close to those he looked up to.  


When second year came around, all of the other people in his class were given internships, mostly with the Village Chiefs. Veambind Feldastel, alongside Wilben Dodri, got internships with Ilxar Nimphonker, who was now the Chief. Orlayas was jealous of this, but he had no time to say anything.   For Orlayas was given a special internship that is almost never given out: he was the intern for the Grand Wizard. Salasar Feaphed would have him doing paperwork and other jobs for him.   Orlayas's first challenge came in the form of Turbine, a Wind Genasi first year student. It was believed that in an incident involving the Cragspear Bandits, alongside Tothra Staz, Silentium, Imvis Valhana, Nalrik Tilrak, and Sinner Caerxan. More than that, though, it involved Turbine's replacement, a Human named Vodron Susk.   Vodron had left some of his classmates to die or be enslaved by the nobles of Totania, and Orlayas was tasked with bringing him to Salasar to be reprimanded. As Orlayas met up with Vodron, he decided to look more into these divination abilities he had learned. In Vodron's future, he saw that the man was fated to marry. He was unsure exactly why this was important, though in truth what Orlayas had been observing was a hint towards the tragedy of the Grand Crowning. In Vodron's future, Orlayas also saw him saving Orlayas from... something, it was unclear.   Orlayas took what he saw to heart. Many saw Vodron as a slacker and lazy, but Orlayas knew that beneath that, somewhere, was a hero.   Orlayas helped Vodron when he accidentally ate a poisonous letter right after that, and then escorted him to Salasar. The remainder of that year, Orlayas was observing Vodron and the others in his class. He found something special in that class, the Magic College Class of 549. Anytime he tried to use his divination powers, he would find something special in them, in nearly every member. This class was special... more special than Orlayas's class. More special than Orlayas.
Sinner Caerxan by Jarhed
  This led Orlayas into a sort of depressive spiral, where again he saw how insignificant he was in the grand scheme of things. He saw grand fates for those like Sinner Caerxan, Nalrik Tilrak, or Hadon Leran in the Class of 549, and for himself he could see nothing.   Orlayas believed this ultimately meant he was destined for nothing. Destined only to be Salasar's intern. This was the pinnacle. So again, he buried himself in his studies. If there was nothing remarkable about him, he would learn other remarkable things from other remarkable people.  

Missing Persons Case

While the rest of his class were in their internships, Orlayas was dealing with another problem. The third years at the time, the Class of 547, were studying abroad with the Jihdi, but Salasar told Orlayas that apparently one of the students, Deltesh, had vanished and they needed to find him. It was up to Orlayas's divination skills, alongside the help of a first year Kenku named Pretender.   Ultimately, Orlayas found him, but came to question the motives of Pretender. He was mysterious, seemingly unconnected from everyone around him. Pretender could turn into anyone else, but Orlayas sensed that Pretender barely had a sense of identity of his own. He reminded Orlayas of himself. He saw those like Vodron Susk and felt empty inside, just as Orlayas did. Orlayas found some slight bit of comfort in finding a kindred soul.  

Renewed Rivalry

It was towards the end of the second year that conflict started brewing in Orlayas's own class. Pirum Kotate had died at the hands of Captain Commander of the Elven Army Narkard, and was replaced with the World Court's Prediction Mage: Cofle Riverriver.  
Cofle joining the class sparked something in them all. At least, that was what Orlayas thought at the time. He did not know that the rest of his class knew a war was brewing.   Orlayas clashed specifically with two people. The first was Veambind Feldastel, his old childhood rival. Veambind still had the same insecurities about Orlayas's magic, leading to many clashes where Orlayas had to use water magic to put Veambind's flames out before he killed himself trying to fight Orlayas.
"It was when that Prediction Mage showed up... that was when it all broke apart. We were never a unified class, but before Cofle, that was it. After that... we were a divided class, through and through."
— Bartharn Nurdesh
But the one who clashed the most with Orlayas was Cofle herself. She saw something in him that even Orlayas himself could not see. Orlayas could see a blurry future, his divination that of an amateur. Cofle however had predictions blessed by the Goddess of Predictions, Ioun, herself. And she knew there was a future for Orlayas beyond anything he could see. And she did not wish to see it come to pass. For Orlayas did not know he had a future at all, but Cofle knew that if he was allowed to continue, he would carve a great legacy into Totania.   Cofle was an adherant of fate, but she still seemed to fight it whenever Orlayas was involved. Orlayas would get tests back from his professors and find that, while it seemed exactly like his handwriting, the answers were wrong. It seemed Cofle had predicted how he writes and had mimicked it perfectly. Orlayas, however, was able to prove this was not his and get perfect grades anyway, which made Cofle even angrier. Orlayas ended that year again in 3rd place total in the class.  

