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Ogonn Ha

Ogonn Ha is the Genasi Lord of the Fire Plane, former weapon and soldier of the Golden Automatons General Harbek, and a student at the Magic College. He resides in a suit of armor filled with hot soup, which he requires to stay alive.  


Ogonn Ha was born to the Jihdi Human Nevistra Ha and the Fire Genie Lord of the Fire Plane Adai the Honored.   Nevistra was exploring ruins when she came across the portal to the Fire Plane. Upon entering, her crew died to the flames, but Adai protected her. He took her in as part of his harem, siring a son with her to hopefully fulfill his goal of getting a successor to help him conquer Totania.   However, Ogonn was not what he wanted. The baby was born with a Weave Stain called Liquification, where the body is not exactly solid. Adai, enraged, incinerated Nevistra and tossed the baby onto Totania to die. Adai wished to conquer Totania for its beauty, so he at least wanted the child to die surrounded by the natural beauty of the mortal realm.  

General Harbek

Ogonn fell from quite a height, falling off of a mountain from the portal. A height like this would normally kill someone, but for Ogonn, his Liquification saved him. Or, perhaps, it was simply his resilience and will to stay alive.   His legs were destroyed in the fall and his right eye was removed from his body. His body, not getting the heat it needed to maintain its form, began to deteriorate. However, before he could die, he was found by a Dwarf named Harbek. The General of the Golden Automatons Squad of the Dwarven Army.   For Ogonn had fallen in the midst of Dwarven Territory, outside of the Dwarven capital of Ironforge. Harbek, seeing the state Ogonn was in, took him in. This was not a deed done out of care for the child, but instead out of an idea. Harbek knew how he could use this Fire Genasi. So he had the best medics heal Ogonn while he built him a suit of armor. For Ogonn would be Harbek's greatest weapon.  
Harbek by Jarhed

Prototype After Prototype

Harbek created his first prototype armor within a week. Prior to that, Ogonn was tossed into the volcano to maintain his heat. When he was taken out, he was placed in a containment suit of armor, where it was thought his heat would be maintained.   However, this was not the case. The air was quickly cooling him, and his vitals were declining rapidly. Harbek tried to pour lava into the suit to maintain the heat, but this melted the armor.   So as Ogonn sat in the lava, Harbek crafted another suit. Bulkier, more of a place to hold Ogonn for the time being, and with no mobility. Still, it was something. And he filled it with a liquid that would keep Ogonn warm. A liquid that could withstand high temperatures, but wouldn't melt the armor. Soup.   Surprisingly, this was enough to keep Ogonn alive. Then, Harbek continued to make prototypes, some even allowing Ogonn to take minimal part in training drills or mock combat exercises. The biggest drawback was Harbek struggled to make armor that Ogonn could see out of. Harbek decided, however, not to prioritize this. He needed to prioritize power first.  

Joining the Magic College

Salasar Feaphed, the Dragonborn Grand Wizard, began recruiting new students for the Magic College in the year 546. The students he was recruiting would join the Class of 550, but there was a deeper motive behind it. He was searching for a certain group to join something called the Weave Initiative.  
Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed by Jarhed
Ogonn was exactly who he was looking for. The sixth and final piece in this puzzle, as he had inherent magic that few others had thanks to his joint Genie and Human DNA. So Salasar approached Golden Automatons HQ, meeting with Harbek and insisting Ogonn go to the Magic College. After a bit of thought, Harbek agreed, and Ogonn was off to join the Class of 550 and, with it, the Weave Initiative.  

