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Flesh Dodecahedron

One of the most legendary demons, whispered about in horror stories that parents tell to their children at night as warnings, the Flesh Dodecahedron is a dangerous beast that few will ever lay their eyes on.  

Biological Traits

Flesh Dodecahedrons are made of, what appear to be, humanoid flesh. As most humanoids have different flesh, as Draconian flesh is scaled and Mammen flesh is leathery, Flesh Dodecahedrons can be made of any type.   However, more often than not, they are made of the same flesh that Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, and Orcs have.  

Absorbing Skin

It is generally very smooth, though it is not suggested to touch a Flesh Dodecahedron. Anything that makes physical contact with the Flesh Dodecahedron is absorbed into its fleshy mass, becoming sustenance. Some say the Flesh Dodecahedron consumes them whole, while others say those absorbed either remain sentient or become part of the Flesh Dodecahedron's person.   It is said that sometimes, small hands, feet, or even parts of a face may bubble up from the surface. Depending on how much a Flesh Dodecahedron has absorbed, or how large it was from creation, the limb appearing will be smaller. Flesh Dodecahedrons are, normally six feet tall and all of its faces are equal in their size. When they grow, all of them grows evenly, staying as a regular Dodecahedron despite its horrific nature.

The Void

The Void is the realm of all Demons, the Heavenly Realm of the God of Demons Chernobog.   The Void is filled with horrors beyond comprehension. Many say that the Flesh Dodecahedron may be a part of another, larger creature within the Void that can rip a part of itself off into a sentient creature.   It is said that the Flesh Dodecahedron can be found everywhere and yet nowhere in the Void, for there is no "where" in the Void. The Void is darkness, it is evil physicalized and yet it does not exist. It is tangible, yet it cannot be found, cannot be seen, cannot be felt.

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Cover image: Chernobog the All Consuming Evil by Jarhed


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