The Weave Initiative

Orlayas was the first person to learn of Salasar's true plan. Towards the end of the second year, Salasar told Orlayas to prepare some letters for seven remarkable individuals to be given free rides to the Magic College. Orlayas questioned why, and Salasar told him simply:
"Orlayas, I'm putting together a team of special mages to make the greatest scientific breakthrough in over a thousand years. And you're the first member... of the Weave Initiative."
— Salasar Feaphed
  Orlayas prepared the letters, and while he did not recognize all of the names, he knew some of them due to their relation to other prominent people in the world or in previous Magic College classes. After all, reading the list of students from old classes was a hobby where one could learn prominent figures easily.  
Kathleen Ramone by Carrey_adler_peart
Murphy Law was the son of former Head Priest of the Church of Erathis, Briffault Law. Ogonn Ha was, while he did not know it himself, the son of a student in the Class of 522, Nevistra Ha. Shatt Gunn was the son of the Monster of Urd Grabad, a prominent Orcish warrior who Orlayas had heard horror stories about, Shatlita Gunn. Lorakaen Darelor was the daughter of member of the Class of 520, Olifla Darelor. Finethir Shinebright was the son of former Chief of Ealla Sirlini Glirdog, the Comedian, and the ally of the Monions, Olmand Shinebright. The only two names Orlayas was not too familiar with were Kathleen Ramone and Hameila Neconkus.   Salasar said he was taking a gamble when it came to Kathleen, as he felt that from what he knew of her, she had a strong will. Salasar told Orlayas that he had that strong will as well, he just needed to use it more. Orlayas was unsure of this, as he didn't really think much of himself. To be put in a group like this... again, it seemed that Salasar was merely putting him in places he had not earned.   Yet this was only reinforced when Orlayas learned not just who Hameila was, but also who Salasar himself was. Salasar, after all, had told very few people about his true identity. Only Salasar's two best friends, Fepar Tilrak and Melthrum knew. Salasar Feaphed was a Demi-God, the creation of the Dragon God of Justice Bahamut. Hameila Neconkus, too, was the daughter of Bahamut who only just hatched, and she would be learning the weave alongside them. After all, Salasar said, she was the hope of the future just as much as Orlayas and the others were.   Orlayas disagreed. He was not like a Demi-God, and he was supposed to live up to two of them now? Not just Salasar, but a newborn Demi-God who would be working alongside him. That would make all of his work meaningless, so he worried that he shouldn't even be there at all. Still, he drafted the letters and waited as Salasar recruited the students.  
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi

The Birdcage

When the Class of 550 arrived, only five of them showed up: Shatt Gunn, Lorakaen Darelor, Ogonn Ha, Kathleen Ramone, and Finethir Shinebright, in that order. Orlayas introduced himself and Salasar to them and described what it was they would be doing: studying the source of magic itself and unlocking its secret powers. Learning about The Weave.   However, it was then that the war his classmates knew was coming truly came, as Ilxar Nimphonker and Rharked the Rogue attacked Zephys with the army of Tamd, placing a Birdcage around the city. Salasar, however, was fine with this, as the Chief Crisis began, he was fine as long as the city and his students were protected.
"These are optimal conditions for a test."
— Salasar Feaphed
Murphy Law, the student who did not arrive before, somehow teleported into the Birdcage against his will due to a Stemine accident. Orlayas foresaw one of the students in 550 (and 549) taking a fall, and so he brought in Murphy to join 550, and a man named Oraakil Mardaar to join 549. Murphy, too, joined the Weave Initiative as he was always meant to.   Orlayas spent much of his time training these students, as he did not want to think of the war going on. He did not want to think of those around him dying. So he trained and studied with the Weave Initiative, growing close to many of them.
Ogonn Ha by RovaRed
When they found the Magic College Prison alongside his classmate Rebun Colad, Orlayas knew they were hiding something from him and Salasar. But he trusted them. He did not think it was anything bad.   Orlayas found himself feeling more and more insecure around the Weave Initiative. These were first years, but their rate of growth was inconceivable. They were truly special, while he still felt that he was just there. Just set decoration for a world that was moving by without him. The Demi-Gods were not just Salasar and the baby he was training. It was all of the Weave Initiative. All of them but himself.   Orlayas, however, found some connection in Murphy Law and Kathleen Ramone, even if they were more distant when speaking with him. Kathleen Ramone was, noticably, different from the others in terms of power. As a thunder mage, she had an inherent disadvantage that came with her magic. She was weaker. She made Orlayas feel more like he belonged in terms of what he could do.   When it came to Murphy, it was his attitude that helped Orlayas. Murphy shunned his own magic, hiding away from the immense power he possessed. It made Orlayas think that maybe he too was hiding away from a true grand power he had. He didn't really think that was true, but it was a good coping mechanism when he could use it.   As for the others, they were just overall good friends who he enjoyed spending time with. He wanted to spend more time with Murphy and Kathleen, but one shut himself off from others and the other was more abrasive towards Orlayas, making it difficult.  
Murphy Law by Jarhed