The College Journey

Ogonn stopped with Harbek at the Temple of Moradin before he left. There, he prayed with his squad for protection and good education. Harbek told Ogonn something there, which has since stuck with him.
“Any time you need to feel safe, remember something. Your armor has the blessing of Moradin himself. You’ll be safe.”
— Harbek
  Harbek brought Ogonn to the Southern border of Dwarven territory. Before he could get further, an unidentified fiery object was spotted in the sky coming towards them. This turned out to be Ikkul Ravofarn, Chief of Bortan. Ikkul had no intention of letting Harbek through his borders, but when he heard that Ogonn was going to the Magic College, his attitude changed.   Ikkul talked about how his son, Nalrik Tilrak, was at the Magic College.
Ikkul Ravofarn by Jarhed
He figured Ogonn would get along pretty well with Nalrik, but that there was someone else. Ikkul had stopped someone else who was passing through Bortan. A Half-Elf who was going to be in the same class as Ogonn, named Lorakaen Darelor.   Ikkul took Ogonn to see her, away from Harbek who stayed behind. They flew through the air, propelled by Ikkul's flames as he held Ogonn to keep him from falling. Ogonn had never felt so free, being able to soar through the air like that. He wished he, too, could fly. But alas, his suit was heavy and his flames were weak. That was a distant dream, and the furthest he could go to reach it was that very moment with Ikkul.  

First Friend

As they reached Bortan, they were unable to find Lorakaen, as she was hiding behind her father. She was rather shy, unlike Ikkul's other children, Cracul Daxur and Narjeth Yelrath, who immediately began berating Lorakaen and Ogonn. Ogonn was attacked, but it did little to him. Then, he and Lorakaen set off alone to the Magic College, and its home city of Zephys.
Lorakaen Darelor by Yumedatchi
Lorakaen was scared of Ogonn at first, and this didn't exactly change on their trip, but she warmed up to him a bit. In a way, Ogonn made his first friend in Lorakaen, though he hoped one day she'd be less scared of him.   It turned out that not only was Lorakaen going to be in his class, she was also one of the six who Salasar recruited to the Weave Initiative. They still weren't exactly sure what that meant, but Ogonn was happy he at least knew someone going into this.   They made it up to Upper Zephys, the noble district of Zephys, where they found a warehouse that matched the description Salasar gave them. As they entered, they found that there was already someone waiting for them. Ogonn had heard stories of this person's kind and their warlike nature. For the one before them in the warehouse was an Orc.

Class of 550

Ogonn Ha is a student in the Magic College Class of 550, consisting of 16 students. The class has begun to make a large impact in the world, though many say that their major influence on Totania is still to come.  

Active Members

At the time of their second year (547-548), the Class of 550 has only lost one of their 16 students, and they were replaced immediately. The Class Members include:
  • Lorakaen Darelor- A Half-Elven Healer in the Weave Initiative with a dream of healing the world around her. Is also the wielder of Dream Magic.
  • Shatt Gunn- A Half-Orc Ace who is part of the Army of the Revolution, blamed for the Crash of the Yùzhào tragedy.
  • Kathleen Ramone- User of Music Magic who intends to use her music to break the chains of slavery.
  • Murphy Law- Priest in the Church of Erathis and former farmhand from Aurilet. Is also the wielder of Structure Magic.
  • Finethir Shinebright- A Half-Elf with Dissociative Identity Disorder who intends to make a place for Half-Elves amidst the world of discrimination.
  • Gak Funki- The son of the Goblin matriarch Sullore and the Monion Kirbo.
  • Ha Kyung- The Shield Magic user, who was raised as a weapon for the World Court.
  • Yethtith Nysythea- The Beast Magic user, who was raised by two adoptive fathers, one Dragonborn Chief of Bortan Ikkul Ravofarn and the other Court Wizard Timar Forestarm.
  • Kaltoth Vracrath- Adoptive son of former Dragonborn Chief of Evity Onkesh Tazwunak.
  • Dresser- A Kenku who works for the second in command of Kenku society, Etcher.
  • Prayer- The Head Priest of Vecna, with a terrifyingly unpredictable ability.
  • Brankyl- The brother of Dwarven Prime Minister Krankyl and a fairly well-known fiddle player.
  • Solution- A Devilish detective with an unstoppable Area Devil Ability.
  • Mebror Dosse- Priest of the Church of Erathis who has the intent to destroy all world religions.
  • Sengred Dilosz- A man who was once thought to be a Dark Elf with three Magical Affinities, but has since been discovered to be three Gnomes in a robe trying to get into the Magic College together.