Battle of the Birdcage

Towards the end of the school year, Ilxar invaded the city, and all of his commanders faced off against various members of 550, alongside their defensive trump card Oraakil Mardaar.   However, there were two notable battles against those not under Ilxar's command during this battle. First was Kathleen Ramone against a man named Sid Blitz, a mercenary. The second was Orlayas Ojeux versus the seeming lone survivor of the Bortan Tsar Bomba: Cofle Riverriver.   What Orlayas did not know was happening simultaneously to his battle was a battle between Murphy, whose magic was powerful like Orlayas's, and Veambind Feldastel. He did not know that Murphy was forced to kill Veambind by an evil Priest. He did not know his rival was ultimately slain by the one Orlayas saw himself the most in. If he did, he likely would have cried harder than he ultimately did.   For Orlayas Ojeux did not want to hurt Cofle. She was his classmate, and he knew they were in danger as it was already. He did not want anything to happen to her... but she could not allow it to happen. She saw his fate, and had been ordered to kill him.   Ultimately, Orlayas was "saved" by two Evitian Fourth Years, Coldrid Saxan and Deltesh, who killed Cofle and tossed him Prediction Magic. It bound to Orlayas before he could do anything about it. He had not asked fate to bind itself to him, but it did so anyway.   Little did Orlayas know that those two forcing their way into Orlayas's life would be the start of the next big conflict. A hint towards the war that was building, for Orlayas would serve as the worlds premonition towards danger.  
Coldrid Saxan by Jarhed

Zephys Defense Force

Orlayas teamed up with a group of students that would try to stop the various Chiefs from killing Salasar, a group called the Zephys Defense Force. Orlayas himself was able to find and gather all of these people, high powered students who he knew would help.   The force consisted of:
  • Orlayas Ojeux
  • Coldrid Saxan
  • Deltesh
  • Ram Rodraz
  • Kamil Gilrel
  • Laughter
  • Solution
  • Pretender
  • Ha Kyung
  • Higar Vixik
For the most part, Orlayas had at least met these people before, helping them or making them owe him in one way or another. Then, there were some special cases, like Ram Rodraz, the Head Priest of the Church of Erathis and a fourth year student, who Orlayas convinced to help by telling him that Zephys would otherwise fall, or Ha Kyung, a first year Yuan-Ti who just wanted to protect the city.   Kamil was the toughest to convince, but he had seen enough bloodshed for Orlayas to be able to sway him against Kicad Bavul. Orlayas did not know that this would ultimately cause a great problem many years down the line when Kamil again disobeyed Kicad's orders.   With Orlayas in charge, he finally felt like he had some kind of true power. He had so many powerful people following him, he didn't even fully recognize why. It was because, despite everything, he had earned his place as Salasar's right hand man and greatest commander. When Salasar was out of the picture, it was always up to Orlayas to deal with the trouble that came up. And everyone viewed him as capable.   Orlayas brought the Chiefs to fight Salasar and watched as Salasar killed each and every one of the Chiefs. Orlayas lost a lot of hope that day, as he saw all of these equally capable commanders die like they were nothing. Again, Orlayas saw how inconsequential he was in comparison to Salasar Feaphed. What's a King to a God, after all?  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed

Southern Elone Treaty Organization

After the Chief Crisis, there was mostly a new set of Chiefs, aside from Orlayas's professor Otikul Nurdesh. The new Chiefs included Higar Vixik, Vardid Liloryas, Jargar Eltan, Coldrid Saxan, and the one that caught Orlayas's eye the most: Nalrik Tilrak of Bortan.   Nalrik had a lot to live up to after his father's death, and Orlayas related to him on this.   It was then that Salasar left to gather allies, leaving Orlayas as his temporary replacement. Orlayas did not feel it right to call himself a Grand Wizard, so he instead took on a different title:  
  Nalrik approached Orlayas with an idea: an alliance to unite all of Dragonborn territory together. It was apparently a job Salasar had left to Nalrik, like he left Orlayas as well. Orlayas projected his own insecurities onto Nalrik, asking if he was truly up to what Salasar had asked of him. He had already gotten Tamd and Ealla, with Higar and Vardid, on his side. It was three things that convinced Orlayas, ultimately, to join.   Nalrik's words were convincing, of course, and if Nalrik were not suited to it, he would not have even considered it. However, seeing Higar there, as well as Otikul Nurdesh refusing to join, was all Orlayas needed to know it was the right decision.   Coldrid Saxan had kidnapped a group of children from the Bortan Orphanage, seeking to free them. Nalrik gathered the Southern Elone Treaty Organization to get them back and bring Coldrid into their alliance along with the other villages.  

The Eternal Files

Salasar had left something for Orlayas: a set of scrolls from the first Grand Wizard Kilprax Ildial called the Eternal Files. These featured every magical secret, and Salasar entrusted them to Orlayas to learn and grow in power.
Aaren Ildial by Jarhed
  Orlayas decided to read them, trying to gain more power. He even shared a scroll with Nalrik, Vardid, and Higar so they could learn some of its secrets as well to keep peace in Dragonborn territory.   Rapidly trying to catch up to the legacy of the Grand Wizards of the past was not exactly fruitful for Orlayas, as he found when it came time to battle. He had insecurities, and they were fully laid out when it came time to really show out.  

The Battle for Southern Elone

The Battle for Southern Elone was what happened when the forces of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization clashed with the forces of Coldrid Saxan's Evity.   Orlayas Ojeux ran off in search of the children, ultimately coming across the Ildial Mansion where the descendant of the man whom Orlayas was studying the works of was: Aaren Ildial.   Aaren immediately took offense when he heard Orlayas was trying to live up to Kilprax and become Grand Wizard. Aaren told Orlayas it was not good to wish for a title like that, to wish to be in the spotlight. It was better to not be flashy, to hide away and have all of the power.   He told Orlayas that he was not suited to being the Grand Wizard, and ultimately in their fight, Orlayas agreed with him. Orlayas could never live up to what Kilprax wrote, he could never live up to what Salasar wanted. He was not a Grand Wizard... only a Great Wizard. He could not lead the people, but he could support them as he always had, ever since he was a little boy doing magic tricks on the side of the road.  
Orlayas Ojeux would be a Magician.
  Orlayas would, as a Magician, support the Grand Wizards in their endeavors. And he placed his support behind his current leader: Nalrik Tilrak. This is when he utilized one of his ultimate spells to create nine Grand Wizards to defeat Aaren, made of Dark Magic. The nine Grand Wizards who changed the world:
Ardar Tilrak and Rhoziros Nimphonker by Jarhed
  • Kilprax Ildial (#1)
  • Tobor Tuldad (#2)
  • Perzita Theldrar (#7)
  • Medroth Umtic (#8)
  • Drixodal Vortrin (#62)
  • Salasar Feaphed (#64)
  • The Mighty Herald (#67)
  • Aardar Tilrak (#69)
  • Rhoziros Nimphonker (#70)
Not all of these Grand Wizards were even alive at the time. The Mighty Herald, Aardar Tilrak, and Rhoziros Nimphonker would not be Grand Wizard for hundreds of years, but Orlayas finally was able to clear up his visions of the future after gaining clarity against Aaren, seeing Grand Wizards who his actions would support. In fighting Aaren now, he was ensuring those three would get to do their jobs and save the world.   Orlayas was, however, not successful in defeating Aaren. Aaren was able to puppet him when the Class of 549 sent some people to finish up the job in Evity.   The students that were sent included: Nalrik Tilrak, Vodron Susk, Sinner Caerxan, Jargar Eltan, Turbine, and Oraakil Mardaar. They found Orlayas and came to his aid, fighting against Aaren.
Oraakil Mardaar by fyrcracker

Not all of them were able to resist Aaren's Puppetry, though.   Oraakil Mardaar, alongside, Orlayas, was puppeted and forced to fight against his classmates. Still, in the end, they were able to defeat Aaren and convince him to agree to peace with the other villages. After that, Orlayas returned to the Magic College to participate in his graduation tournament.  


Orlayas was disappointed to find so few classmates remaining by the time of his graduation tournament. Aside from himself, there were five people, and he never even got to go against Rebun Colad or Bupo Sickfoot.   Instead, he first battled against Itask, whom he defeated. In the next round, he underestimated the speed of Kamil Gilrel, who defeated him, only for Orlayas to defeat Bartharn and then go on to beat Kamil two more times, becoming the valedictorian.   Orlayas was also academic valedictorian, only barely beating Bartharn. In the end, Kamil was Salutatorian in combat and Bartharn in academics. Neither could defeat Orlayas. Even if he didn't believe it himself, he was quite remarkable. If only he knew of the Curse of the Valedictorian.   Orlayas was pleased to learn many of his friends had bet on him winning, including Lorakaen Darelor, Shatt Gunn, Ogonn Ha, Oraakil Mardaar, and Nalrik Tilrak. He was still, however, curious as to why everyone thought so highly of him. Ultimately, he was still a failure. He was still just a man in a world of Demi-Gods.
Finethir Shinebright by Jarhed

Taking Care of Things

Orlayas would go on to give more training to the Weave Initiative, especially as Salasar had found himself trapped in Udai. Orlayas was, then, the defacto teacher of the students, and he made sure to teach them everything he could.   After one training session, he even took some of them to go get Steak. This is where he finally was able to truly connect with those in the Weave Initiative and outside of it, and truly felt like he had friends.   Oraakil's son, Hardel Mardaar, would often latch onto him, absorbing some magic and knowledge. Orlayas found it amusing more than anything, as Hardel was absolutely adorable. What harm could he possibly bring? Orlayas saw into the future that he would continue to help out Hardel, long after Salasar was gone. Orlayas knew that anyway. Salasar always said he wasn't making it long, and Orlayas was fairly close with the Mardaar family, so he'd be happy to help out whenever he could.   Orlayas also swore to stay by all of the Weave Initiative in this time. Shinebright, Shatt, Ogonn, Lorakaen, Kathleen, and Murphy. Even Hameila Neconkus, who he had yet to meet. Whenever they needed him, he would give them help, and the same applied too to Nalrik and the Tilrak family. He owed them a lot, and as the Magician, he would seek to help them in any way he could.  

The Ignorant Study of Tragedy

Orlayas would stay in the Magic College, studying up and only leaving to speak to the Noble Council on behalf of Sinner and Oraakil, as they refounded Waire and Ilder respectively. Orlayas was an advocate for them, as they were his friends.   Then, he locked himself in his office, studying all sorts of magic in the Eternal Files. Here, he found how to achieve immortality through agelessness, by gathering eight people with full Weave Portals together and entering the Weave itself. This way, they would all stop aging. This was perfect, he thought, as that meant he only needed the 550 members, himself, and Salasar. Hameila, then, would be able to grow up as a normal child, unhindered by the Weave, and Salasar and the others could live forever.   More than that, though, Orlayas would have time to live up to the Godly presence of Salasar Feaphed.
It was exactly what he wanted. If he was to become like Salasar, this was the way to do it. He could not gain Salasar’s knowledge so easily… Salasar was chosen by the Gods. But if God could not do it… there was Man beneath him to pick up his remains. What Salasar could not do in a hundred years, Orlayas decided he would do for eternity.
  He studied this, ignoring the tragedies of the world, including the massacre of the Class of 551 which was going on only a few rooms away.  



Orlayas Ojeux is demisexual, meaning he does not experience attraction to someone unless he has an emotional connection to them. Due to his lack of true connection with many people, this means he has not really ever felt a great attraction to anyone, instead focusing on his studies.  