Inactive Members

550 has not had any students die, though one student did leave the Magic College after a disagreement. This disavowed member is:
  • Trifaera- A High Elven noble with prejudiced views, currently leading a gang in the Elven Capital of Camor after losing her magic to Burnout.


There are two professors that teach the Class of 550, helping them in any situation they can while also educating the students.
These teachers are:
  • Vardid Liloryas- The Magic History Professor of 550, the Dragonborn Vardid was a student in the Class of 540. She was raised by former Chief of Ealla Tarthekar Padorim before taking his place as Chief.
  • Zanni Laithra- The Magic Theory Professor of 550, the Gnome Zanni was a student in the Class of 522. He became a healer after witnessing a large massacre, and has since been the Magic College's school nurse.
Current Location
Year of Birth
528 ME 22 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Red, nearly liquid, burns to the touch

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The Weave Initiative

Actually, he was a Half-Orc, and his name was Shatt Gunn. Contrary to what Ogonn had been taught, Shatt greeted him and Lorakaen warmly, calling them friends almost immediately. Ogonn was incredibly surprised. If that was incorrect, what else that he was taught was a lie?
Shatt Gunn by Jarhed
  Soon, two more members of the Weave Initiative showed up, after Ogonn learned that Shatt, too, was one of the members. These two were Kathleen Ramone, the Human Bard, and Finethir Shinebright, the Half-Elven son of a former Chief, Sirlini Glirdog.   Kathleen was a bit abrasive, not getting along incredibly well with them at first, while Shinebright immediately warmed up to them all.   Then, a man named Orlayas Ojeux arrived. Orlayas was Salasar's intern, though he was also a third year student at the Magic College. He explained that, in technicality, he and Salasar were also members of the Weave Initiative, but it was much more about the five of them. He then explained that they were five now, not six, as the sixth declined to come to the Magic College.   Then, Salasar Feaphed appeared. He gave a speech, then stepping forward out of what he believed was smoke. Orlayas informed him, however, that there was no smoke. He had forgotten to do it, to which Salasar smirked and said,
"Oh, there'll be smoke."
— Salasar Feaphed

Chief Crisis

Ogonn and the others of the Weave Initiative then went to meet the rest of their class, who were already at the Magic College with their Professors: Vardid Liloryas and Zanni Laithra. There were many students, but there were two in particular who approached Ogonn.   The first was the Goblin Gak Funki, who rode atop Ogonn's armor like it was nothing. Ogonn worried about the heat, but Gak assured him that with his metal magic, that didn't matter.  
Ha Kyung by Jarhed
The second was a Yuan-Ti by the name of Ha Kyung, the user of Shield Magic. He spoke down to the Weave Initiative, calling them weaklings. The Dwarf Brankyl tried to defend them, saying not to count anyone out, but Ha Kyung quickly shot him down. Ha Kyung approached Ogonn, saying to him:
“That armor of yours, it doesn’t seem that strong. You actually think you can protect anything with it? I can’t wait to see you crack under the pressure. Then you’ll see. You need to be more than just a suit of armor, boy.”
— Ha Kyung
Ogonn, it seemed, had already found a rival in his class. As when they found out their rankings after their sparring matches, Ogonn was placed right below Ha Kyung in fourth place.  