Orlayas follows Tiamat's principles despite being the student of Bahamut's son, Salasar Feaphed. Salasar actually told Orlayas it was good, that he wanted a second opinion. He wanted a friend, not a follower, and that was why Orlayas was good for him.   Orlayas does not believe in what Tiamat does, but he follows some of her more basic teachings. He is quite envious of others, as he does not believe himself to be all that special.  

Physical Condition

Orlayas Ojeux is not considered to be physically fit for a Dragonborn. In fact, he is considered fairly out of shape, especially compared to more fit classmates like Kamil Gilrel or Rebun Colad. He gets quite winded when dealing with physical labor or anytime he needs to do cardio. He can't carry more than the average person, and is generally fairly nerdy in build.  


Orlayas came from a poor family. The only money he ever had came from Salasar Feaphed, who wrote Orlayas into his will so that eventually his money would go to Ojeux if he were to ever die.  
Shatt Gunn by genuinetrickster

Social Life

Orlayas Ojeux was not very well-liked by his peers. In his class, he had a few people who would talk to him, but none he could really call a friend. Rider was the closest he had to a friend, but when Rider died Orlayas lost his only true friend. Aside from Rider, Orlayas was acquaintances with Rebun Colad and Bupo Sickfoot, while Cofle Riverriver and Veambind Feldastel did not like him.   Orlayas's closest friend was, in truth, his mentor: Salasar Feaphed. Salasar understood Orlayas's quest for knowledge and saw much of himself in the young Tamdian. This is why he appointed Orlayas as his successor.   Orlayas then made friends with the Weave Initiative. He was not the closest with Kathleen Ramone or Murphy Law, as they were both a bit more closed off, but he still considered them friends. Moreso than anyone in his class, at least.   As for Shatt Gunn, Ogonn Ha, Lorakaen Darelor, and Finethir Shinebright, Orlayas considered them good friends. Better friends than he ever really had anywhere else. Orlayas appreciated them, as Orlayas was dependent, always needing someone to be around to validate his self-worth.  


Orlayas Ojeux's greatest ability is his knowledge, as he has great intellect and a vast wealth of information under his belt. He is said to be a fantastic problem solver and can spend all of his time studying.   He also is skilled in alchemy, as he was raised around alchemists and studied it at an early age. That being said, it is is believed he is at least semi-knowledgeable in most techniques, as he studied the Eternal Files.  
Otikul Nurdesh by Jarhed


Orlayas Ojeux is an Ace, meaning he can use every single magical affinity. However, unlike most Aces, he does not use them together. He has specific Modes where he focuses on a single affinity, granting him increased power with less versatility, though by graduation he learned how to rapidly swap between Modes, granting him the versatility of a normal Ace with the increased power of his Modes.  

Ixen Mode

Fire Magic, this is Orlayas's most offensively powerful mode. In this mode, some known spells he has include:
  • Agni- Creates fire in between himself and his opponent. If he steps into it, he is healed. If they step into it, they burn.
  • Vesta- Creates a flame where he stands. He can teleport here at any point in time.
  • Prometheus- Covers his hand in flames. He can then do a few things with this flame. He can keep it on his hand and attack, or he can shoot it out in a ball or a line of flames.
  • Sadeh: One Hundred Days and Nights- Below the target, people made of fire begin clawing their way out of the ground into a large pyre. At first, they do not burn the target, merely raising them up to the top of the pyre. Then, once it is built incredibly high, and then lights the pyre ablaze in a glorious fashion.

Mitne Mode

Light Magic, one of the more versatile modes due to Orlayas' knowledge of how to utilize the various colors of light, like Green Light's speed, Red Light's strength, and White Light's stealth. It even mixes some other magic within. The spells include:
  • Nefertem- A blinding flash of light that rises up into the air in flashes.
  • Ao- Covers Orlayas in Green Light, giving him a speed boost to rush towards the opponent.
  • Zhulong- A blast of light magic that illuminates an area and targets hidden enemies.
  • Lisa- Makes a wall of Red Light to stop incoming attacks.
  • Albina- Tosses Orlayas into the sky, distracting the opponent as an invisible beam of white light shoots out at them, combining all other colors together.
  • Aether- Fills the room with light in a giant egg that shrinks down, trapping all hostiles as it is constricted by a large, Stygian Dark snake that crushes anyone in the room not protected by Orlayas.