The Bird Cage Rises

It was a couple days later that it happened. The Weave Initiative was leaving class when they looked out over the city and found something. Ilxar Nimphonker, Chief of Tamd, was outside of the city with his forces. People like Higar Vixik, Zasagur, Veambind Feldastel, and Pretender. But the one that was the most noticable to Ogonn was Rharked the Rogue.   Because as Ilxar Nimphonker stood there, declaring a war against Salasar and the other Chiefs so that he could become Grand Wizard, Rharked was using a special kind of magic. Item Magic called Structure Magic, which allowed him to build any structure he pleased. And with it, he was building a large birdcage around Zephys. It was this, and Ilxar's declaration, that began the Chief Crisis. A conflict that would envelop all of Ogonn's first year at the Magic College.  
Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Salasar Feaphed arrived on the scene quickly. He was also trapped inside, but he saw through Ilxar's plan. Ilxar intended to starve them out, to siege the city and eventually come in and kill Salasar to take his place. So Salasar flew up to the weak point in the cage, the very top of it, and strengthened it.
"Fine. Cage us in. It’s safer in Zephys than anywhere else in the world. You can starve in the fields as you siege us, if that is what you please. I won’t let my citizens go out into the terrible world you Chiefs are creating.”
— Salasar Feaphed
He then had the students go back inside to avoid any attacks from outside. Soon enough, they would cease.  

Trading Students

Trifaera, a High Elven noble student in the Class of 550, was absolutely enraged. She didn't sign up to be in the midst of a war, and she began spouting insults towards all of her fellow students. She disavowed herself, saying she quit the Magic College. Then, she insulted Ogonn.   Ogonn's flames nearly came to boil, but he felt himself being stopped by a hand. The hand of Finethir Shinebright, who cautioned him not to get hot-headed. Ogonn looked to see Shinebright had removed his glove to place a hand on Ogonn, burning his hand in the process. But it conveyed the message to Ogonn. He didn't need to get so angry. They could all handle it together.   Trifaera then attacked them, saying she didn't want to discuss anything. It was then that Ogonn, Shinebright, and the Weave Initiative
Finethir Shinebright by Jarhed
lept into action. Together, they fought Trifaera. She didn't put up a great fight until she popped out a Tamd drug, Burnout. This boosted her magic, but she was still defeated ultimately.   The Burnout took full effect then. It had granted her that temporary boost to her power, in exchange it took her magic. She was no longer able to study at the Magic College, even if she wanted to.   Gladly, a replacement had arrived. Being teleported in by a Stemine, the sixth member of the Weave Initiative had unwillingly been brought to the Magic College. A Human named Murphy Law.
Kathleen Ramone by Carrey_adler_peart
  He was allowed to study there by Salasar, even joining the Weave Initiative in their study at the warehouse with Salasar and Orlayas after classes. He didn't really want to be there, but he took to the Weave Initiative quite quickly, especially Ogonn.  

Learning the Weave

It was with Murphy's addition that Salasar finally told them the purpose of the Weave Initiative. Humans, Elves, Dragonborn, Genies, and Devils all had something called a portal to the Weave in their brains, which allowed them greater access to Magic. The Weave, after all, was the realm where all Magic came from. The Heavenly Realm of the Goddess of Magic herself, Corellon.   The common thing all of the Weave Initiative had was a connection to that. Each of them was, at least half, Human. In the case of Kathleen and Murphy, they were fully Human. For Ogonn, Lorakaen, and Shinebright, their other Half also had access to the Weave Portal. Salasar and Orlayas were Dragonborn, therefore fulfilling the other quota.   The Weave Initiative's purpose was to study this and unlock the full potential of the Weave Portal. To be able to access all the power it had and, hopefully, use it to transport themselves to the Weave.
They continued training for some time. Ogonn learned to boost himself forward with his flames, allowing him to move at much faster speeds. He used it to break through Kathleen's barrier in a test.   Murphy Law tested enchanting Ogonn's armor, which was a success. Only a further test to show that Murphy was getting more comfortable there, in large part thanks to Ogonn.   They also met Kualmandac Hiziros and were told of the Eltan Mansion, where some upperclassmen lived. The Class of 550. They all expressed interest in the place, but with its owner Jargar gone, they still had to stay in the dorms. That was the safest place for them, as the Chief Crisis was still raging outside of the birdcage. Salasar could only protect them from the Magic College.