Whedab Mode

Dark Magic, this mode features some of Orlayas's more messed up and creative modes, and it is said to be his favorite mode. The spells include:
  • Erebus- Fills the area with darkness which only he can see through. It begins digging into its targets, any non-hostiles are fine.
  • Chernobog- A bowl of darkness appears over the head of the target. It expands as it covers them, trapping them in darkness as it begins shrinking on them until it crushes them.
  • Ratri- A circle of swirling darkness surrounds the target, keeping them trapped. Touching this will chill anyone, and extended touching spreads the darkness for damage per turn.
  • Kek- Orlayas lifts his hands in the air, making a platform of darkness which he holds above his head. He tosses this like a diskus at his target.
  • Nut- If activated immediately before death, he can revive himself. Comes at the cost of taking him out of Whedab Mode for the rest of the day.
  • Angra Mainyu- Darkness spreads all over the ground. Stepping on the ground will cause ones insides to become covered in Dark magic, which begins eating away at the insides. These insides are replicated with Dark Magic outside of the Body on the ground, causing the afflicted target to chase after their innards. However, they will always be just out of reach. Orlayas can now, however, perfectly recreate those organs if he wishes to heal that person.
  • Lords of the Night- Nine figures of darkness step out of the walls, the ground, or the ceiling, surrounding a target area. The figures themselves depend on the situation. More of them then begin to appear, stacking atop each other and surrounding the target until they are trapped in endless darkness, taking psychic damage until they disappear.
Vardid Liloryas by Jarhed

Xarzith Mode

Ice Magic, this is a mode meant to stop stronger forces from getting near him, often freezing them in place in one way or another. The spells include:
  • Khuno- A field of Icy crops appear, freezing anything that go near them. If they are burned, the user is given an incredible power up, making him faster, stronger, and more alert
  • Lokul Frosti- Makes a paintbrush of Ice that can paint anything into ice, freezing it.
  • Dong Da- Makes an icy prison around a target, keeping them in their place. Escaping actually freezes them.
  • Itztlacoliuhqui- Creates a large monster of Ice, which chants “Death… death!” It freezes the ground it walks on, making an icy hellscape.
  • Skaadi- Creates a mountain of ice while he creates ice replicas of himself, all of them aiming bows of ice at the target as the mountain itself freezes them in place.

Shochraos Mode

Lightning Magic, this is a volatile form. Orlayas Ojeux himself has admitted he sometimes struggles to control the lightning, which is why he uses it infrequently. Some believe this is a lie so that he can keep people guessing, but whatever the reason, not all Shochroas spells are known. Only one:
  • Raijin- The target’s bellybutton begins to spark with lightning. Then, this spark electrocutes them as it then surrounds them in a giant lightning demon that gets struck with lightning from the heavens, continuously electrocuting them until they are knocked out.

Pab Mode

Water Magic, this is the Mode that Orlayas uses the least due to how it counterbalances his basic Ixen Mode. Due to this, there are no known spells in Orlayas's arsenal that utilize Pab Mode.  

Edar Mode

Earth Magic, this is a mode where Orlayas is constantly mixing up his techniques to keep people guessing. It is said that when he was young he loved playing around with Earth Magic, so he knows how to use it in creative ways. Most of what is known of much of it is the name of the spells, as he mixes it up enough to keep people guessing. The Edar spells include:
  • Sif- Covers Orlayas in armor made of earth, allowing him to break through anything and protecting him from all kinds of attacks.
  • Gaia- It is unknown what this spell does.
  • Geb- It is unknown what this spell does.

Thrae Mode

Wind Magic, one of Orlayas's more well known magics as he often used it to counter his opponents mobility, either by making himself faster or by stopping them in their place. The spells include:
  • Bieggolmai- Orlayas makes two shovels of Stormwind, which he can use however he pleases.
  • Pakaa- A small boat of wind is created beneath Orlayas and blows him around with the wind he is controlling with his magic.
  • Fujin- The sky itself becomes a twirling whirlwind that seems to recreate the world itself in the form of air. This then rushes down, crushing the target under the immense weight of the wind
  • Rudra- A tornado sprouts out from the ground, destroying it and uprooting someone. They fly up into the air as stormwind begins twisting their body around
  • Anemoi- A group of Storm Winds from all sides begin to blow towards the target, keeping them trapped and causing their body to begin breaking down and collapsing in on itself.

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