With Ha Kyung

During this time, Ogonn found that his roommate in the dorms was Ha Kyung. They disagreed often, and on Ogonn's birthday, Ha Kyung challenged Ogonn to a duel.   He called this a birthday present, but really it was just a fight. Perhaps that was his idea of a present. He helped Ogonn reach a higher potential of his powers, and in it the two discovered that there was more between them than just animosity. They discovered the first signs of feelings towards each other, though neither of them truly understood the feelings very well.
Ogonn wanted freedom from this. He wanted to be able to go where he wanted now that he could move around better. He wanted to live somewhere new, see the world. He wanted to protect his friends as well. He could not do any of this from inside a city within a birdcage in a war where all the forces were aiming for that city.  

Battle of the Birdcage

Rharked the Rogue by Jarhed
Ogonn was on a walk with Shinebright when it happened. Ilxar and his forces, through the sewers, invaded Zephys. They began attacking it, splitting the two up and destroying much of Upper Zephys. And Ogonn saw, in the wreckage of the warehouse, Rharked Monion was there.   Rharked spoke with Ogonn. He didn't attack at first, instead Rharked told Ogonn that he knew his armor. He had worked with harbek before, as the name Rharked the Rogue came from being a mercenary. In truth, he was Rharked Monion, son of legendary Goblin Lord Sliq Monion.  
Murphy S Law by RationallyUpset
He told Ogonn that he also had a powerful, evil father. He worked for him when he was young, but tried to abandon that after Sliq died. Still, Rharked inevitably fell into the clutches of another evil leader who used him for killing. He could never move past this, and he told Ogonn he was the same. They, and everyone else, were destined to never move past what they were born to do. What Ogonn was born to do was be a weapon, and he always would stay that way. He was that for Harbek, he was that for Salasar, and he would be that for someone else.   Ogonn denied it, and the argument between the two broke out into a fight. Rharked was strong, and he kept Ogonn at a distance. The fight was not looking great, until Ha Kyung flew in out of nowhere. He had tried fighting Ilxar Nimphonker, but had failed. Ilxar had tossed him from Lower Zephys all the way to Upper Zephys now, and here he would help Ogonn.   But Ogonn didn't need his help. Ha Kyung had already done enough to show him Rharked's weakness. Rharked had been unable to stop Ha Kyung when he was close enough, so Ogonn knew he couldn't do close combat. He just needed to get to Rharked. So Ogonn used his boost power to get to Rharked, and from there, he killed him, dropping the brick off Upper Zephys where Murphy Law picked it up, gaining Structure Magic. This battle would come to be known as the Battle of the Birdcage.  

The Bird Cage Falls

It was not over. Ogonn had thought that killing the one that built it would destroy the cage, but it still stood over Zephys. Trapping them in, keeping his friends and himself from the world. So Ogonn thought back to Ikkul. That feeling of freedom Ogonn sought now was the same one he had felt when he was flying with Ikkul. So if he wanted it... he had to grab it himself.   He used the boost power he had learned before, but didn't point himself forward. Instead, he put the flames beneath his feet, and propelled himself upwards. Up to the weak point Salasar had shown when the cage was put up. Up towards freedom.   Ogonn was called a hero from that day on. It was this action that saved the city of Zephys, that freed its people and allowed outside interference from people like Nalrik Tilrak, Sinner, and Vodron Susk. But the war was not over yet.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed

Death of the Chiefs

Ogonn grouped up with the Weave Initiative and some other members of 550 (Dresser, Prayer, and Sengred) and a student of 549 named Oraakil Mardaar to stop Ilxar Nimphonker. They needed to stop him from getting to Salasar. However, as Shinebright stood up to him, Ilxar knocked him out immediately. One by one, the students were taken down, but Ogonn sprung to action before any of them.   He boosted towards Ilxar, but Ilxar stopped him with just his foot, then tossing him aside. He treated Ogonn like he was nothing. There, Ogonn and the others saw the power gap between them and the people in charge, like the Chiefs. And it only got worse when the other Chiefs arrived, allying with Ilxar to take down Salasar. All but Ikkul. For Ikkul had died before Ogonn was able to see him again. Nalrik had taken his role, but was not with the other Chiefs.   Nalrik wanted peace, even coming to free 550 from the Chiefs with his friends. However, they, too, failed. It was only Salasar Feaphed who was able to take them on, killing all of the Chiefs that opposed him in an incredible display of power. The Chiefs were on a level higher than 550, sure. But Salasar? He was even further beyond them. To the Magic College students, he seemed unstoppable.  

After the War

Ogonn participated in a Flingo Ball match that year with Yethtith Nysythea, Murphy Law, Ha Kyung, and the Devil in their class, Solution. They were up against a team of 549 students: Vodron Susk, Sinner, Veladiel, Pretender, and the Devil of that class, Silentium. Ogonn did a sacrifice play to take Veladiel out, and both were no longer able to participate in the match.   This move, among other moves done by the team, won them the game off of 549's hubris and desire to end the match quickly. It was after this that 550 was offered by Jargar to live in the Eltan Mansion, and Ogonn took that offer. However, he asked if he could still room with Ha Kyung.   Feelings between Ogonn and Ha Kyung had blossomed since Ogonn's birthday, and when the two classes went to Monion Prom, Ha Kyung confessed his feelings. The two became an official pair afterwards.  
Sinner by Jarhed
This did not, however, stop Ha Kyung from competing with Ogonn. He challenged Ogonn and some others to a race to the Temple of Ioun, and beat them there with ease. When Ogonn and others got there, Ogonn and Nalrik Tiralk were captured by the rogue Priest Obelisk, but was freed by the party of Shatt Gunn, Lorakaen Darelor, Silentium, Vodron Susk, Murphy Law, Sinner, Jargar Eltan, and Cozall Redfury.   Ogonn was then approached by a fourth year student named Kindle, a fellow Fire Genasi and girlfriend at the time of Ogonn's friend Sinner. She warned Ogonn that Adai the Honored would be coming for him, just as he came for her. For Kindle was Ogonn's half-sister. She said she would stick by Ogonn to ensure he would be safe.  


Ogonn, Ha Kyung, and Brankyl were recruited to intern with Harbek during their second year. As they left the Magic College, they found that Kindle had snuck out to tag along.   The five of them walked through Dwarven Territory, coming across a Fire Genasi named Arson. He was being held captive to prevent Adai from taking him. He, too, was Ogonn's half-sibling. He used the same excuse as Kindle to join them.  

Enter the Fire Plane

That night, while they set up camp, Arson told Ogonn a story about Adai. That he was called the Devil because of how utterly evil he was. He had conquered the Fire Plane and killed all opposition. He had become Lord of the Fire Plane through violence and horrible deeds.   As Ha Kyung and Ogonn talked privately, the camp fire exploded into a portal. A portal that led... to the Fire Plane. Ha Kyung jumped in, and the rest followed behind, being saved by a man who went by the name the Phoenix. He had the head of a bird, and had an actual Phoenix perched on his arm.   He told them the story of a Genie who rebelled against Adai named Bhikhal the Intrepid, who was fed to his servants after being killed. As he heard this, Arson betrayed the party, trying to sell them out to Adai and revealing this was his intention all along. Ogonn easily defeated him, and they moved on. Willingly, they walked on toward the Palace of Adai, leaving behind the Phoenix and Harbek, who wished to make something new for Ogonn. Something long overdue.  
Adai the Honored by Jarhed

The Trials

As they entered Adai's Palace of Flames, he greeted them coldly. He took Arson, feeding him to his beasts as he told the others of what they would be doing.   Ogonn, Kindle, and Brankyl would be going through trials for colored Flames. The most powerful kinds of flames. The one who passed them all would stand by Adai's side. Ha Kyung would support Ogonn, and two others were added. Another challenger, one of Adai's Fire Genasi soldiers Brand, and a support, a member of his harem, the Water Genasi Hose.   The trials were rough, but Ogonn excelled at many of them. There were times he thought of other people he knew who used flames, like Sinner and Ikkul Ravofarn. Times where he thought of his duties. But most of all, he always thought back to his friends.   Adai told Ogonn of his family history, of who Ogonn's mother was and how Ogonn was born. He told him that he wouldn't have killed Ogonn's mother if he had known Ogonn would survive. He now saw Ogonn as a potential candidate for his right-hand man. Exactly what he wanted of his children, which none had been able to achieve.   His armor began to melt from the heat of these trials. It was getting tough for him to survive, but Ha Kyung kept patching the holes with shields and defending him from anything that would hurt him.   Eventually, it came down to the second to last trial. The Trial of the Purple Flame. Adai ordered them to boil Hose alive to prove themselves. Only one person could pass this test. They all agreed, Brankyl, Kindle, Brand, Ha Kyung. It had to be Ogonn.   He moved on to the final trial, where Adai offered for Ogonn to join him. To take over Totania and take its beauty for themselves, as they were confined to the Fire Planes hellish landscape. Adai wanted its beauty, and he wanted to make Totania's residents suffer. To torture them, kill them, and take everything they had. Ogonn could not let this happen to his friends.   Not only that, but Adai wanted to use him like a weapon. Exactly what Rharked had said would happen. Ogonn did not want to be a weapon. He wanted to be more than that. To be a person, who loved, who helped people. But Adai only saw him as a killing machine.  

Stopping the Invasion

Adai destroyed Ogonn's armor there, forcing Ogonn to learn Green Flames to survive. But he could not hold them long. He was being kept hostage by the Green Flames, as Adai took him in front of the army and announced their invasion, opening portals and letting them all out to invade Totania.   Ogonn witnessed Kindle attack Adai. To stop him. He witnessed Adai kill her, and knew he had to act. It was then that Harbek arrived, with Ha Kyung in tow. As well as a new set of armor for Ogonn, equipped with a big pair of horns. After all, Harbek said,
Ogonn by RovaRed
"To fight a Devil, you must become a Devil."
— Harbek
Ogonn, Harbek, and Ha Kyung fought Adai. Harbek did little more than help Ogonn out before Adai called him out.   Adai wondered how Ogonn could criticize him for wanting to use Ogonn as a weapon when Harbek wanted exactly the same. Adai admitted that he never thought of Ogonn as a son, only a weapon. But he also accused Harbek of the same thing.   Ogonn didn't want to believe it, but Harbek agreed. He didn't see a need to deny it, he didn't see Ogonn as anything more than a weapon. He didn't see the problem with that. He also had a feeling that wouldn't stop Ogonn from helping him, so Harbek left Ogonn to take care of Adai.   He was struggling a bit, until Brand and the Phoenix returned to help. Brand had betrayed Adai, and the Phoenix revealed that he was actually Bhikhal the Intrepid, revived by the Phoenix. While he wanted revenge, he also saw that the Phoenix would be better for someone else. And so, with the power of the Phoenix, Kindle was revived and joined the battle, and Bhikhal died for good.   Together, they defeated Adai, with Ogonn dealing a devestating final blow on his father. He was then crowned Lord of the Fire Plane in his place, though it was mostly a ceremonial title, as the power would begin to return to the Fire Genies who had fled the Fire Plane. Without Adai, they would return. So Ogonn was Lord in name only, though he still at least had the Palace that once belonged to Adai.   He and Ha Kyung then found that they saw someone on the other side of a portal. A friend in distress. So the two of them fled the Fire Plane through the portal to go save Shatt Gunn from his imprisonment with the Dwarves. To go fight back against Harbek, and this fate of being a weapon.  



Ogonn Ha is homosexual. He is not aware of the term, as he still has much to learn about the world, but he does have sexual and romantic feelings towards men.  
Hadur by Jarhed


Ogonn, being raised in Dwarven territory, follows the God Moradin. It is unclear exactly how well Ogonn knows the scriptures, as he was never able to really touch the books or read the scriptures. He does not exactly value family, due to his clashing relationship with both his real and adoptive fathers, though he does have a love for community which shows in how he protects his friends above all else.  

Physical Condition

Ogonn does not have legs, making it difficult for him to stand without the armor, which has legs that are fully metal. His body cannot stand the air for very long, as it is too cold. It always needs to be surrounded by heat.   Adai taught him a way to survive for a bit outside of his suit, by making legs of Green Flames he can stand and also generate heat to keep himself alive. However, Green Flames cannot be maintained for very long, so Ogonn still needs to stay in his suit.  


Ogonn is unable to hold coins in his armor, as it has no pockets. Therefore, he has no money, and often needs to rely on his friends' generosity for things, as well as his own suit's soup.  

Social Life

Kindle and the Phoenix by Jarhed
Ogonn has surrounded himself by many friends who he holds dear and protects. The best of these friends are the members of the Weave Initiative: Shatt Gunn, Lorakaen Darelor, Kathleen Ramone, Murphy Law, and Finethir Shinebright. Other members of 550 are friends with Ogonn, like Brankyl and Yethtith, the latter of which Ogonn has a bit of a friendly rivalry with at some points, as they are sparring partners at school.   He also has friends in the Class of 549, like Nalrik Tilrak, Vodron Susk, Oraakil Mardaar, Sinner, Caddos Damolnath, Jargar Eltan, and Cozall Redfury. He cooks with Cozall, speaks with Jargar during meals, and knows a bit more about Caddos than most others in the mansion, as he knows Caddos has a connection with the Trident of Lorev, which Ogonn offered to him, but Caddos refused, saying he didn't want it anymore.   Finally, there is Ogonn's sister Kindle, whom he shares a rather close bond with after their experience in the Fire Plane, before she told him to leave her there. And of course, the person most special to Ogonn, his partner, Ha Kyung.  


Ogonn Ha is good at many things, chief among them is cooking. Specifically, he can cook an absolutely delicious soup, and often searches for ingredients to make new soups.   He also carries the Trident of Lorev, which once was a symbol of royal power for the Northern Tritons. Now, the throne is empty, and Ogonn carries the trident.  


Ogonn has Fire Magic, which he uses to great effect with all the many colored flames. These colors are, in order of power:
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
He also has some named spells he uses in combat, which he uses to attack opponents. Some of these spells include:
  • Nodor- Ogonn makes a flaming spice rack that spins around the target, burning them with flakes that fly off of it.
  • Bouillon Blitz- Ogonn dashes to his opponent, smacking them with heated hands covered in fire.
  • Precise Pyre- Ogonn shoots homing sparks of fire that do very little damage, but are guaranteed to hit.
  • Firecracker- Ogonn creates a large, bendable fire kebab with explosive bits on the end. It also makes a fire starter for whenever a fire is needed.
  • Icarus- Ogonn makes a spear of white flame around himself to protect himself from physical attacks, with it slowly turning from white to purple.
  • Golden Automania- Ogonn creates a swarm of Dwarf-shaped flames that rush the target.
  • Trial By Fire- Ogonn's Ultimate Spell, where he shoots flames of all colors out, forcing people to endure the pain he did in the Fire Plane to understand why he makes these multicolored flames. A last resort that is incredibly powerful.


Ogonn is able to utilize the Weave to increase his magical power, with specifically critical hits being even tougher thanks to the Weave.   He can also summon something known as a Weave Anchor, which allows him to draw on an endless supply of mana for his magical attacks.   This allows Ogonn to use powerful spells that would otherwise be too large to pull off. With the Weave Anchor, which he often puts in his missing, right eye socket, he can do incredible things. Though he can do incredible things without it as well, it only adds to how special and fantastical Ogonn's abilities are.

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